Top 10 Stinking Rich Anime Characters



Top 10 Stinking Rich Anime Characters

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Scott Stratton
It's Time to Whop Your Wad on the counter! Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Stinking Rich Anime characters.

For this list, we'll be looking at characters whose bank accounts make us green with envy. These characters are not just rich but overwhelmingly wealthy and could probably not work a day in their life.
Top 10 Stinking Rich Anime Characters
It’s Time to Whop Your Wad on the counter! Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Stinking Rich Anime characters.

For this list, we’ll be looking at characters whose bank accounts make us green with envy. These characters are not just rich but overwhelmingly wealthy and could probably not work a day in their life.

#10: Ciel Phantomhive

“Black Butler” (2008-10)

Being on the payroll of a royal family can do wonders for your financial health, but it also comes with some hefty responsibility. The thirteen-year old Ciel is the current head of the Phantomhive family, a notorious house that serves the British royal family by taking down anyone who threatens the Queen, and also covering up her rather shady ways of delivering justice. Though even with the pressure of being the royal family’s watchdog, he still has a smug attitude. It’s just unfortunate that he’s so used to a luxurious life that he can’t even dress himself without his loyal butler.

#9: Selnia Iori Flameheart

“Ladies Versus Butlers” (2010)

As a daughter of the Flameheart family, Selnia has the wealth that matches her over-the-top hairstyle. She is extremely proud of her family’s status and as a result possesses one of the classic traits we see in rich characters; a spoiled attitude. This is demonstrated with her very first encounter with series protagonist, Akiharu, a new butler who she mistakes for a delinquent and proceeds to elegantly give him a piece of her mind. However her spoiled, hot-headed attitude begins to crack as the series goes on and we get a glimpse of the waifu material underneath the façade. D’aww.

#8: Roger Smith

“The Big O” (1999-2000)

Life must be great when not only do you have your own mansion and butler, but also your own goddamn, giant robot. Roger Smith is the guy you go to if you want negotiations done right in Paradigm City, and he’s definitely not Bruce Wayne, where the hell did you hear that? He is the epitome of professional and expects those he negotiates with to act accordingly. However, if things don’t go as planned then he relies on his luxury sedan to get him out of trouble fast. And if things get REALLY bad he calls on his secret weapon, the overwhelmingly powerful Big O, a megadeus that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Some guys have it all, eh?

#7: Kaneo Takarada

“Kill la Kill” (2013-14)

Nothing says “arrogant” like having your face plastered all over your own currency. The Takarada heir clashed with Satsuki’s crew in Osaka, flaunting his wallet all the while - and boy does this guy love cash. His main method of attack is to literally throw bills, called Takarada Bucks, at the local populace to goad them into fighting for him even if the money is only good in the city they are actively destroying… Surprisingly, he’s not all bad as he does help out Nudist Beach by using his entire fortune to build their prized battleship, the Naked Sol.

#6: Robert E. O. Speedwagon

“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” (2012-13)

Speedwagon is the perfect example of rags to riches. Coming from a rough childhood on Ogre Street where he stole just to eat, his resourcefulness helped him strike it rich in the oil industry after meeting the gold-hearted Jonathan Joestar. Thanks to this lucky break, he created the Speedwagon Foundation, an organization that both helps conserve the environment and research new technology for the medical industry, which is about as noble as you can get for a company. The company philosophy matches his loyal personality and he draws on every resource he can to help out the Joestars in their fight against Dio. Bless his cotton socks.

#5: Gild Tesoro

“One Piece Film: Gold” (2016)

Tesoro is the…darker side of a rags-to-riches story…with a bit of irony thrown in. As the owner of Gran Tesoro, the largest entertainment ship, this guy is so rich that he can afford to spray everyone who enters his ship with gold dust. However the reason he does this is far more sinister than you might expect. See, Tesoro loves gold so much that he can manipulate it at will. So if anyone offends him in any way, even just by laughing without his permission, he can turn them into a golden statue with a snap of his fingers. Now that’s the power of wealth.

#4: Saiko Metori

“The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” (2016-)

Rich teenagers can be some of the worst when it comes to showing off. Like many characters on this list, Metori was fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he has no problem constantly reminding everyone in his class of it either. Showing up to school with his own personal chef, and walking around with bodyguards are just a few of the many ways he likes to flex. Whatever lines there are to cross with his dosh, this guy will not hesitate do so, often making outrageous efforts just to antagonize his fellow classmates.

#3: Gilgamesh

“Fate/Zero” (2011-12)

There are very few characters who can match the King of Heroes’ level of wealth and even fewer who can contend with his unbelievably smug attitude. He differs from others on this list because it’s not so much that he has a ton of cash but rather that he has access to vast treasure vault thanks to his noble phantasm, Gate of Babylon. He possesses everything from legendary weapons to the finest wine that he can call forth at anytime. He even has a golden airship to match his gold armour making him quite possibly the showiest character in all of anime. But money can’t buy you Saber, Sorry, Gilgamesh.

#2: Seto Kaiba

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (2000-04)

We’ve all blown our allowances on cards trying to get that rare one we want so bad… but this guy takes it to a new level. Seto Kaiba is the head of Kaiba Corporation, an ex-weapons manufacturer turned gaming company which is responsible for the hologram technology used in the series card game. Naturally, this means that Kaiba’s bank account is pretty hefty, so much so that he offers to buy the Blue Eyes White Dragon card from Yugi’s grandfather for any price he asks for. He may be a smug jerk on the outside but when his brother is kidnapped by Pegasus, he goes all out to get him back…also he has a blue eyes white dragon jet.

#1: Bulma

“Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

The world in the Dragon Ball series practically runs on Capsule Corporation’s technology. They’re responsible for creating small capsules that can contain anything from cars to furniture in them, making life incredible convenient. Bulma is the daughter of Dr. Brief, the man who built Capsule Corp from the ground up, and of course being a part of such an influential company comes with a pretty nice pay cheque. However, Bulma thankfully lacks the arrogance that typically comes with being rich, and instead shares her father’s love for inventions, creating many of the gadgets used by the Z-Fighters such as the infinitely useful Dragon Radar. Fortunately, the Briefs family will never need to hire protection for their wealth…since Bulma’s hubby is the prince of all bloody saiyans.