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Top 10 Total Rip-Off Games On Steam

Some things should have never gotten the greenlight - or Steam Greenlight! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Rip Off Games That Steam Needs to Remove!

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Top 10 Rip-Off Games that Steam NEEDS to Remove

Get this garbage out of there! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Rip-Off Games that Steam NEEDS to Remove.

For this list, we are looking at games that have made it to Steam but are either unfinished, total copies of other popular games, or are simply not worth your time or money for reasons that will become obvious.

#10: "Blackscreen Simulator" (2017)

Like the game's Steam description states: "You can see hard." It becomes clear that what we are dealing with, may not be the best game ever. In fact, it is far from it. All of the assets have been copied from a demo of the GameGuru engine titled "The Asylum" and therefore, the whole thing is entirely unoriginal. This terrible adventure features guns, zombies, and even occasional crashes! It could be argued that this title exists as a joke - however, jokes are usually much funnier when you don't have to reach into your pocket and spend your hard-earned cash on them.

#9: "Drug Wars" (2009)

A game met so poorly that when it was patched, it tried to escape itself. Formerly known as "Merchants of Brooklyn," this is first-person shooter has not aged well. Filled with clunky graphics and plenty of bugs, the game seemed impossible to fix. After being plagued by negative reviews, the developers rushed to fix the problems with the game, however, this did more harm than good. The game has since been left to rot on the online store so you can still purchase this forgotten mess.

#8: "Get Rich or Die Gaming" (2010)

Some games are so bad, they’re good. This game is just plain bad. Although, this is less of game and more of a visual novel. Apart from reading dialogue and listening to some cringry voice acting, there isn't much to do. With a very inconsistent art style and many characters with the exact same voice, it is clear to see that no thought or sense of direction was put into this game. It could easily be passed off as someone's homework, or just a quick cash grab. Some people may die gaming – but hopefully, they are playing something better than this.

#7: "Skyscraper Simulator" (2010)

More like "Google Maps Simulator," am I right? Available on the platform thanks to Steam's now-defunct Greenlight initiative back in 2010, this "game" amounts to little more than watching a skyscraper slowly render into digital existence. That's it. Sure, you can hire people and equipment, but all that really does is determine how fast your building will be built. Seriously, even at a discount or as a part of a bundle, you'd be better off letting this one collect dust at the bottom of your Steam library.

#6: "Surviving in the Forest" (2017)

Another quick asset-flip here. Everything has been taken from a Unity project titled "Surviving in the Woods." With a lack of interest by the developer, the game subsequently has many problems: Terrible sounds and a limited space to play in. These issues are just scratching the surface of the problems. There are plenty of poor games on steam, but this is an example of someone buying assets and shoving them onto the Steam store with a different name just to turn a profit. Not cool.

#5: "Citadels" (2013)

This game is broken. It is yet another RTS game that centers around protecting your king by constructing a fort and building an army to protect him. The problem with this game lies with the amount of money that is still required to purchase the game. $15 is a high asking price for something so poor. The lack of attention to detail and the number of bugs in the game are the causes for its negative reception. In a world where there are several games like this but cheaper and liked more, this game is certainly something that should be removed.

#4: "Spacebase DF-9" (2014)

It is rare that something with so much promise is left in a state like this. After releasing on Steam in the "Early Access" stage of development, the developers promised to keep updating and expanding the game. Many users were excited to see what was next for this space life-simulation title. However, in late 2014, it was announced that they were no longer going to be supporting or updating the game. They would leave the game as it is. The game is still listed on the store and is available to purchase however, there isn't enough content for it to be worth the price.

#3: "Infestation: The New Z" (2016)

Until making the switch to "Free to Play" in late 2016, these zombies didn't just want your brains, they also wanted your money. Initially called The War Z until a trademark issue forced a name change to Infestation: Survivor Stories, The New Z is - hopefully - this monstrosities final form. This game was, at the time, seen as a cheap knock-off of DayZ. Many gave in and bought this title instead. Most people regretted this decision. Described as "a real disaster" by critics, Infestation was filled with horrible graphics and surrounded by controversy. After launching on Steam under Early Access, fans were frustrated due to the number of features that were advertised for the game that - as it turns out - didn’t actually exist! Even without a price, and a new name, this game is still not worth your time.

#2: "GASP" (2015)

We head back into space with “GASP” – a game about being stranded on the moon and trying to regroup with the other astronauts in order to get to safety. Sounds like a great adventure, right? Well, not exactly. The gameplay consists of walking around for a very long time. There is no action… well, aside from the asteroids that bounce around like basketballs. It’s a lackluster experience that isn’t worth your time.

#1: "Day One: Garry's Incident" (2013)

This game is a massive problem. Garry's Incident made it to Steam through the 'Steam Greenlight' service which allows players to vote whether or not the game should make it to the platform. However, it is safe to say that people did not want this monstrosity. The game has been slated for poor gameplay and terrible animation. This caused incidents where the developers started taking down Youtube videos that featured people speaking negatively about the game. This must have been tough, as it was probably difficult to find any videos claiming the game was good. Being silenced about a game that you purchased is the biggest rip-off of all.

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