Top 10 Best America's Next Top Model Makeovers



Top 10 Best America's Next Top Model Makeovers

VOICE OVER: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Cassandra Kalley
Script written by Cassandra Kalley

Sometimes a makeover on ANTM is just what the models need to stand out from the crowd! For this list, we're looking at the fiercest of the fierce makeovers on the popular contest show. Get ready for some hot H2T - head to toe - looks! We've included Allison's Mousy-to-Mermaid Move, Brittani's Bob, Mollie Sue's Rosemary 'Do, Shandi's Platinum Progression, Fatima's Wonderful Weave and more! Which makeover do you think is the best?

Top 10 Best ANTM Makeovers

When Tyra gets it right, she gets it right! Welcome to MsMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the top ten best America’s Next Top Model Makeovers.

For this list, we’re looking at the fiercest of the fierce makeovers on the popular contest show. Get ready for some hot H2T - head to toe - looks!

#10: Bianca’s Beautiful Baldness

The happy accident that was Bianca. While not the friendliest girl in the house during her cycle, she was certainly one of the most interesting-looking. Part of what contributed to that interesting look was her shaven head, but her hair was not always supposed to look that way. The original plan was that her weave receive a lightening, to a golden blonde, ala Beyonce Knowles. However, after discovering that weave was too messed up to handle the dye job, they shaved her head. While they tried a wig, ultimately, the team at ANTM decided that the bald head was much more regal. Sometimes, a cheap weave will get you to some beautiful places.

#9: Samantha’s Pixie Cut

Upon entering the competition, it was undeniable that Samantha was a pretty girl. But she looked like just any other pretty girl walking down the street or around a local mall. It’s amazing what a pixie cut can do for a face, though. Almost instantaneously, Sam was transformed into a model. The simple snip brought out her cheekbones and other features. The look also aged her, but in a particularly good way, and gave her an edge that ultimately made her runner up of her cycle.

#8: Norelle’s Brace-ectomy

Norelle was a young woman with braces and long dark hair when she first joined the cast of America’s Next Top Model. Quickly, Tyra changed all of that and pulled out a fashion model, working from the outside in. During the makeover episode of cycle 3, Tyra told Norelle she was going to not only have her braces removed but several inches of her hair as well. The braces, Norelle was more than excited to lose. The hair? Not so much. But post-makeover and post-tears, she rocked it gorgeously.

#7: Kayla’s Red Head

Kayla was one of the rare few on ANTM who could have gotten away without a makeover, but was given one that made her beauty even more apparent. Just like a few other cycles mentioned on this list, cycle 15 was one in which the models did not know, prior to their makeovers, what they would look like at the end. But Kayla was told by her girlfriend not to do two things, one of which was to not come home as a redhead. Well, guess what Tyra did! Fire red hair for Kayla, it was! But gosh, did she make it look good.

#6: Naima’s Tweaked Tone and Trim

One of two winners of their cycle to make this list, Naima was a soft-spoken and gracious girl, especially when compared to her fellow contestants like Brittany or Keenyah. She is also a beautiful multiracial woman, whose facial features could absolutely handle a short ‘do. Before entering the contest, she seemed to already know that about her face, rocking a deep brunette fauxhawk at casting. Or maybe she just liked the look. Either way, Tyra saw more potential by lightening her hair to a honey blonde and giving Naima a trim. The simple change did wonders for her, don’t you think?

#5: Mollie Sue’s Rosemary ‘Do

Do you remember cycle 5’s Cassandra Jean? The girl who forfeited her place in the competition because of a Mia Farrow “Rosemary’s Baby” haircut? Of course, you do. Even people who weren’t fans of the show knew about her. Well, unlike her, cycle 6’s Mollie Sue was more than willing to get the cut. She was even excited; and after the makeover, loved her new look, with Jay Manuel calling her a modern mod. And with her beautiful naturally red hair, Mollie Sue made a fierce Rosemary, whose baby that Satanic cult would not have wanted to mess with.

#4: Brittani’s Bob

The other winner of her cycle. According to Entertainment Weekly, Brittani “looked like she came straight off the Paris runways in her fresh bob.” Hey, we couldn’t agree more. And to think, this girl was actually born in a small town in Pennsylvania. While at first Brittani seemed a little hesitant about the snipping scissors, she quickly came to love the whole experience and realized just how gorgeous she looked. And the best part? She worked that look all the way to the top.

#3: Allison’s Mousy-to-Mermaid Move

From day one, Tyra and company were instantly attracted to Allison’s doll-like look. However, her mousy brown hair left something to be desired. And so - with her only knowing she was getting a makeover, but not knowing what it would be - they brightened up her whole look, making her a blonde and gave her hair extensions. With long flowing waves in her freshly bleached locks, even Allison said, upon the reveal, that she felt like a mermaid. Throughout the season, right up until the end, we believe she continued to channel that feeling in most, if not all of her best photos.

#2: Shandi’s Platinum Progression

Cycle 2 was the one where everyone not only got new hairdos, some competitors also got their teeth whitened and any fake nails removed. And Shandi got an additional bonus of getting to replace her glasses with fitted contacts. That was not the most drastic of her changes on makeover day though. What really pulled her from random girl on the street to top three in that season’s modeling competition, was the layered ‘do and platinum blonde dye job she received. She made it look effortlessly beautiful, right?

Before we smize at our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Coryn’s Softening

Whitney’s Cool Color

Joanie’s Blonde Ambition

#1: Fatima’s Wonderful Weave

Fatima might have only made it to the top three of her cycle, but her post-makeover look takes the top spot in our book. Upon entering the competition for Cycle 10, Fatima had a shoulder bob of crimped orange hair. Tyra described it as “wrong for her skin tone.” After the makeover team was done with her, though, Fatima had a chestnut brown hue to her straight locks . . .flowing all the way down to her mid-back! And after all of the pain that comes with a sensitive scalp and a first weave, even she could not deny that it was all worth it. Unbe-weave-able, indeed!