Top 10 YouTubers That Quit
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Top 10 YouTubers That Quit

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Sometimes, it's just better to walk away. From Kingsley, to RinryGameGame, to WasteTimeChasingCars, these YouTubers, for one reason or another, decided enough was enough. WatchMojo counts down 10 YouTubers that quit.

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Script written by Daniel Herbert

Top 10 YouTubers That Quit

Sometimes, it's just better to walk away. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 YouTubers That Quit.

For this list, we will be looking at YouTubers that decided, at some point in their career, to stop making content on the YouTube platform. This could be for controversial reasons, or just because they decided to do something new. Even if they later returned to YouTube, they’re still eligible for the list.

#10: Kingsley

As a creator of pop culture related vlogs and videos, Kingsley became fairly popular in the early days of YouTube – earning around 1 million views on every video that he uploaded. However, in 2014, Kingsley decided that making this content wasn't exactly something that he enjoyed anymore. He explained that the platform was becoming more of a business for certain people, and this caused him to take a break for a while. However, after years of inconsistent uploads, he finally returned to make videos regularly in 2017

#9: RinryGameGame

This was a smaller channel with a cult following, but it was still a notable departure from the site. Rinry produced content that focused on retro video games, many of which were overlooked or forgotten about completely. Unfortunately, due to not uploading anything since May of 2014, the same can be said for the channel itslef. It was announced shortly before vanishing that they had begun a partnership with classic gaming website: "Retroware". However, they seemed to fade away from that too. No notice of their departure was given, and there has been no sign of a return. This has led to many fans speculating about the cause of their disappearance.

#8: JeepersMedia/TheToyChannel

With one of YouTube’s more silly and interesting personalities during the late 2000s, Mike Mozart loved making videos that shared his thoughts on children's toys and games. His biggest series was the "Fail Toy Review", where he played around and shared his dislike for some very poorly designed toys. This was until 2012, when he decided to stop creating videos and instead continue his work as an artist. He has since sporadically uploaded a few videos here and there, most of which announced livestreams of the creation of his art. While many fans miss his toy reviews, it is clear that art is his passion.

#7: WasteTimeChasingCars

A creator of a variety of content, but mainly focused on comedy sketches, Mac Freeman just seemed to enjoy experimenting with different kinds of ideas. His most notable video was "Lightsabers are Fun!" which was viewed over 6 million times. This was a pretty big deal for the YouTube of 2008. He continued uploading comedy sketches to his channel until the fall of 2012 when his last video, "In My Mind" was uploaded. This was an entry for a music video competition, which indicated that maybe Mac had ambitions of making more serious content. Unfortunately, he left the site without a word after the release of that video.

#6: RedKeyMon

Grand Theft Auto is often the subject of online discussion, and many people even have channels that focus exclusively on the controversial game series. RedKeyMon was one of those channels, with videos that showcased cool stunts, short films and other things that revolved around GTA V. However, during the peak of the channel’s popularity, he disappeared without a word. This led numerous fans to speculate about the reason for his disappearance. Some said that he wanted to move on and do something else, while others say that he died in a bus crash. There isn't much evidence to back up the latter, though.

#5: MissHannahMinx

Obsessed with Japanese culture, she spent a lot of her time on YouTube cosplaying as anime characters and teaching her fans new words and phrases with her series “Japanese Word of the Week”. She also frequently talked about her love for anime and Japanese toys. However, Hannah mysteriously vanished from the platform in mid 2013, with her last video being a vlog from Comic-Con. Since she left without announcing anything, a lot of her fans produced conspiracy theories and compilations of evidence to figure out what she has been up to all of this time.

#4: KevJumba

A creator of many comedy sketches and vlogs on different topics. KevJumba was known for his deadpan delivery, hilarious tangents, and his awesome dad. Famous for his video "Nice Guys", a collaboration with fellow YouTuber nigahiga, KevJumba was one of the top creators on the platform. He was even popular enough to break into the movie business in 2014. However, everything was brought to a halt in 2015 due to a car accident. He has publicly discussed how badly this accident changed his life, and how the situation ruined his motivation to do anything. Luckily, Kev eventually returned to YouTube, and while he doesn’t post as often, it’s still good to have him back.

#3: FRED

If you were a pre-teen in the late 2000s, then there is no doubt that you'll remember this voice. FRED was a comedy channel run by Lucas Cruikshank before YouTube became the platform that it is today. The show had a very large following, so much so that Fred reached the “mainstream” media with the release of 3 separate movies, and appearances on TV shows like “iCarly”. However, as time went on, the show started to lose popularity, and by 2014 Lucas decided to stop making Fred episodes. After trying his hand at different series ideas and videos, Lucas left the channel to make content away from the Fred moniker.

#2: FPSRussia

This was a channel that was loved by millions but became overshadowed by controversies. Many tuned in to watch a man with an exaggerated Russian accent shoot a lot of different guns and watch stuff blow up. However, the channel went on a hiatus in 2013. There were many problems behind the scenes that are believed to have contributed to this, including the murder of a member of the production team. While the channel made a brief comeback, it didn’t last long, as Kyle Myers, the star of the videos, was arrested for possession of illegal substances in 2017.

#1: RayWilliamJohnson

Formerly the most subscribed channel on YouTube. RWJ was a powerhouse on the platform, mainly through his signature show: “Equals Three”. The show gained so much momentum that it seemed like it couldn't be stopped. However, as time went by, Ray decided that it was time to move on and try other things. At the same time, he also faced problems with his network, Maker Studios. Therefore, in 2014, he left the show. While he was replaced by a number of different hosts, most of them were met with extreme backlash from fans. Ray eventually returned to his channel, but stuck to vlogging instead of continuing “Equals Three”.
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