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Top 10 Actors We Want to See in the Star Wars Universe

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Miller
Script written by Nick Miller. Here’s hoping these actors are headed to a galaxy far, far away. Join as we count down the top 10 actors we want to see in the Star Wars universe. We’re looking only at actors and actresses who have yet to appear in Star Wars media in any significant way.

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Top 10 Actors We Want to See in the Star Wars Universe

Here’s hoping these actors are headed to a galaxy far, far away. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down the top 10 actors we want to see in the Star Wars universe.

We’re looking only at actors and actresses who have yet to appear in Star Wars media in any significant way.

#10: Sharlto Copley

South African actor Sharlto Copley has made a name for himself in recent years with credits in films such as “District 9,” “Chappie,” and “Maleficent.” The Cape Town native has shown he has an ability to disappear into roles and already carries some serious science fiction credibility. Copley’s motion capture work as Chappie leads us to believe he could deliver an authentic and memorable performance in the franchise. Copley possesses the range to play hero or villain, and the charisma to make a CGI character feel truly believable.

#9: Zazie Beetz

After breakout performances in “Deadpool 2” and the hit TV series “Atlanta,” Zazie Beetz is a star on the rise. Anti-heroes have served this franchise well before, and Beetz has the wit, charm, and general badass aura to make it work. Disney and Lucasfilm are in need of fresh faces to carry the “Star Wars” franchise forward, and with her background in both independent and blockbuster films, Beetz has shown she has the chops to deliver dramatic performances as well as big action and laughs; three things that any good “Star Wars” movie needs.

#8: Gina Rodriguez

As the title character and star of CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” Gina Rodriguez showed off her immense charm and magnetism. When she was then cast in this year’s sci-fi action thriller “Annihilation,” she showed off a whole different side; one we’re . . . a little bit scared of. With her acting pedigree, Rodriguez could easily pull off a character that exists somewhere between good and bad, which seemingly is where “Star Wars” seems to be headed these days. Plus, Rodriguez was nearly cast as Rose in “The Last Jedi,” meaning she is definitely on Lucasfilm’s radar.

#7: Carrie Coon

Though she’s not quite a household name yet, Carrie Coon is building a reputation for acting excellence, and you’ve almost definitely seen her in something. Most recently, Coon showed she can perform motion capture with the best of them when she appeared as the terrifying Proxima Midnight in “Avengers: Infinity War.” Coon also has an extensive background in dramatic roles, both on screen and stage, and has acknowledged in interviews to having spent time in high school playing Star Wars tabletop roleplaying games, giving her some major fan status. It’s a match made in space.

#6: Jesse Plemons

According to widespread rumors that he’s since denied, Jesse Plemons was strongly considered for stormtrooper-turned-resistance fighter Finn before the role eventually went to John Boyega.. Regardless, with his incredibly varied acting background in both film and TV, Plemons is a prime candidate for a meaty character role in an upcoming Star Wars film, or even the long-rumored live-action series for Disney’s upcoming streaming platform. Plemons has played all kinds of characters: sociopaths, wide-eyed innocents, bumbling fools and more, so there’s little doubt with all the “Star Wars content” in development that there isn’t at least one role Plemons could knock out of the park.

#5: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Though he did have a minor voice-only cameo in “The Last Jedi,” we believe Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a lot more potential to serve in a major role for a future film. As a longtime favorite of Rian Johnson, Gordon-Levitt is likely to be involved in the director’s upcoming trilogy set in the universe. The charismatic actor is a noted fan of the galaxy far, far away, even penning an online essay on the topic of Luke Skywalker’s character in “The Last Jedi.” The stars seem to be aligning for Gordon-Levitt to become a major onscreen player in the franchise’s future.

#4: Tatiana Maslany

This Canadian actress has built a name for herself with her incredible work on acclaimed series “Orphan Black,” where she played lead character Sarah Manning, along with dozens of clones, each with their own distinct traits and personality. With “Orphan Black” having ended, Maslany is on her way to further establishing her acting credibility, taking on more prominent roles in film and television. With her undeniable talent and the fact that she’d previously been considered for both the role of Jyn Erso in “Rogue One” and Rose Tico in “The Last Jedi,” it’s hard to believe Maslany won’t soon be featured in the “Star Wars” universe.

#3: Steven Yeun

During his time as fan-favorite Glenn Rhee on “The Walking Dead,” actor Steven Yeun won audiences over with his charm and believability. As one of the standout actors of that series, Yeun has gone on to noteworthy roles in films like “Okja” and cult horror flick “Mayhem.” Yeun’s performances showcase a future star, and what better franchise for the actor to make his mark on than “Star Wars”? With his experience performing with an ensemble cast, Yeun would fit right in working with Game of Thrones producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss on their upcoming Star Wars project.

#2: Rosario Dawson

A tried and true talent, Rosario Dawson has a track record of acting credibility that speaks for itself. She also happens to be a massive fan of the franchise and has actively campaigned on social media to be cast as the live action incarnation of “Clone Wars” fan-favorite Ahsoka. Whether or not she gets that role, Dawson has proved she has the ability to give action-oriented performances just as well as dramatic ones. Already a dedicated part of the Marvel’s Netflix series universe, Dawson has the talent, passion and reputation to deserve a spot in the franchise moving forward.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

Millie Bobby Brown

Daniel Kaluuya

Constance Wu

#1: Michael B. Jordan

One of the most talented young actors in Hollywood, Michael B. Jordan is a perfect fit for the “Star Wars” universe. After memorable turns in “The Wire” and “Friday Night Lights,” Jordan set his sights to film and has since become a highly-sought-after star. Though everyone can agree “Fantastic Four” was a misstep for all involved, Jordan has more than repaired the damage done with phenomenal performances in both “Creed” and “Black Panther.” With the main “Star Wars” series supposedly drawing to an end for awhile with “Episode IX”, Disney and Lucasfilm need a bonafide star to carry their franchise forward in a new direction, and Jordan is the perfect choice.

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