Top 10 Glee Plot Holes You Never Noticed
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Top 10 Glee Plot Holes You Never Noticed

Ever wonder what happened to a specific storyline? Us too! For this list, we'll be looking at ten plot holes and inconsistencies found throughout “Glee's” six seasons. For the purposes of this list, we'll be including plot holes, story inconsistencies, and contradictions regarding character personalities and motivations. For instance, ever wondered by the Glee Club is so popular? In A Night of Neglect, the club encounters great resistance when trying to round up people to attend their benefits concert. However, back in the first season, they managed to secure a full house for their fall invitational. But it's not just inconsistencies in audience numbers. Reactions to the club dramatically vary as well. Sometimes the club receives cheers and ovations after performing, both onstage and off. Other times, they are relentlessly heckled or met with great indifference from the students. It's almost as if it depends entirely on what that episode's specific story entails!