Top 10 Underrated Celine Dion Songs



Top 10 Underrated Celine Dion Songs

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Celine Dion is one of the most talented singers in the world. Hailing for Quebec Canada, she has earned accolade after accolade. For this list, we're bringing to light those songs that have flown under the radar on a global scale since their release. Prepare your playlists for some new music. We've included songs like “Calling You”, “Water from the Moon”, “Goodbye's ( The Saddest Word)” and more!

Top 10 Underrated Celine Dion Songs

They may not be as popular as “My Heart Will Go On”, but they’re still great tracks. Welcome to MsMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Celine Dion Songs.

For this list, we’re bringing to light those songs that have flown under the radar on a global scale since their release. Prepare your playlists for some new music.

#10: “Calling You”

Bagdad Café Soundtrack (1988)

Ah, the one that got away. From the rest of the world, that is. “Calling You” was originally written for the 1987 German film, “Bagdad Café,” where it was sung by two different artists. However, Celine Dion didn’t lend her pipes to the song until the 1990s, when she added her signature sweet yet sad vibrato to the notes. Though a big hit in France, her rendition of the song wasn’t nearly as appreciated elsewhere. Much like the song’s narrator to their lover, this track calls out to the world to be heard, and it definitley deserves a listen.

#9: “Water from the Moon”

Celine Dion (1992)

If the lyrics of this song alone don’t break your heart, Celine’s vocals surely will. A song of unrequited love, Celine croons out that she’s done everything she can to make a person love her. Except the impossible, of course. When this song was first released, it did considerably well in her native Canada, taking number seven on the Top Singles list. Just across the border, it hit number eleven for Adult Contemporary on the Billboard charts. However, it has since slipped under the radar. What does it gotta do to get the attention it deserves (referencing song lyrics)?

#8: “Think Twice”

The Colour of My Love (1993)

The begging lyrics of this love song were enough to get the attention of the public all around the world, and we think it’s easy to hear why. From her third English album, “The Colour of My Love”, this song didn’t make much of a splash in in the United States, but it was a big hit in Europe; so much so that it was certified platinum. In fact, to this day, the aching ballad has is the songtress’ second biggest hit in the UK, behind “My Heart Will Go On”. You’ll definitely want to think twice before overlooking this gem.

#7: “Fade Away”

Taking Chances (2007)

The 2000s were a time of experimenting with sound in music. Whether it was original songs or remixes, musicians were creating more and more music that could be played at dance parties and clubs. 2007’s “Fade Away” could have easily been one of those songs, if it were ever released as a single. As such, the song was all but forgotten amongst both the album’s tracklist, and Celine’s career as a whole. However, this track is just too good to let fade away.

#6: “Tell Him” with Barbra Streisand

Let’s Talk About Love (1997)

Two powerhouse voices for the price of one. That's what you get in this song of relationship advice from one woman to another. Barbra Streisand joins Celine in this gorgeous duet, with the former urging the latter to tell a man she loves him. Despite all of this beauty and the song’s reception being rather positive, its standing on the charts was hit and miss, depending on the country.Still, it’s a great track to listen to if you want a lesson in love from two incredible songstresses.

#5: “Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word)”

A New Day Has Come (2002)

As evidenced by most of the entries on this list, Celine has always had a way with the bittersweet. This song is no exception. “Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word)” is a love letter sung from a daughter to a mother, relating to her what a wonderful mom she’s been and adding that when they have to say goodbye, it will break the daughter’s heart. Despite the universal message of this song, it received mixed reviews and did only so-so on the charts, but the ballad will always make us tear up, even if it’s just a little bit.

#4: “(If There Was) Any Other Way”

Unison (1990)

This song seems to be channeling Madonna from top to bottom. Even the music video, which features Celine with big, curly hair, feels almost hilariously dated. The story of the lyrics though - one of a woman caught between two lovers - has stood the test of time. This oddly upbeat tune held its own in the charts but has since faded in popularity since its 1990 release. But that definitely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a second chance, especially if you’re looking to be transported back ot the era of big hair and high-waisted jeans

#3: “Fly”

Falling into You (1996)

Here’s yet another heartbreaking song about familial love, this time between a woman and a child who has recently passed away. Celine sings this tune with a softer tone than usual and delivers a heaping helping of sadness. The heavy song was never released as a single, and therefore wasn’t heard by as large an audience as the other songs from “Falling into You”. Still, Oprah was a big fan, and Celine sang “Fly” on “The Oprah Winfey Show” while doing a promotional tour for the album. There wasn’t a dry eye in the studio, and it’s easy to hear why.

#2: “One Heart”

One Heart (2003)

For some of her 2003 album, Celine took a more club-like approach to her music, complete with pounding synths and deep bass beats. The title song and our number two pick, “One Heart”, is one of Celine’s more upbeat tunes, both in music and in message. Unfortunately, that message was recieved with indifference on the charts, despite a mostly positive reception. But those dance-y beats that underscore the hopeful chorus still make us want to keep following that one heart.

Before we sing along to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

“My Love”

Taking Chances (2007)

“The Colour of My Love”

The Colour of My Love (1993)


The Colour of My Love (1993)

#1: “The Last to Know”

Unison (1990)

As we’ve come to learn, Celine Dion can portray heartache in every ounce of her being, especially when her gorgeous voice is paired with tear-jerking lyrics. And that’s exactly what happens in this song about a cheating lover. “The Last to Know” is a cover of a Sheena Easton song that appeared on Celine’s first English album. But even though this is one of her earlier efforts, it’s also one of her best. While this song ended up buried under all of Celine’s other great hits, it hasn’t lost of any of its power. We think it’s time to dust off that old album and give it another spin.