Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Couples



Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Couples

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These are the best couples on Greys Anatomy! We've included couples like Ozzie and George, Cristina and Preston, Callie and Arizona, Amelia and Owen, Jackson Avery and April, Alex and Jo, Lexie and Mark and or course Derek and Meredith!

Top 10 Couples on Grey’s Anatomy

They found love in a sterile place. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Top 10 Couples on Grey’s Anatomy.
For this list, we will be looking at the relationships that made us laugh and cry, as well as some that made us curse the name Shonda Rhimes. If you haven’t binged the show already, consider this your spoiler alert!

#10: Izzie Stevens & George O’Malley

You may be surprised by this choice, but we’re using Izzie and George’s relationship as a cautionary tale. Sometimes a beautiful friendship doesn’t need to be escalated into anything romantic, because it certainly didn’t work for these two. They were best friends since the early stages of their internship, and together they made a pact to be ‘doers’, and found confidence in each other. The first time they do anything romantic is a bourbon-fueled night that George can barely remember. After George and Callie divorce, they give it another go, only to realize that they don’t have chemistry, so they go back to being adorable BFFs.

#9: Cristina Yang & Preston Burke

They were intellectually equal and shared some great moments. Christina even became a physical of extension of Burke early on in their relationship when he got a tremor in his hand, making it impossible to operate without her. You can say that Burke was the Yin to Cristina’s Yang, but both of them had ambitions too big to fit into their relationship, and Burke didn’t think Cristina wanted to be married, so he left her before their wedding even started. It would have been nice if he told her before she shaved her eyebrows.

#8: Amelia Shepherd & Owen Hunt

Both of them have some serious trauma in their life that they are trying to overcome: Owen lost his sister and is suffering from PTSD, and Amelia lost a lot of the men in her life and is constantly battling with sobriety. There was obvious chemistry from the get-go, and an instant trust between them. They took things slow because Amelia was afraid to fall in love, and Owen had recently divorced Cristina. After what felt like forever they finally opened themselves up to love, and to happiness. Even though their relationship hasn’t been perfect since their wedding, these two are fighters, and we are hopeful that they will reconcile to fight their demons together.

#7: Callie Torres & Arizona Robbins

This relationship is defined by its extreme ups and downs. It was amazing when things were good, but downright ugly when things got bad. In the good times they absolutely glowed together, especially at their wedding. There have been a lot of beautiful weddings in the show but this one might just take the cake. Sadly, the bad times got too much for them and they stopped glowing, starting with Arizona losing her leg in a plane crash, and climaxing when she cheated on Callie. Callie had been cheated on before, when she was married to George, and even though they still loved each other, it’s not something Callie could forgive.

#6: Miranda Bailey & Ben Warren

Even though these two are the most headstrong people on the show they work really well together. One of the most charming things about them is how much, and how effectively, they flirt with each other. It’s like every time they interact their lips are saying one thing but their eyes are hinting at something entirely different. Ben also picks a very unique way of proposing. He pops the question through a newspaper crossword search, and when Bailey still doesn’t get it, he spells it out in the middle of the OR, which is completely fitting for these two.

#5: Izzie Stevens & Denny Duquette

Being a sufferer of congestive heart failure, Denny knew how short life is, so he never held back on how much he loved Izzie and, despite her best efforts, she fell in love with her charming patient. Izzie fights like hell to keep Denny alive, but in the end he dies, and their dream to grow old together dies along with him. Even after Denny’s death, he continues to be a part of Izzie’s life. He left her money that was then used to open a free clinic, and before Izzie is diagnosed with cancer, she starts having hallucinations of him.

#4: Alex Karev & Jo Wilson

Like many great romances, Alex and Jo started as friends, bonding over their terrible childhoods: Alex having a drug addict for a father and Jo growing up in the foster system and briefly living in her car. Okay, maybe not super conventional, but because of their terrible childhoods they understand each other like no one else ever could. Alex’s temper almost put an end to their relationship when he beat up DeLuca, but he proved himself to Jo when he chose not to attack her husband, even though he was an abusive SOB.

#3: Lexie Grey & Mark Sloan

The Romeo and Juliet of “Grey’s Anatomy,” only instead of warring families keeping them apart it’s excuses, and instead of poison and a dagger, it’s a plane crash. Both of them are great characters on their own, but together they are Slexie. Despite their constant breakups, it’s so obvious that they want, and are meant, to be together. Lexie made Mark want to be a better man and slow down his Casanova ways, and Mark made Lexie feel more confident. Everyone wanted them to be together, and then they both die. Their last moments together are heartbreaking, showing how short and cruel life can be.

#2: Jackson Avery & April Kepner

Jackson and April epitomize the fact that sometimes opposites do attract. Jackson grew up wealthy, is an atheist, and is fairly serious, while April grew up on a farm, religion is very important to her, and personality-wise she’s a little… hysterical. With these differences they balance each other perfectly: Jackson keeps April grounded and April keeps Jackson from being cynical. Everything they’ve been through only makes us love them more. We cheered them on when they ran off together from April’s wedding, we cried when their baby Samuel died, and when they broke up we hoped like hell they’d get back together.

Before we reveal our top picks here are a few honorable mentions:

Alex Karev & Ava/Rebecca Pope

Teddy Altman & Henry Burton

Richard Webber & Catherine Avery

#1: Derek Shepherd & Meredith Grey

We were rooting for MerDer since the very first five minutes of the series. We watched their relationship change a lot over the years: it started off as a drunk one-night stand, to a post-it note wedding, and finally a full blown marriage complete with adorable babies. They were never afraid to be goofy together, or show their dark and twisty sides, and they constantly fought to be together amidst tragedies and ex-wives. Even though their relationship started to get rocky, we all naively believed that they were indestructible, but then Derek died and our chance at a happily ever after died along with him.