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Top 5 Creepiest Things About the Slender Man Myth

From creepypasta to modern day boogeyman. From his origins, to his appearance and powers, these facts will send shivers down your spine! WatchMojo counts down the Top 5 Creepiest Things About the Slender Man Myth.

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Script written by Nick Spake

Top 5 Creepiest Things About the Slender Man Myth

From creepypasta to modern day boogeyman. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Creepiest Things About the Slender Man Myth.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the various aspects of what makes the Slender Man so scary, in order to better understand how he has crept his way into popular culture and become an online horror icon.

#5: His Origins

Slender Man’s rise to popularity can be traced back to June 10, 2009 when Eric Knudsen, aka Victor Surge, entered a Photoshop competition on the Something Awful website forum. Knudsen posted two black-and-white photos of children being stalked by a mysterious figure dubbed Slender Man. Adding to the authenticity, thepost came complete with fabricated quotes from Slender Man’s alleged victims. It wasn’t long until Slender Man started making the rounds online, erupting as a viral sensation. While Knudsen is credited for creating Slender Man, numerous people have contributed to his mythology through fan art, videos, and so on. At least we can take comfort in knowing Slender Man doesn’t really exist… or does he?

#4: His Appearance & Powers

Slender Man’s appearance is so simple and yet SO sinister, typically depicted with a tall, thin physique, a white, faceless head, a dark suit, and tentacle-like arms that can snatch up his victims - who are usually children. Of course, Slender Man isn’t limited to this one look. Various sources claim that his face changes for anybody who sees it, inviting a wide range of horrifying possibilities. Adding to his menace, it’s been suggested that Slender Man’s powers include teleportation, invisibility, and mind-reading. In other words, he can strike anywhere in any form at any time, cranking up his creepiness. Whichever face he’s wearing, you wouldn’t want to encounter it in the woods.

#3: The Fate of His Victims

Sometimes the unknown is scarier than what’s right in front of you. Although Slender Man is one the most well-known figures in digital folklore, he still remains an ambiguous figure. His motives are an enigma, with some believing that he spreads terror and suffering simply for the thrill of it. Many of his victims are frightened to the brink of insanity, others simply disappear. Slender Man doesn’t leave any dead bodies or hard evidence behind; he could very well eat his victims or send them to another dimension for all we know. In any case, those unfortunate enough to come into contact with him will surely be left with a serious case of SlenderSickness.

#2: He Uses Human Proxies

What’s even more terrifying than a monster that commits unspeakable atrocities? How about a monster that carries out his acts of evil through others! It’s been frequently suggested that Slender Man uses proxies – both human and other entities – to execute physical harm, manipulate objects, and dispose of evidence. While it’s been debated exactly how much control Slender Man has over others, it’s widely believed that he strips individuals of virtually any free-will or personality, turning them into mindless puppets. Proxies are typically unaware that they’re being influenced by Slender Man and will meet a dismal end once their usefulness runs out.

#1: He’s Been Blamed for Real-Life Stabbings

Even if Slender Man is fictional, the impact he’s had is all too real. He’s even inspired real life crimes, most notably a stabbing that occurred on May 31, 2014 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, two twelve-year-old girls, reportedly stabbed classmate Payton Leutner 19 times in hopes of getting SlenderMan’s attention. Leutner fortunately survived the attack while Weier and Geyser were committed to mental institutions. This crime would motivate a thirteen-year-old in Cincinnati, Ohio to attack her mother with a knife. After the attack, the mother told the media that her daughter was similarly obsessed with Slender Man. Myth or not… this Creepypasta has made its way into the real world.


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