Top 10 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done



Top 10 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done

VOICE OVER: Daniel Paradis WRITTEN BY: Thomas O'Connor
Written by Thomas O'Connor

Deadpool has been a hero and a villain in his day, but even at his best, he's still got a mean streak. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done.

For this list, we're looking at Deadpool's dirtiest deeds, the times when he gave in to his worst impulses to horrifying and occasionally funny results.

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Deadpool has been a hero and a villain in his day, but even at his best, he’s still got a mean streak. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done.

For this list, we’re looking at Deadpool’s dirtiest deeds, the times when he gave in to his worst impulses to horrifying and occasionally funny results.

#10: His Relationship with Hydra Bob

Being Deadpool’s friend, or anywhere near Deadpool for that matter, can be pretty hazardous, but nobody has it worse than this poor sap. Once a lowly agent of Hydra, Bob was forced into helping Deadpool out of a jam and has been his ally/punching bag ever since. Despite the fact that his friendship with Deadpool has gotten him shot, stranded at sea with a bad case of scurvy and countless other injuries, Bob has remained steadfast in his loyalty to his pal. But being Deadpool’s friend can’t be worth the amount of pain it puts poor Bob through, and Deadpool must realize that. If you really love him, Wade, let him go.

#9: He Stole an Iron Man Suit and Got Drunk

Tony Stark’s brutal battle with alcoholism is perhaps the character’s defining moment, the one demon he was able to overcome that makes all his battle with supervillains seem paltry by comparison. In his own special way, Deadpool even gave him a hand. After taking a job to try and keep Iron Man from getting sober, Deadpool knocked a recovering Tony out with a liquor bottle before stealing his suit and going on a drunken bender. After all, the deal was that he would get Iron Man to keep drinking, not Tony Stark. Wade, is there any way you could have done this without mocking Tony’s alcoholism and tarnishing his reputation?

#8: He Impaled Hulk to Steal His Blood

Without his legendary healing factor, Deadpool isn’t just a guy in a fancy red suit. Remember, that healing factor is all that keeps his terminal cancer in check. So when an exposure to gamma rays put his powers on the fritz, Deadpool needed a sample of The Hulk’s blood to get him back in good health. Or whatever passes for good health when you’re Deadpool. As you might expect, getting a blood sample from a giant green rage monster is easier said than done. After a few failed attempts at drawing blood with his swords, Deadpool got creative by impaling the Jade Giant on a broken street sign. Ouch.

#7: His Attack on Classic Literature

After an epic rampage through the Marvel Universe that we’ll get to a bit later, Deadpool continued his somewhat misguided quest to free himself and every other comic book character from what he saw as a pointless cycle of violence. On his to break the chain, Deadpool set his sights on the characters of classic literature, and thus began a quest to find the very building blocks of modern literature and dead ‘em up good. From Moby Dick to Sleepy Hollow, no one was safe. It got so bloody that his alternate reality double even tried, and failed, to end it.

#6: He Used his Own Child as Bait

If you’re surprised that Deadpool has a kid, just imagine how he felt. What should come as absolutely no surprise is that Deadpool isn’t as good at fatherhood as he is at murder and breaking the fourth wall. A prime example of his less than stellar parenting skills is when he used his own daughter Ellie as bait to lure the villainous MadCap to him. Deadpool’s solution: to put poor Ellie in the firing line. To his credit, it actually worked, as Quicksilver managed to get Ellie to safety right on time, but that doesn’t make it ok, and there’s frankly nothing that could.

#5: He Willingly Became a Herald of Galactus

To be a herald of the mighty world-eating being known as Galactus is to become an accessory to planetary-scale murder, so naturally, Deadpool would be all about that kinda gig. Short on cash and desperate for work, Deadpool answered a wanted ad that Galactus put online. While previous heralds like The Silver Surfer took the job in an effort to save their loved ones, Wade apparently liked the idea of presiding over the extinction of entire races. The entirety of the Marvel Universe should probably feel extremely lucky that Wade decided to go freelance relatively quickly.

#4: He Killed His Former Girlfriend

When you’re crazier than a bag of especially crazy snakes and look like a pizza that’s been left out in the sun, your options with the ladies are just a tiny bit limited. But it’s a testament to Deadpool’s charm and personality that he had a brief but memorable fling with a fiery tattoo artist named Anastasia. It’s also a testament to how much of a jerk he can be that he closed out their relationship by shooting her dead. Now to be fair, their relationship was fraught with double-crosses and back-stabbings, but the callous way that Deadpool iced the former apple of his eye was cold even for him.

#3: He Shot a Man In The Head For Liking the Star Wars Prequels

Let it never be said that Deadpool doesn’t put his foot down when it comes to his opinions on beloved sci-fi franchises. When this unsuspecting goon from the A.I.M. organization made the fatal error of voicing his appreciation for the prequel trilogy, Deadpool let his difference of opinion be known with a gunshot to the poor sap’s head. No argument, no friendly debate, just a “blam” and that was the end of that. Deadpool isn’t a stranger to shooting random Joes to get a point across; after all, this is the same guy who once shot an innocent civilian in the leg just to escape Daredevil.

#2: He Killed His Own Parents

Even before a super-soldier process turns your brain into swiss-cheese, you gotta have a pretty dark childhood to grow up into a guy like Deadpool. It’s no surprise at all that he’s got some unresolved issues with his parents. Or at least they were unresolved until Deadpool was mind-controlled into murdering them. Thanks to some mental tampering by a sinister figure known as The Butler, Deadpool was pushed over the edge and set his childhood home ablaze, killing his mother and father in the process. Deadpool’s origin has been re-written a few times, but we doubt it’ll ever get as dark as this the next time his backstory is re-told.

#1: He Killed the Entire Marvel Universe

When you title a comic series “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”, you pretty much lock yourself into a contract to deliver on that premise. This series does all that and more, delivering murder and mayhem as Deadpool ruthlessly dispatches his former allies and enemies alike after a newer, angrier voice in his head told him that it would be a good idea. In his quest, Deadpool killed Beast and wore him as a coat, turned Howard the Duck into a tasty meal, and even shot his BFF Spider-Man through the head. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he did it all over again just a few years later!