Top 10 WORST Harem Anime of All Time

Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean


Top 10 WORST Harem Anime of All Time

Honestly, hentai has more class than these shows. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten worst harem anime of all time.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the anime that falls into the harem genre, and rating on them just how much they all suck, pardon the innuendo.

Whether it’s the flat characters, their approach to the more erotic elements or startling poor premises, no amount of busty beauties or strapping young lads can save these anime from being awful.

#10: “So, I Can´t Play H!” (2012)

It’s almost impressive how this anime manages to take the tried and true pervy lead character and manage to rinse out every ounce of charm, leaving us with a generic creep whose approach to women isn’t so much endearing as it is just plain wrong.

As a result, we’re barely invested in the plot involving his romance with a busty grim reaper and her increasingly ample friends, especially if the driving force behind the relationship is that in order to survive said grim reaper has to devour his lecherous energy. Lucky for her he’s practically an all you can eat buffet.

#9: “In Another World With My Smartphone” (2017)

Because that’s what all those other fantasy anime were missing! Touchscreens! In what sounds like an Android user’s fever dream, a teen finds himself resurrected in a brand new world, who through the power of his smartphone manages to land himself not one, not two, not three, but eight fiancées! The rest is just generic in every sense of the word, as our hero roams around using twenty first century technology and overpowered abilities while his eight baby mamas look on in awe.

#8: “Dance with Devils” (2015)

We know good girls love a bad boy, but surely the line is drawn when it comes to demons? Not in the case of Ritsuka, who finds herself lusted after by one such demon, as well as a vampire. Not edgy enough for you? Well in typical reverse harem fashion, the demon is a handsome jerk who treats her like a tool but secretly pines for her come the series end, and the vampire is a kinda-is-kinda-isn’t-family member. Look, we’re all for the dark fairy tale concept if it’s done well, but this isn’t so much a devilish delight as it is a demonic dud.

#7: “School Days” (2007)

As opposed to an anime, we like to think of this as more of an exploration into the mindset of a total dickhead.

In spite of getting himself a girlfriend, Makoto quickly loses interest. So does he break it off with her? Of course not. He cheats on her with his best friend, before deciding it would be a great idea to cheat on her as well.

This leads to him getting jiggy with nearly every other girl he knows, all before it inevitably come back to bite him.

#6: “Unlimited Fafnir” (2015)

Dragons! Magic! High School!

All these things will quickly become redundant very quickly.

In order to prevent the destruction of the world from the dragons’ imminent return, a group of girls team up with the only male student in the whole school, each of them bound by the mysterious D brand. Yes, each of the girls have a D on some part of their body, while our hero is also in possession of a D, one so big and powerful that only be merging his D with the other girls can they hope to – oh come on…

#5: “Brothers Conflict” (2013)

It seems like a simple premise, teenager Ema comes home one day to discover she suddenly has thirteen step-brothers who are all eager to jump into her pants. Perfectly normal set-up. Though in all seriousness, disregarding the classic trope of having non-blood related siblings serve as the love interest, the biggest crime this show commits is its lack of development. You give our heroine so many romantic possibilities with such a short episode run that no one gets any time to shine. Seriously, the only conflict here is trying to distinguish who is who outside of their archetypes.

#4: “Rail Wars” (2014)

Shame on you anime! How dare you mislead the general viewing public! What if they just wanted to watch a nice show about trains and conductors? And instead you give them the other kind of caboose! Admittedly the premise sounds so ridiculous that it could prove to be thoroughly entertaining, unfortunately the series doesn’t really live up to it. Instead of perfecting its sillier elements or generally making anything worthy of value, the series’ focus is placed firmly in the bosom of its female characters. All aboard.

#3: “Dragonar Academy” (2014)

Apparently in this series, dragons ride you, or at least that’s the case with the protagonist Ash Blake, who up until now was the only student at his school unable to summon a dragon. Surprise, surprise, when he finally accomplishes it, it turns out to be your typical tsundere. Unfortunately, the intriguing set up soon dissolves when Ash finds himself having to control his new draconic love interest while the other voluptuous students of the school all of a sudden decide they want to get a piece of his Smaug.

#2: “Eiken” (2003-04)

This anime is so bad that it only has two episodes to its name, and yet because of its abysmal quality it still comes across as a massive schlockfest. Every female character has assets that are so ridiculously out of proportion that its gross, there’s phallic imagery in every other scene, the only the development the cast get is the ones in their chests, the fanservice and innuendos are so in your face that it actually ends up becoming rather uncomfortable to watch. This anime truly is the death of subtlety.

#1: “Diabolik Lovers” (2013-15)

Fuck these guys. Seriously, this band of bloodsuckers aren’t only an insult to the concept of vampires, but are the worst excuses for love interests ever. After a young girl becomes the plaything - sorry, we mean guest, of a bunch of the supposedly tortured and tragic set of brothers, she is tossed around like a ragdoll, treated like dirt, and constantly violated both sexually as well as treated like a blood-vending machine. And this is supposed to be…romantic? You do know there’s a difference between dominance and abuse… right?
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