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Top 10 Things to Watch If You Like The Crown

VO: EB WRITTEN BY: Mersini Karkoulas
Script written by Mersini Karkoulas Are you looking for another show that has similar elements as The Crown? We’ve curated a list for your The Crown withdrawal. Be sure to check out “The Royals”, “The Kings Speech”, “The Tudors”, “Outlander”, “The Queen”, “The Tudors” and “Reign”!

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Top 10 Things to Watch if you Liked The Crown

We’ll never be royals, but at least we can watch them. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things to Watch if You Liked “The Crown”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at shows and movies that are similar to the Netflix period drama in terms of style, themes, and subject matter.

#10: “The Royals” (2015-)

Ever wondered what it would be like if a royal family were a bit more…modern? In this show, the British royal family - notably younger than their real life counterparts - eschew tradition in favor of a wilder lifestyle. But when the next in line to the throne unexpectedly dies, the rest of the family has to scramble to rearrange itself and fall in line with what is expected of them. With enough drama to sate fans of “The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl”, this show is opulent, over the top, and dramatic.

#9: “The King’s Speech” (2010)

King George in “The Crown” is a steadfast ruler who holds the country together, but in this movie, as portrayed by Colin Firth, he is a man who stutters through life. He seems like a vulnerable man who struggles to maintain his dignity as he deals with the death of his father, and later, the abdication of his brother. However, when he visits a man who specializes in speech defects, his confidence increases, and eventually George steps up to the throne as a capable leader. Winner of a slew of accolades, including 4 Academy Awards, this movie is an inspiring watch, and will help fill the gap till the next season of “The Crown” is available.

#8: “The Queen” (2006)

This film is written by Peter Morgan, whom we also have to thank for the creation of “The Crown”. Set in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death, the movie depicts the fallout between the British government and the royal family. Featuring Helen Mirren’s Oscar-winning turn as Queen Elizabeth II, as well as several other great performances by Michael Sheen and James Cromwell, “The Queen” is an engrossing look at recent history, and since it shares a writer with “The Crown” and features many of the same characters, it also works as an unofficial future episode of the show!

#7: “The Tudors” (2007-10)

If you thought the mordern monarchy was scandalous, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Set during the reign of King Henry VIII, “The Tudors” takes us on a journey throughout his six marriages and the political turmoil he caused during his time on the throne. It’s easily one of the most fascinating periods of British history, wherein the personal lives of the royals and upper class spilled over into politics and affected the whole of England’s relationship with the church and the Vatican. With love and war and horrible violence, it’s a wonder that the British monarchy even survived to become what it is today.

#6: “Outlander” (2014-)

Here’s another historical drama with a bit of romance. Claire Randall is a time travelling nurse who finds herself stuck in the 1700s. And when she comes face to face with the attractive Jamie Fraser, things heat up. The two end up embroiled in battle and political intrigue with the ruling classes of the time, and though Claire and Jamie face the idea of separation, this is the kind of show where they are destined to be together. With all the drama of “The Crown”, but much more raunchiness, this series is for those who are looking for a little more passion in their TV.

#5: “Reign” (2013-17)

If you want to get a more in-depth look at the history of Britain and those who ruled it, then this is a good place to start. Following the life of Mary, Queen of Scotts, it moves the focus away from England and more towards other areas like France and Scotland, highlighting their plight to take control of the English. While it may not be the most historically accurate show in the history of television, it is definitely worth watching as if offers insights into the inner workings of the monarchy of another time.

#4: “The Young Victoria” (2009)

We remember her as the unamused queen who spent the latter half of her life in mourning, but this movie shows us a Queen Victoria who is strong willed, independent, and a bit of a romantic. Set during the early days of her reign, “The Young Victoria” depicts her ascension to the throne and her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. While this might have been a political alliance at first, there is no doubt that the two developed a genuine affection for one another. Featuring great performances and truly gorgeous costumes and production design, “The Young Victoria” will sweep you off your feet, even if it does take a few liberties with history.

#3: “Downton Abbey” (2010-15)

Before there was “The Crown”, there was the wonderful “Downton Abbey”. One of the most successful British period dramas, it weaves together the story of the lives of the Crawley family as they struggle to keep a hold of their estate. With no son to continue their legacy, this family has to fight tooth and claw to keep their house and their lifestyle, while also staying true to their hearts. With some sharp wit interspersed with extravagant romance and a hell of a lot of drama, this show takes us through the first half of the 20th century in style.

#2: “Elizabeth” (1998)

The only thing better than watching the life of Elizabeth II is watching the life of her namesake, Elizabeth I. Played by the stunning Cate Blanchett, this film is held in high esteem for portraying the queen as a formidable and uncompromising woman who faced the danger of being usurped at every turn. Singlehandedly responsible for England’s Golden Age, she was a queen to be reckoned with, and in the same way that “The Crown” highlights the inner workings of the queen’s mind, so does this movie. She was someone to be admired, and she knew it.

Before we unveil our top picks, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Wolf Hall” (2015)

"The White Queen” (2013)

“The Borgias” (2011-13)

#1: “Victoria” (2016-)

Starring Jenna Coleman, this does many of the same things that “The Crown” does. The first season follows the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign, and the show’s scope soon expands to include more than just politics. It paints Queen Victoria as a person instead of a cold, imposing monarch, and it is a sympathetic portrait, as she must stand her ground and not let those around her control her. Like “The Crown”, it devotes time to showing her as a mother and wife, as well as a truly admirable political leader. History is filled with inspirational women, and Queen Victoria is just one of many.

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