Top 10 Persona Girls



Top 10 Persona Girls

Script written by Briana Lawrence

No waifu? No lifu! Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Girls from the Persona Series!

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Top 10 Persona Girls

Sit down and let us tell you about our waifus. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Persona Girls.

For this list, we’ll be strengthening our bonds with our favorite ladies from the ongoing RPG franchise -- hopefully, not simultaneously, as that could lead to an awkward Valentine’s Day. Speaking of potentially breaking a bond, we’re equipping a spoiler warning for this list so we don’t reverse the link we have with you, Mojoholics.

#10: Yukari Takeba

“Persona 3” (2006)

There’s a lot going on behind that cheerful disposition that Yukari presents to the world. Not everyone is super on board with the whole “shooting yourself in the head to summon monsters” thing. We can’t say we blame Yukari for being hesitant, in fact, it’s kinda nice having someone look at the operation with a bit of skepticism. It probably doesn’t help that her father was murdered while working for the Kirijo Group, and that their current heir runs SEES, AND that their current heir’s grandfather killed her father. Yeah, you try smiling and perfecting your archery enough to become a Power Ranger after all that... wait what?

#9: Yukiko Amagi

“Persona 4” (2008)

Yukiko Amagi is one of the most popular girls in school, but is so busy working at her family’s famous inn that she barely has any time to socialize. Unbeknownst to everyone around her, the stress is weighing her down, and leads to a heavily symbolic shadow battle where she begs her “Prince Charming” to take her somewhere far, far away. With the help of the Investigation Team -- particularly Chie -- Yukiko is able to face her true self and bring her elegant, fiery persona into battle ... along with plenty of her uncontrollable laughing fits. Jeez Yukiko, it wasn’t that funny...

#8: Ann Takamaki

“Persona 5” (2017)

New to the roster of Persona ladies and the first girl to join your crew of Phantom Thieves, Ann is forced to deal with a teacher who’ll make your skin crawl, but worse than that, she has to face the tragedy of her best friend trying to kill herself because of said teacher. There’s nothing more satisfying in the beginning of the game then watching Ann stand with Carmen to extract justice from the foul volleyball coach. On top of being fiercely loyal to her friends, Ann is extremely helpful in battle, and fun to spend the days with... though her acting could use a bit of work.

#7: Elizabeth

“Persona 3” (2006)

Welcome to the Velvet Room, says the long-nosed man with the wicked grin. However, there’s a much friendlier face with him at all times. These are the Velvet Room attendants, and are the ones you’ll be spending the most time with when trying to figure out which persona to fuse. Out of all the blue suited attendants, we had to give our love to the quirky Elizabeth, who’s always full of entertaining dialogue as you go about your adventure. Don’t let that cute personality fool you, she’ll Megidolaon you to death before taking a bow over your unconscious body.

#6: Chie Satonaka

“Persona 4” (2008)

Chie is a girl after our own heart with her love for martial arts movies and steak -- seriously, isn’t that the perfect idea for a Saturday night? This is the kind of girl you need in your circle of friends. She’s the highly energetic member of the team who tries to keep everyone in good spirits, but like everyone else, she’s got her own shadows to deal with. We love Chie because she’s someone we can relate to, whether it’s her insecurities, or her action-packed DVD collection... which you definitely should not break in any way, shape, or form.

#5: Rise Kujikawa

“Persona 4” (2008)

Oh. My. GAWD! Risette is THE BEST! We listen to her music all. the. TIME! Did you hear that she’s retiring? Moving in with her grandmother in Inaba? Wait, isn’t that the town where you get thrown into a television and face your true self? Yep, despite her cute, bouncy nature, Rise is struggling to figure out who the real her is due to her celebrity presence as Risette. This leads to a pole dancing shadow that the team struggles to defeat. Fortunately, there’s a suicidal bear at the ready, and soon, Rise accepts her true self and becomes the scanner for the group -- and resident “girl with no filter.”

#4: Mitsuru Kirijo

“Persona 3” (2006)

For those of you who are fond of sophisticated ladies who are probably waaaaay out of your league... meet Mitsuru Kirijo. Right off the bat you get the impression of someone who’s wise beyond their years. She’s seen as the leader of SEES and has been fighting the shadows longer than anyone in the group, though this has come with a high price. Her family is responsible for a lot of the turmoil your group faces, and Mitsuru feels that she bares the burden -- even if she wasn’t involved. She faces a lot of grief throughout the game, but emerges as a stronger person because of it.

#3: Makoto Niijima

“Persona 5” (2017)

As far as first impressions go Makoto’s isn’t the greatest as she seems set on unmasking the Phantom Thieves... and blackmailing them. It doesn’t help that there’s rumors about her knowing about the nefarious acts of some of the school faculty. As the student council president and sister of Sae Nijima -- the Public Prosecutor who’s interrogating you throughout the game -- Makoto is dealing with a lot of obstacles while trying to find her own sense of justice in a world full of corruption. Truth be told, she believes in the Phantom Thieves, and she becomes a viable member of the team.

#2: Naoto Shirogane

“Persona 4” (2008)

You know that whole “Detective Prince” thing that’s mentioned in P5? Meet the original. Naoto comes from a long line of detectives and arrives in Inaba to uncover the mystery of the bizarre murders. However, Naoto has quite a bit of opposition, which leads to an incredible story arc that goes into the very real insecurities due to someone’s age and especially their gender. After facing a rather intriguing shadow that speaks of an operation, Naoto comes to terms with the truth and works to be a strong member of the team... who you’ll neeeeever see in a swimsuit. Oh, and get rid of those medical files while you’re at it.

Before we get to our number one pick, let’s max of the social links of these honorable mentions:


“Persona 3 Portable” (2009)

Maya Amano

“Persona 2: Innocent Sin” (1999) & “Persona 2: Eternal Punishment” (2000)

Haru Okumura

“Persona 5” (2017)

#1: Aigis

“Persona 3” (2006)

Ahead, in the distance, stands a beautiful girl with blonde hair, striking blue eyes, and... fully loaded guns that emerge from her robotic shell? Does she even need a persona by her side?! As the last anti-Shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo group, Aigis is a cunning, sometimes awkward, edition to your group, though she’s more than just a fully automatic weapon. Overtime, Aigis comes to care for SEES and the main character -- especially the main character -- though that maaaaay be because she kiiiiinda sealed Death itself inside of him. What? You thought this was gonna be a simple “android learning how to love” story?
Not even an honorable mention for Futaba? Shame on you all.