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Top 10 Forbidden Romances in Anime

Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Theirs was a love that wasn’t meant to be, but they did it anyway! Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten forbidden romances in anime. Special thanks to our user AlexCrilly-Mckean for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Forbidden Romances in Anime

Theirs was a love that wasn’t meant to be, but they did it anyway! Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten forbidden romances in anime.

For this list, we’ll be looking at couples in anime who for whatever reason, whether it be societal convention or general common sense, should not have been together but pursued a romance anyway. Some are understandable, some are heartfelt, some are tragic, and others are just plain wrong. You can expect plenty of mature content and spoilers ahead!

#10: Haruka and Sora

“Yosuga no Sora” (2010)

Would you believe us if we said that this won’t be the first incestuous couple on our list? Of course you would, its anime! After being orphaned, these two silver-haired youths find themselves overcoming their trauma and loneliness by, what else, having gratuitous sex with each other for all to see. Keep in mind that Haruka also goes on to have sexual relations with pretty much every other female character in this series, so it’s not like he didn’t have his fair share of options open to him. But nope, gotta get himself a piece of that incest-ass.

#9: Takao and Yukari

“The Garden of Words” (2013)

Love between a teacher and student was never going to work out, but by god does this film make us wish it did! Following an initial encounter in a park on a rainy day, these two lost souls are drawn to each other again and again, developing a very beautiful friendship. As to be expected, being a teenager and all, Takao eventually confesses his feelings of love, only for them to be sadly rejected. While no lines are crossed, it’s clear to see the profound impact these two have on each other, changing one another’s lives for the better.

#8: Kei and Mizuho

“Please Teacher!” (2002)

Watching a teacher and student go to the bone-zone? That’s too plain for this anime. Instead we get to see a student get it on with an alien posing as a teacher! After Kei; a-young-man-who looks-fifteen-but-is-actually-eighteen-so-it-totally-makes-it-legal, finds himself in a surprise marriage to a beautiful looking woman from outer space, he has tospend every day trying to hide their romantic status from all his school friends, while always managing to end up in compromising positions with his new waifu. Boy, they really went out of their way to justify the underage intimacy in this show didn’t they?

#7: Haru and Ren

“Super Lovers” (2016-)

Because why just have a sweet and riveting yaoi anime about two guys falling in love when you can have two adopted brothers with a big age difference? Sure, there’s no blood relation here, but that doesn’t stop these two from layering on the incest vibes pretty thick. Seriously, for every brotherly bonding moment there’s just as many kisses and allusions to sex. We’re not going to get invested in your love story if all you do is keep reinforcing the fact you are this close to having fun times with brother dearest!

#6: Saber and Shirou

“Fate/stay night” (2006)

Yeah everyone is a big fan of Rin and Shirou, but come on, give the former King of Britain a chance at love! While the original Fate series is often regarded as the worst, it did give us a very touching moment where Master and Servant cross boundaries and share a tender kiss. This unfortunately cannot go any further, what with any future romance the two may have had totally squandered by the Holy Grail War. It’s a true shame, and one more reason that this particular iteration of the Fate route needs an immediate reboot!

#5: Simon and Nia

“GurrenLagann” (2007)

Talk about dedication. In spite of Nia being an artificial entity, the daughter of the tyrannical Lordgenome and even the fact she was bound to fade from existence following the defeat of the Anti-Spiral, Simon loved her regardless. It was truly a romance that lit up the stars, cemented by a very touching wedding. Alas, their love was destined to be cut short, but they still went out of their way to promise themselves to each other even as she was on the cusp of death. You’re a real man Simon.

#4: Kamille and Four

“Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam” (1985-86)

There are no winners in war, and this couple more then proves it. Despite falling almost immediately in love with another, Kamille and Four tragically discover that they are fighting for opposing sides. In spite of their struggle to not let conflict ruin what they have, it is all in vain. After being turned into a Cyber Newtype and her memories constantly erased, Four was essentially reduced into a tool to be used for the Titans’ own ends. There’s no doubt the two would have had a happy life together, but sadly war never changes.

#3: Kirino and Kyousuke

“Oreimo” (2010-13)

You two are brother and sister! Not adopted, not step-siblings, not even cousins, but as genetically close as can be, so why are you both determined to go as far as to try and marry each other?! You have to admire this show, it does its damnedest to convince your that incest makes a love story all the more engaging. Credit to you Oreimo, you pushed incest closer to mainstream anime popularity than any other. Now would you please stop copulating.

#2: Korosensei and Yukimura

“Assassination Classroom” (2016-16)

You wouldn’t have thought that an entity like Korosensei would be capable of finding love with someone because…you know…tentacles. Well, you’d be dead wrong.
During his exposure to the antimatter cells, Aguri Yukimura was tasked with being Korosensei’s overseer – and here the two quickly developed a close bond.
But the deck was ultimately stacked against them – She was engaged to the dastardly Yanagisawa, he was a blood-soaked assassin, and a thick glass wall meant the two could never even touch…Though she would die in his breakout, Aguri’s love for her students swayed Korosensei into become a teacher to class 3-E…rather than destroying the whole planet in rage. Aww.

#1: Krillin and Android 18

“Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

Look Krillin, we get it, despite her murderous streak 18 is really easy on the eyes, and let’s be honest you were never going to find love with anyone else. But does that really give you the excuse to endanger the entire planet just for the chance to get a potential booty call?! Despite knowing that Cell would become an unstoppable killing machine should he absorb her, Krillin still decided to take a gamble and NOT cause 18 to self-destruct. The fact they get their happy ever after is such a miracle that you could’ve sworn that Shenron conjured it up.

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