Top 10 WORST PlayStation 2 Games!

Script written by Nathan Sharp

The PlayStation 2 is one of the best consoles ever created, but with such a strong showing of great games and a long lifespan, you're also bound to have quite a few stinkers at the bottom of the barrel too! Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 WORST PlayStation 2 Games!

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Top 10 Worst PS2 Games

Just…what on Earth? Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten worst PS2 games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at what we consider to be the worst video games released for the PlayStation 2. These games were absolutely unplayable and irredeemable pieces of crap, but they have to be games, nonetheless. Titles like “Animal Soccer World,” while dreadful, will not be included, as you can barely even call that a video game. We know, you’ve never heard of it. Trust us, that’s a good thing.

#10: “Bad Boys: Miami Takedown” (2004)

While the “Bad Boys” movies are certainly no masterpieces, they serve as decent buddy cop entertainment if you want to turn your brain off and enjoy a mindless action movie. This game is just an abomination on all fronts. First off, the characters providing the voices for Mike and Marcus are grotesquely bad. Not only are they annoying, but the “humor” (if you want to call it that) falls completely flat 100% of the time. We suppose this would be excusable if the gameplay was fun, but it consists of nothing but relentlessly shooting poorly animated and incredibly stupid bad guys. Chock it up as another crappy licensed video game.

#9: “Robin Hood’s Quest” (2007)

By 2007, the PlayStation 2 was on its last legs, so you’d think that it would want to go out with a bang. This was not a bang. It wasn’t even a whimper. “Robin Hood’s Quest” is probably one of the worst games you’ve never played, and be thankful for that. This was 2007, when graphics were really beginning to amp up, yet this game looked like it came straight from the N64. On top of that, the map and gameplay were confusing, the load times were unbearable, and the animation was stiff and awful. You really need to stretch to find something good about this game, because it really is just a hodgepodge of terrible.

#8: “Catwoman” (2004)

And you thought the movie was bad. “Catwoman” is a prime example of video games cashing-in on blockbuster movies and paying absolutely zero attention to its own quality. Gotta get those dollar bills! The game wasn’t completely without merits: the graphics were pretty decent, we guess. That’s about it. Everything else ranged from mediocre, like the animations, to just plain awful, like the boring combat and atrociously irritating camera. Maybe one day we’ll get good licensed movie tie-in games that aren’t thrown together in a matter of minutes.

#7: “Crazy Frog Racer” & “Crazy Frog Racer 2” (2005, 2006)

OK, seriously, whose damned idea was it to create a video game based on the Crazy Frog character!? These games are nothing but an attempt to squeeze money out of the highly annoying craze that was Crazy Frog, as the games themselves are next to worthless. The graphics are fine, we suppose, but aside from that, they have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. They’re just as annoying as you would expect, and the actual racing gameplay is both frustrating and boring, as the tracks are confusing and the power ups are lame. We guess it’s alright for the kids, but everyone else need not apply.

#6: “Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror” (2003)

In this game, you control a CIFR agent who must hunt down and capture Osama bin Laden. And when you do, you get into a poorly animated fist fight with him. Yeah, that’s about all you need to know regarding this stupid game. The problem with ridiculous games like this is that they take themselves so seriously, yet the mechanics, graphics, and gameplay are so stupid that anyone who plays this mess would collapse in bouts of laughter. This is clearly a low-budget effort from a studio that didn’t seem to care, and what resulted was an extremely poor and unintentionally hilarious experience.

#5: “The Simpsons Skateboarding” (2002)

We can only imagine the executives: “OK guys, let’s see here. ‘The Simpsons’ is popular. Those Tony Hawk games seem to be in with the kids right now. I know! Simpsons…Skateboarding!” We don’t know why “The Simpsons” and skateboarding had to be put together, aside from cashing in on their respective popularity, but we could’ve forgiven it if the game was actually fun. It wasn’t. The controls were abysmal, the skating was sluggish, and the game was extremely frustrating due to the lack of registration when it came to commands. Oh, and to add insult to injury it wasn’t even funny. It’s “The Simpsons” for crying out loud! This was just a failure on all fronts.

#4: “The Guy Game” (2004)

We’re sure that this game was popular with teenage boys, but for everyone else, it was nothing but a veiled excuse for some tame nudity. Throughout the game, host Matt Sadler asks spring breakers a variety of trivia questions. If they get the answer wrong, they have to flash the camera. The concept of the game is to guess whether or not a given woman answered the question correctly. The more the player guesses correctly, the clearer the censored breasts become. And that’s about the entire experience. If you really wanted to see boobs that badly, couldn’t you have just gone on the internet?

#3: “Beverly Hills Cop” (2006)

There’s nothing quite like making a video game based on a 20-year-old movie to get the kids excited! This game, about an American cop in an American setting, was released exclusively in the European market, which was sheer luck for all you North American players out there. At least you didn’t have to subject yourself to this torture. This game, like pretty much every other licensed game before it, was completely asinine in every conceivable way, from the terribly outdated graphics to the nonsensical and glitchy gameplay. We wouldn’t be surprised if this game was 20-years-old as well.

#2: “Charlie’s Angels” (2003)

Oh look, another terrible licensed video game! At least, we think it is. It’s kind of hard to tell due to the eyesore that are these graphics. While the original “Charlie’s Angels” movie wasn’t anything to write home about, it seems like “Citizen Kane” next to this travesty. Literally everything about this game is irredeemably awful, including the aforementioned graphics, the horrendously bad camera, some truly ear-bleeding voice acting, and extremely dull combat mechanics. It’s too bad that Charlie’s Angels couldn’t save themselves from their own inept video game.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few dishonorable mentions.

“Fight Club” (2004)

“London Cab Challenge” (2006)

“Godai: Elemental Force” (2002)

#1: “Little Britain: The Video Game” (2007)

We don’t know how this game was given the final go-ahead, but to see the finished product on the market is completely baffling. The gameplay revolves around partaking in several minigames and interacting with various characters from the titular sketch show. Even for fans of the show, the game is horrendously bad. The sketches are painfully unfunny, and the game itself (if you can even call it that) is a total mess. It makes everything else on this list seem like ‘The Ocarina of Time.” Everyone should play “Little Britain” at least once in their lives, just to see how low video games can go.
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