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Top 10 Disgusting Things Found in Food

VO: Joshua Karpati WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp

Script written by Nathan Sharp

You’re never going to want to eat again. From a black widow spider, to a cockroach, to a catheter, these disgusting discoveries send shivers down our spine. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Disgusting Things Found in Food.

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Script written by Nathan Sharp

Top 10 Disgusting Things Found in Food

You’re never going to want to eat again. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten disgusting things found in food.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most revolting things that were reportedly found in someone’s food and ranking them based on sheer disgust factor. Hopefully, you’re not eating.

#10: Black Widow Spider Found in Grapes

Unfortunately for us all, insects found within fruit is not exactly a rare occurrence. Sure, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a spider inside your grapes, but hey, it does happen. Just ask Kimberley Seymour. She bought a box of grapes from a Tesco grocery store and was preparing a snack for her child when she noticed spider webs on the grapes. Upon further inspection, she saw the culprit tucked away in a corner. She took the spider to a local veterinarian, and after further testing, it was confirmed that, yes, that was indeed a poisonous black widow.

#9: Cockroach Found in Anchovy Snack

Cockroaches aren’t exactly what you would call an anomaly in the food industry. If they’re not found scuttling around a decrepit kitchen, they’re on McDonald’s hash browns, or found baked within a packet of anchovies. After eating some of the snack, the man in question made a harrowing discovery: inside his pack of crispy anchovies was a baked cockroach covered in sesame seeds. It had blended in perfectly with the snack, so the man was lucky to have made the discovery before chowing down. Something tells us that there would’ve been a noticeable difference in terms of texture and flavor.

#8: Catheter Found in Ice Cream

Imagine this: you’re celebrating the birth of a new baby, and you decide to gather with your family and enjoy some ice cream to celebrate. And then you bite down on a catheter, which may or may not have blood on it. That was the predicament that the Christofferson family of Quebec, Canada found themselves inwhen the grandfather bit down on a piece of a catheter. As a result, the family needed to get tested for both hepatitis and HIV. While the director of a local AIDS organization said that it would be “highly unlikely” that the family contracts HIV, it’s extremely scary nonetheless.

#7: Mouse in a Loaf of Bread

No… not even a wholesome loaf of bread is safe. This is another strike against Tesco, the store where Kimberley Seymour bought her spider-infested grapes. This time, the story centers on Stephen Forse, who discovered a small mouse baked into the crust of his bread while he was making sandwiches for his kids. The maker of the bread, Premier Foods, knew they messed up, and pleaded guilty for failing to ensure that their food production was protected against contamination. They were fined almost £17,000, or about $22,000 American. Oh, and bread isn’t the only thing mice can get into: they can also be found incurry sauce and coffee. Have a good day!

#6: Chicken Head in Chicken Wings

Next time you’re eating chicken wings, take a long, hard look at what you’re eating. You know, just to be sure it’s not a deep-fried chicken head. A Virginian woman made an upsetting discovery when she bought chicken wings from McDonald’s, which were being tested at the time. She found a deep-fried chicken head in the box, and when she complained, she was offered a refund or another free box of wings for her troubles. Yay! Apparently her lawyers told her not to sue, as a chicken head found within pieces of chicken is technically not considered a foreign object.

#5: Maggots in Rice

This one is especially horrifying: not only are they freaking maggots, but also they blend in so well with the rice that you’ll be checking every single grain you eat from now on. 12-year-old Maisy Dean made the grim discovery when she was making rice that was bought from Morrisons, a chain of supermarkets based in the UK. After taking it to her mom for a second opinion, her fears were confirmed: inside the bag of rice were maggots with brown heads. To make the situation even worse, the family had already eaten three bags of the rice, although it’s not confirmed if those bags contained maggots as well.

#4: Dead Frog Found in Can of Diet Pepsi

There’s no escaping the animals! If they’re not in your food, they’re sealed inside a can of soda! Florida man Fred DeNegri was grilling in his backyard when he popped open a can of Diet Pepsi. However, he spat it out after taking a single gulp. Upon emptying the can into the sink, he discovered something that looked like “pink linguini” inside the can. After the FDA took the can for testing, they concluded that it was either a frog or a toad that had somehow made its way inside the can. So... smell your soda before taking a drink, we guess?

#3: Finger Found in Custard

Catheter ice cream might be the gross out flavor in Canada, but south of the border, you’re more likely to find a human finger in your cold dessert. Clarence Stowers of North Carolina discovered a human finger inside his frozen custard when he bit into it, thinking that it was a piece of candy. After spitting it out, he made the horrifying realization. Enjoy the nightmares! The owner of the shop admitted the mistake, claiming that an employee was injured and that another employee accidentally packaged his severed finger with the custard. We’re not sure how a thing like that happens, but hey, at least they owned up their mistake...?

#2: Feces in Gelato

Here’s a useful tip: don’t complain about noise in a crowded pub, or else you may get poop-flavored gelato. After a family complained about the volume during a football match at one of Sydney’s most popular tourist pubs, the patrons offered them the frozen dessert as compensation. However, the chocolate gelato that was given to them was mixed with frozen poo. After becoming violently ill, the family sought legal action, and received $50,000 in settlement money. We’re sorry, but $50,000 for being served literal crap? Seems a little low, don’t you think?

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few dishonorable mentions.

Lizard Head in Salad

Human Tooth in Block of Cheese

Nails Found in Macaroni and Cheese

#1: Condom Found in Clam Chowder

Well, we hope it wasn’t used. While eating at McCormick & Schmick’s, a chain of seafood restaurants, Laila Sultan bit into something chewy and rubbery that she found inside her clam chowder. She first thought it was a shrimp or a piece of calamari, but when it wouldn’t break down, she spat it out and found a rolled-up condom. She fled to the bathroom and vomited, and later claimed that she suffered psychological trauma and anxiety as a result of the incident. She later sued the restaurant and received an undisclosed settlement for her troubles.


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