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Top 10 Worst Parents in the World


Script written by Katia Vaccaro

Count yourself lucky if the worst thing your parents do to you is enter your room without knocking! From the Human Barbie gifting her baby a gift card for liposuction, to the American woman who un-adopted her son, to the smoking baby, these parents are the worst. WatchMojo counts down ten worst parents in the world.

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Script written by Katia Vaccaro

Top 10 Worst Parents in the World

#10: The Human Barbie

Sarah Burge, nicknamed the “Human Barbie,” is a British woman who’s addicted to plastic surgery. She offered her 7 year old daughter $10,000 for breast implants. But don’t worry! The surgery has not yet been performed, since you need to be at least 16 years old in England to go under the knife. This was simply a gift for the future, should her daughter grow up with undersized breasts. Her daughter also received a gift card for liposuction. But she says she is very thankful for receiving these strange gifts. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

#9: Too Young for Botox

Beauty pageants for young girls in the USA raise many eyebrows. Although these competitions seem harmless, some mothers will do anything to make sure their child wins the pageant title. Such is the case for Kerry Campbell who injects Botox to her 8 year old daughter, Britney. She states that her daughter is already starting to have winkles and Botox is the only way to make sure she continues to compete. According to her, the procedure is normal and all the other moms do it too! We sure hope she’s wrong on that one…

#8: From Russia With Love

In 2010, Russia threatened to suspend all adoption requests from the United States. Why? Because of a mom from Tennessee who didn’t understand that a 7 year old child doesn’t come with a return policy… Artyom Savelyev was adopted by an American woman named Torry Hansen. Unable to control her son’s behavior, she sent him off on a plane with a one-way ticket to Moscow. Despite the diplomatic incident, it was probably a good thing for the child, who then accused his adoptive mother of being mean to him and pulling his hair on several occasions. One thing’s for sure… these two will not miss each other.

#7: An early driving lesson

A dad teaching his son how to drive is a classic bonding activity. Just as long as they’re of age, of course! But Billy Joe Madden, a father from Louisiana, obviously didn’t know the traffic laws. Too drunk to drive, he made his 8 year old son drive for him. The poor child was even forced to get on the highway! And to make matters even worse, his 4 year old brother was sitting in the backseat without his seatbelt on. Thankfully, they were stopped by the cops before they had a chance of getting into an accident! Phew!

#6: Selling your daughter for a car

Unable to make their car payments, James and Sandra Davis did the unthinkable. Originally from the state of Georgia, these parents convinced their 14 year old daughter to have sex with the salesman to cover the monthly costs of $281. Thankfully, they were quickly discovered by police and arrested. Robert Bearden, the salesman, got 10 years in prison for assaulting a minor. These pimp parents on the other hand got several years of imprisonment and are not allowed to contact their child for a least 20 years. It’s a punishment well deserved!

#5: The Kentucky ogre

Everyone knows about the child-eating ogre tales and their victims’ sad destinies. This is the case for Larry Long, a man accused of voluntarily placing his 5 month old baby in the oven. Brandy Hatton, the baby’s mother, was awakened by her son’s screams, who had spent the night in the oven. Thankfully, the heat was turned off! To justify his behavior, Larry Long admitted his actions were inebriated by the influence of alcohol and marijuana. This story was more than enough to remove custody of the child from these negligent parents.

#4: Pimp mom, take two

If you thought selling your daughter for car payments was the worst offence ever, think again! In 2011, an American woman tried selling her 13 year old daughter’s virginity for $10,000. She even sent nude pictures of her child to two men in hopes of getting a higher offer. Thankfully, her spouse caught her sending the text messages to the potential buyers. He immediately contacted police, saving his child from a traumatic event and an unscrupulous mother.

#3: A smoking baby

You remember that viral video from 2010? Ardi Rizal made international headlines at only two years old. Back then, this Indonesian baby smoked 40 cigarettes a day! It all began when his parents, who were fed up of hearing him cry, had the dumbest idea of giving him cigarettes. The child was quickly addicted and became the youngest chain smoker in the world. Thankfully, his parents reversed their actions and forced him to quit smoking. Today, Ardi Rizal is nine years old. He no longer smokes and is concentrating on school. All’s well that ends well!

#2: A virtual baby

Parents should never favor one child over the other, especially when one of them is virtual. A Korean couple was arrested in 2010 for aggravated negligence after the tragic death of their three month old baby. The couple spent their days in an internet café raising a virtual child in a video game called Prius Online. During that time, their real daughter was left at home alone, barely fed. And then what had to happen actually happened: after a twelve hour video game séance, they made the horrifying discovery that their baby had died from malnutrition.

#1: 13 Tortured Children

Home should be a place where kids feel safe. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the 13 Turpin children, who allegedly suffered physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their parents for years before the case finally came to light in 2018. According to authorities, David and Louise Turpin kept their children locked up in the house, and went so far as to shackle some of the kids to their beds. Furthermore, the victims were so malnourished that when police met the 17-year-old girl who had managed to escape, they mistook her for a 10-year-old. While both parents have pleaded not guilty, it’s clear they weren’t giving their kids the care they deserved.


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