Top 10 Plot Holes in Pretty Little Liars You Didn't Notice



Top 10 Plot Holes in Pretty Little Liars You Didn't Notice

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
Script written by Michael Wynands

These are the plot holes you missed in Pretty Little Liars! For this list, we're looking at the worst unresolved plot holes or leaps in logic found in I. Marlene King's Pretty Little Liars. Obviously, spoilers for the entire series will be included.

Top 10 Plot Holes in Pretty Little Liars You Didn't Notice

Nobody is this good of a liar. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Plot Holes in Pretty Little Liars You Didn't Notice.

For this list, we’re looking at the worst unresolved plot holes or leaps in logic found in I. Marlene King’s Pretty Little Liars. Obviously, spoilers for the entire series will be included.

#10: Charlotte’s Endless Cash

Born as Charles Drake before transitioning into a woman, CeCe Drake loves to mess with the Pretty Little Liars. A big fan of elaborate torture schemes and horrific dollhouses, Charlotte tends to go above and beyond what is expected out of a typical psychopath. So, how did CeCe fund all those extravagant projects? The only explanation is that the mysterious Carissimi group, which has shady connections to her family, funded CeCe's plans, but that is nothing more than speculation. Either way, Charlotte knows a thing or two about investing money.

#9: Who Was in the Barrel?

What was in that damn barrel and why did nobody open it? After Mona's plan to create an army of Alison's victims backfires stupendously, the original "A" plans to share evidence of Alison's wrongdoings with the Pretty Little Liars. Alas, Mona is apparently murdered, and when the Liars find a large barrel in a storage unit, they assume her body is inside it. A quick glance would have put this mystery to bed, but the Liars just assume that Mona is dead. Mona later shows up alive, so who or what was in there? Later on, showrunner I. Marlene King revealed there was a medical school cadaver in the barrel.

#8: N.A.T. Club

A plot hole or just poorly explained? Why not both? The N.A.T Club was introduced during the first season but felt like nothing more than a footnote. Started by Jason DiLaurentis, Ian Thomas, and Garrett Reynolds, the club's name stands for a Latin phrase meaning "We See All," which sounds ominous, but is really just a fancy way to describe a bunch of peeping toms. The group filmed teenage girls in precarious situations and used the videos to blackmail their victims. The show largely avoided going into detail about the Club's activities, so who knows why the group formed and how their videos were collected. The whole thing just kind of went nowhere and had no real connection to the end game.

#7: Eddie Lamb & Aria

A throwaway line that brought up so many questions. Employed as a nurse at Radley Sanitarium, Eddie Lamb sporadically showed up to move the plot forward and provide Spencer with a little bit of information. Privy to more than a couple of dirty little secrets, we expected big things when Eddie seemed to recognize Aria - who was volunteering for the first time at Radley. At the end of the episode, Lamb calls Ezra Fitz, then disappears from the show completely, leaving Eddie and Aria's past up for debate.

#6: CeCe Films Her Mother’s Burial & Sends the Video to Alison

Admittedly, this plot point can easily be explained by accepting that Charlotte is a psychopath and behaves accordingly. Still, CeCe's adoptive mother, Jessica DiLaurentis, was the only person who ever truly loved Charlotte, and the feelings seemed to be mutual. After CeCe discovered Jessica's dead body, the girl proceeded to bury her mother and send the brutal video of the act to her adoptive sister Alison. Even though the siblings' relationship was turbulent at best, Charlotte was willing to kill to protect Alison, so sending this video seemed counterproductive.

#5: Officer Wilden Blaming the Liars for Alison’s Murder

Why thoroughly investigate a murder you already solved? A former student of Rosewood High and Alison's rumored “beach hottie”, Officer Wilden is assigned to investigate Ali's murder. For a couple of seasons, Darren routinely questions the Liars and seems to genuinely believe the girls were involved in Alison's death. In season 6's tenth episode, Pretty Little Liars revealed that Wilden knew Alison was still alive and Jessica DiLaurentis paid off the cop to cover up CeCe's involvement. As the corrupt detective knew the truth, continuing the investigation only risked exposing Wilden's secret.

#4: Wren Gives CeCe a Visitor Pass for Radley

As a sign of things to come, Charlotte's debut resulted in a plot hole. Pretending to be a former victim of Alison named CeCe Drake, Charlotte convinced Dr. Wren Kingston to supply her with a visitor pass to talk with Mona, who was not allowed to see anyone. Here is the problem: at the time, Charlotte was a PATIENT at Radley! Ignoring why the master criminal even needed a visitor pass, how did nobody at Radley recognize that CeCe and Charlotte were one and the same?

#3: Bethany Dressed in Ali’s Clothes

Some people just have the worst luck. A patient at Radley Sanitarium with a dark backstory, Bethany Young escaped the institute by stealing Charlotte's clothes and signing out under her name. In a strange twist of fate, Bethany’s borrowed outfit perfectly matched the clothes worn by Alison, right down to a bracelet with Alison’s name on it! Unfortunately, Mona mistook Bethany for Alison and hit the girl with a shovel, before Melissa Hastings made the exact same mistake and buried Bethany alive. Apparently, Mona and Melissa hated Alison enough to commit murder, but failed to realize they killed the wrong person!

#2: Marion Cavanaugh’s Death

Remember when character deaths were simple? Because Pretty Little Liars definitely does not. Due to a flashback in season 4 involving a teenaged Toby and Alison, we assumed Marion committed suicide during her son's high school years. Obviously, such a straightforward explanation was too boring for Pretty Little Liars, so it was later revealed that a 10-year-old Bethany killed Marion and framed a young Charlotte. Taking into account that CeCe is seven-years-older than Alison, there is no way Marion could have been alive when Toby was a teenager!

#1: Charlotte DiLaurentis

CeCe's visitor pass and unlimited funds are just the tip of the iceberg. In this case, every new revelation only further cemented Charlotte as the queen of plot holes. Despite never attending Rosewood High, CeCe is somehow listed as the Prom Queen in the yearbook. CeCe was also allowed to attend college during her institutionalization on the condition that she returned to Radley after class; yet, Charlotte still had a roommate at UPenn. Oh, and Charlotte dated her biological cousin/adoptive brother under her CeCe alias. Apparently they never consummated the relationship, but still, that’s just gross.