Top 10 Biggest Changes In Super Smash Bros Ultimate



Top 10 Biggest Changes In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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Since it was revealed, everyone has been talking about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its insane roster of characters. Everyone of our favorite fighters is back, with a few new additions, in this all-out slug fest between Nintendo's beloved stars. The big question on everyone's mind, however, is what's new and what are the biggest changes to happen in Ultimate? Welcome to, and today we'll be counting down the Top 10 Biggest Changes In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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Top 10 Biggest Changes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This game is shaping up to be the ultimate Smash Bros package! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Biggest Changes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

For this list, we’re taking a look at some of the most exciting new features that’ll spice up our fights in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”. From the looks of it, director Masahiro Sakurai has been hard at work!

#10: Stage Select Comes First

Previously, “Smash Bros” would have players choose their fighters first and select stages second. “Ultimate” will be reversing the order, and while this doesn’t seem like a crucial change, it actually is. Any professional tournament player will tell you that certain characters are more formidable on specific stages. By reversing changing the setup, players can select their fighters with a more tactical mind. Things may get a little more tricky if you and your friends decide to use the new Stage Morph feature!

#9: Dash Cancelling

In a game like “Smash Bros”, your movement is everything. Whether you’re racing after an item or running from an opponent, you’ll need some good defense tactics. “Ultimate” plans to adopt a technique from the “Smash Bros” eSports scene known as “dash cancelling”. This maneuver will allow players to execute a Smash Attack while dashing, which causes your movement to cancel. It may not be exactly like the other “Smash Bros” games, but this could make some professional “Smash” players feel right at home. Plus, newcomers might be interested in learning how to use this to their advantage.

#8: Who’s in the Lead

Given how chaotic a game of “Smash Bros” can get, it can be easy to lose track of who is winning. This hasn’t been much of a notable problem to some players, but Sakurai is fixing it anyways! As the match progresses, you may see a yellow flash on you or one of your buddies. This indicates which player is in the lead, which may cause unofficial truces to form. So, if the golden glimmer flashes on you, don't be surprised if everyone suddenly has a vendetta against you.

#7: Perfect Shield

Shields are more crucial than ever in “Smash Bros”. On top of dash cancelling and a few other techniques we’ll get to shortly, “Ultimate” will incorporate a new mechanic in blocking. Rather than holding down the block button and hope your shield doesn’t break, you might be eager to use the “Perfect Shield” maneuver. By timing your block just right, you’ll interrupt your opponent’s attacks, causing them to freeze for a split-second. This will allow you to land a devastating Smash attack or start a string of combos of your own. Better know how to use this if you want to compete in tournaments!

#6: In-Character Features

Much like every other new iteration of a fighting game, “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” may require you to relearn characters and develop new strategies. Multiple characters will be incorporating special features that could benefit to your playstyle. Shulk has an easier method of switching between Monado Arts. Inklings display a meter next to their portrait to help players manage their tank. Robin has gauges that measure how many times players can use spells. These are just a few examples of in-character features, and we’re sure there will be plenty more.

#5: Air Dashes & Short Hops

Jumping may prove to be more significant in “Smash Bros Ultimate” thanks to the inclusion of more “Melee” techniques. On top of dash cancelling and perfect shields, “Ultimate” will include short-hopping and air dashes. Short-hopping lets players quickly pull off air attacks, which can grant an edge for certain fighters. Air dashes add to your recovery when being launched, letting you close the gap between you and a ledge or preventing your character from getting caught in a combo. These might take some time to master, but it’s cool to see “Ultimate” incorporating more techniques we’ve seen in professional “Smash Bros” tournaments.

#4: Battlefield & Omega Stages

“Smash Bros for Wii U” marked the first time in the series where players could access Final Destination versions of their favorite stages, dubbed the “Omega” stages. In “Smash Bros Ultimate”, this nifty feature will be receiving an additional option. Not only will you be able to play the Omega versions of any stage, but every stage will have its own Battlefield version, as well. According to the “Smash Bros Ultimate” Direct in August 2018, this means the game is packed with a little over three-hundred stages! Looks like everyone will have their stage preferences catered to their needs!

#3: Quicker 1v1 Matches

Duels are great and all, but sometimes, they can drag on for what feels like hours. This may not apply to tournaments, but even so, some of us feel like the pace needs to be quicker. Thankfully, Sakurai is addressing this by making a slight adjustment. This time around, 1v1 matches will have damage ratios and launch power increased. Not only does this avoid extensive games, but it also raises the stakes and heats things up. Another cool addition is that when a player falls, the game will quickly display the scoreboard. This will certainly make tournaments interesting to watch!

#2: Boss Characters

While we’re still not sure how this feature works, its safe to assume that they’ll be a massive new addition. We do know that Boss Characters can either appear as single player battles of some form, or they can appear as an assist trophy. Bosses as a whole aren’t new to Smash, as ‘Brawl’s’ Single Player featured battles against the likes of Petey Piranha, Rayquaza, and Ridley just to name a few, with the latter now being a playable character in Ultimate. So far we know that Dracula from Castlevania and Rathalos from the Monster Hunter will appear as bosses, let us know who you think will also make the cut.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…

New Dodging Mechanics

Link’s New Appearance

Kirby Absorbs Everything


Since it’s official reveal at E3 2018, “Smash Bros Ultimate” has clearly thrown out the rulebook, especially after displaying the message, “Everyone is here!” That’s no joke! Literally, everyone is here! Anyone who has been a playable fighter in a “Smash Bros” game is here, and the party doesn’t stop there. Many other characters, both from Nintendo and third-party studios, will be making appearances throughout the game, whether they’re playable characters or assist trophies. Combine all that with new additions such as Ridley, The Inklings, Simon & Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series and King K. Rool and “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” will, indeed, be the most ambitious crossover event in history!