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Top 10 Underrated Ariana Grande Songs

Script written by Owen Maxwell These are the most underrated Ariana Grande Songs! For this list we're looking at Ariana's best tracks that just don't get enough love. We're basing our choices on songs outside of her singles that display the right mix of memorable hooks, touching lyrics and the personality that makes all of Grande's music iconic. Which songs do you find most underrated?

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Top 10 Underrated Ariana Grande Songs

These tracks are just as grand as ever. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Ariana Grande Songs.

For this list we're looking at Ariana's best tracks that just don't get enough love. We're basing our choices on songs outside of her singles that display the right mix of memorable hooks, touching lyrics and the personality that makes all of Grande's music iconic.

#10: "I Don't Care" (2016)
Dangerous Woman

While Ariana Grande took a more dark and unusual approach to her third album, 'I Don't Care' fell back on her soul roots. The song's blend of sultry guitar hooks and soft keyboard lines are equal parts stylish and relaxing to listen to. As Ariana sings about listening to her haters, she proves just how damaging words can be. Grande frees herself from the words of others however, and is laughing at her critics by the end of the song. The casual energy and explicit lyrics of 'I Don't Care' match its the emotional weight while keeping it personal to Ariana.

#9: "Daydreamin'" (2013)
Yours Truly

Though the romantic piano may sound a little cheesy, it all fits into the song's themes of idealistic love. In “Daydreamin'”, Grande begins fantasizing about her perfect lover, and starts thinking about how she wants to keep them close. Rather than avoiding clichés of love songs, Ariana brings in strings, bells and anything that oozes pure adoration. There's even some more bizarre production in later parts of the song to suggest something darker behind Grande's words. In case you doubt the realism of Ariana's vision of passion, the song closes on clips of her grandparents remembering how they fell in love.

#8: "My Everything" (2014)
My Everything

Just as Ariana Grande's sophomore record is ending, she captures the essence of heartache in 'My Everything.' Ari touches on how overcome she is with feelings for someone, while lamenting how far they've drifted apart. Grande also sings about trying to find her own strength after her breakup, and remains honest about her emotions. 'My Everything' is so close to Ariana's heart that she's even cried while performing it. The theatrical arrangements focus on Grande's vocals, which makes each chorus a goose bump-inducing moment. The music and performance come together powerfully, and end Ariana's album on an intimate high-note.

#7: "Touch It" (2016)
Dangerous Woman

Though 'Touch It' first appeared as a bonus track, it felt just as powerful as any of Ariana's biggest hits. The song's epic synth lines and electronic production give the track a dark atmosphere to match Grande's discontent. Her vocals detail a love that's been broken apart, and the feelings her partner gives her. Ariana also doubts why they even split, and starts to show hints of jealousy later in the song. The track’s epic sound was a perfect fit for the symphonic remix 'Touch It' received in 'Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.' Both versions are breathtaking, thanks to Grande's heartfelt performance.

#6: "Break Your Heart Right Back" feat. Childish Gambino (2014)
My Everything

While Ariana Grande spends more time in pop than rap, 'Break Your Heart Right Back' perfectly captures the spirit of hip-hop. The song cleverly reinterprets Biggie's 'Mo Money Mo Problems', with Ariana belting over Diana Ross samples. Ari plays the part of a burned lover, who wants to get back at her ex. Donald Glover offers to help her with her revenge, while he even mimics some of Biggie's rapping. Gambino also reveals Grande's ex left her for a man in the same poetic line about his Atlanta roots. With a fun energy and clever production, this collaboration was unique for Grande and Glover.

#5: "Moonlight" (2016)
Dangerous Woman

On 'Moonlight' Ariana sings to her lover withan old-school romanticism tied to the doo-wop sound behind the track. Grande's soft vocals and the lush strings get the song about as close to Mariah Carey as she's ever gotten. As Ariana poetically details how magical she and her partner make each other feel, she brings that same warmth to the recording. Grande almost named her whole album 'Moonlight' because she felt the song tied her older influences to her newer sound. This sound made it the perfect opener for 'Dangerous Woman', while also showing off her amazing vocal range.

#4: "Jason's Song (Gave It Away)" (2016)
Dangerous Woman

After working with Jason Robert Brown on '13: The Musical,' Ariana Grande wanted Brown to help write something inspired by musicals. Though it comes off as a bitter love song, the track is actually about Grande's struggle maintaining an artistic voice in the music industry. Jazzy piano and horns add a nice retro soul sound to the song, while Ariana's bouncy performance keeps it exciting and fresh. It's a shame 'Jason's Song' was only on certain editions of 'Dangerous Woman' because it displays pure raw talent.

#3: "Why Try" (2014)
My Everything

As Ariana reflects on a relationship that's turned sour, she realizes all her partner and her do is fight. However Grande somehow enjoys the confrontation, and still holds warm feelings towards her lover. Despite the sad subject matter, the song has a hopeful energy and uplifting harmonies. Along with the fiery drums, there's a great dance spirit to make the song accessible. This mix of positive and negative emotions keeps the track diverse and emotionally balanced. Though 'Why Try' was never released as a single, it has the same explosive choruses that make every Grande hit stand out.

#2: "Be My Baby" feat. Cashmere Cat (2014)
My Everything

Ariana beautifully taps into late '90s vocal pop on 'Be My Baby' with the right backing track to keep it modern. Norway's Cashmere Cat produced the track, lending his cool mix of guitars and weird synths to the song. Though Grande offers everything to her lover, she insists they have to earn it first. This honest lyricism makes many of the cheesier lyrics work, since Ariana clearly means everything she says. While the song boasts some catchy and nostalgic flavors, the unorthodox touches from Cashmere Cat set it apart from Grande's typically straightforward pop hits.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

"Knew Better/Forever Boy" (2016)

Dangerous Woman

"Tattooed Heart" (2013)

Yours Truly

"You Don't Know Me" (2014)

My Everything

#1: "Greedy" (2016)
Dangerous Woman

Right as disco came back in style, Ariana Grande had the perfect song to get people on the dance floor. While Grande offers up her usual adoring lyrics, she's more confident than ever on 'Greedy'. The track blends a funky groove with plenty of strings and upbeat brass horns. Ariana even includes breathy harmonies from classic disco, while also hitting some powerful chants of 'Greedy.' Though it was only an album cut, 'Greedy' is so catchy that it easily won over critics and fans alike. It didn't hurt that it was perfect for her live sets either.

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