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Top 10 Worst Things Nathan Drake Has Done

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Script written by Ty Richardson Wait... Uncharted's golden boy has been up to no good? It's more likely than you think! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Nathan Drake Has Ever Done! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Worst Things Nathan Drake Has Ever Done

Treasure hunter...or mass murderer?! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Nathan Drake Has Ever Done!

For this list, we’re recounting the horrible things Naughty Dog’s charismatic, wisecracking thief has ever done. Your smooth charm doesn’t fool us, pretty boy!!

#10: Lured a Dangerous Militia to an Innocent Tibetan Village

Nathan Drake has been close to death countless times. This time, thanks to the help of a man who takes him back to his village, Nate was spared an icy death. As Nate walks around a Tibetan village, he greets the locals, trying not to cause any trouble. Oh, wait, that’s right! He forgot he’s being hunted by militia who inevitably find him! Sorry for the deaths of your neighbors, guys! Nate was too busy jumping around in your ice temple while you his enemies burned down your homes. He could have warned them at the very least!

#9: Frequently Lied to his Wife

Drake’s not exactly the type to settle down, so when we catch-up with him at the start of “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” we know it won’t be long before he’s back to his old ways of adventuring, hunting treasure, and being a ruthless killer. As we quickly find out, he’ll even lie to his wife just for one more adventure, telling her he took a job in Malaysia when in reality, he’s helping his supposedly dead brother - who had recently broken out of jail - find a long-lost treasure. Oh, and did we mention Nate never told Elena about having a brother? Yeah, this did not sit well with her when she found out.

#8: Caused a Fire at a Manor in France

While exploring the ruins of a French chateau, Nate and Sully find they’ve been tracked down by Talbot, who lives them to be eaten alive by spiders. After escaping, the duo catch Talbot preparing to burn the place down in order to ensure their demise. We understand that Nate couldn’t have stopped this fire completely - unless, of course, he had shot the guards holding the gasoline and torches. Had he simply not done business with Talbot in the first place, none of this would have happened, and the building would still be standing. Speaking of which…

#7: Demolished a Pub in London

It’s only minutes into “Uncharted 3” before Nathan Drake and Sully begin trashing up the place. We see them enter a classy-looking bar, complete with a nice pool table and some stylish furniture. When the duo are almost screwed out of a bad business deal, they end up trashing the place in a big bar brawl. All of that lovely furniture is smashed to bits, the windows are shattered, and even part of the bathroom gets demolished. Couldn’t you guys have taken this outside?

#6: Broke Into the Istanbul Palace Museum

Of all the relics you could be going after, you chose a lamp? Yep, our wise-cracking hero has become a dirty criminal. Nate and Harry Flynn decide to break into the Istanbul Palace Museum, knocking out guards and injecting a few of them with tranquilizer darts. These guys are simply doing their jobs, and they’re doing it with very little protection. What could be so important for Nate and Flynn to steal? A Mongolian oil lamp, which they would immediately shatter. They did find a map to Shambhala, they just had to, you know, destroy a priceless artifact to do it.

#5: Destroyed the Tree of Life

Okay, we’ll admit that no one should possess the power that the Tree of Life holds. With sap that grants near-invincibility, the Tree of Life is basically the key to immortality. If only the resin wasn’t super explosive… However, instead of shooting the resin to kill Lazarevic, couldn’t he have just taken the fight away from the Tree of Life? Doing so could have prevented the destruction of Shambhala, and the resin could have been studied further! Well, all of Shambhala is lost now. Nice going, Nate...

#4: Sent an Innocent Guard Falling to His Death

As if trespassing and destroying property wasn't enough, the treasure hunter turned thief is also a cold-blooded killer. During his break-in at the museum, Nate begins climbing up a wall until Flynn notifies him of a guard approaching the edge. Instead of keeping quiet and playing it safe what does our alleged hero do? Yank his shirt and send him falling to a watery grave. Don’t forget, this is all so Nate and Flynn can shatter an oil lamp to find an ancient city that may not exist anymore. Death’s nothing new for Nate, as he’s mowed down pirates and mercenaries in the past… but this poor guard was just doing his job.

#3: Got Elena’s Cameraman Killed

After running into Elena and her cameraman, Jeff Wynis, Nate insists the two join him on his search for Shambhala. Nate, when will you learn to not put your friends in danger? Sure enough, a few chapters later, Jeff ends up wounded after getting shot in the stomach. After carrying him around town, Zoran brutally killed him in front of Elena and the gang. How is Elena supposed to explain this to her bosses? What about Jeff’s friends and family? “Sorry that Jeff died. We joined my ex-boyfriend in a thrilling adventure to find Shambhala and locate a criminal for NATO. No hard feelings!”

#2: Caused the Deaths of Thousands of People

You may not realize it when you're playing through his adventures, but Nathan Drake kills A LOT of people. How many exactly? In his four main adventures, he took out thousands of people on his way to riches! You could argue that Nate only kills the bad guys, and always in self-defense, but he seems to have no moral problem unloading rounds upon rounds on his fellow thieves. Yes, Nathan Drake is known for being a treasure hunter, and a damn good one at that, but he’s arguably even better suited for killing.

Before revealing our top pick, here are a few Dishonorable Mentions…

Sucking at Crash Bandicoot

Failing an E3 Demo

#1: Caused Multiple Ancient Structures to Collapse

The “Uncharted” series is filled with as many explosions and environmental destruction set-pieces as a Michael Bay movie. In his many encounters with shady bandits and dangerous militia, Nate has brought an end to many ancient structures throughout his adventures. We’ve seen collapsing bridges, ancient ruins demolished by explosives, an abandoned manor burned to the we need to go on? Weren’t there other ways of not causing such a catastrophe? Apparently not, or we wouldn’t be making this list, now would we? At least it's what made the adventures suspenseful...we suppose.

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