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Top 10 Creepy Celebrity Ghost Encounters

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Thomas O'Connor

Maybe the ghosts were just hoping to get an autograph? For this spooky list, we’re looking at actors, musicians, and other celebs who claim to have had encounters with the paranormal, including Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Cher. WatchMojo is counting down the creepiest celebrity ghost stories.

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Script written by Thomas O'Connor

Top 10 Celebs Who Have Had Creepy Ghost Encounters

Maybe the ghosts were just hoping to get an autograph? Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Celebs Who Have Had Actual Ghost Encounters.

For this spooky list, we’re looking at actors, musicians, and other celebs who claim to have had encounters with the paranormal. Whether you believe their accounts or not, they certainly make for some interesting stories.

#10: Jessica Alba

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the former Dark Angel described a terrifying encounter she had at the tender age of 17. She recalled waking up in the night to find herself held down by an unseen force, unable to move or call for help. Eventually, the future actress was able to regain control of her body and make a break for it. We’d be willing to chalk this one up to a case of sleep paralysis, but years later Alba took a selfie only to see the specter of a black-eyed figure looming in the background, so maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss her story!

#9: Miley Cyrus

While touring in Europe, Hannah Montana herself had a series of spooky encounters in a flat just across the street from the Harrods department store in London. While using the apartment as her home on tour, Cyrus reports to have seen the specter of a small boy sitting on the sink while she was in the shower. Her little sister even had an encounter of her own when the water from the shower suddenly turned blazing hot with no explanation. After Cyrus’s family, including boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, apparently had some scares themselves, the family packed up and moved to the less haunted Soho Hotel. A good apartment really is hard to find.

#8: Emma Stone

The star of “Birdman,” “Easy A,” and “La La Land” claims to have her own spiritual follower, but one much less frightening than some of the others on our list. While promoting her 2014 movie “Magic in the Moonlight,” which deals with the supernatural, Stone told David Letterman that the spirit of her dead grandfather has a tendency to leave quarters around. How does she know it’s her grandpa? Because, in her own words, her family has a long history with quarters. We’re not sure what exactly that means, but we wouldn’t say no to a ghostly family member leaving us with some extra pocket change either.

#7: Selena Gomez

This story sounds straight out of a horror movie. Back in 2011, Selena Gomez told Z100 that she her house is haunted by a little girl in a white dress. She described 3 separate encounters with the spectral being, each of which sounded more terrifying than the last. While many supposed ghost encounters can be chalked up to all being in the person’s head, the pop sensation says that two other people, her mother and her ex-boyfriend, also claimed to have seen a figure dressed in white in her house. How spooky is that?

#6: Cher

Sonny Bono and this world-famous singer and actress were married for over a decade, a union that saw them rise to the top of the charts as music sensations thanks to hits like “I Got You Babe.” The pair divorced in 1975 and Bono tragically died following a skiing accident in 1998, but the former Mrs. Bono claims that her longtime partner is still by her side. According to her, Bono’s spirit resides in her house and occasionally plays with the lights on her classy chandelier. She doesn’t believe the spirit means her any harm or ill will, and she doesn’t mind the ghostly presence at all.

#5: Lady Gaga

Any celebrity will tell you that a persistent fan or stalker is pretty much a nightmare scenario when you’re in showbiz, but this takes that scary situation to a whole new level. According to an alleged report quoting a member of the singer’s touring group, Gaga was being followed by a ghost named Ryan, who’d follow her no matter where she goes on tour. There are further rumors that she spent a staggering thirty-thousand pounds on an Electromagnetic Field meter; a machine that can detect the presence of spirits and other entities. Maybe that ghost-finding app used by Selena Gomez would be a cheaper solution?

#4: Laura Linney

Broadway’s Belasco Theatre is one of the oldest playhouses in New York’s esteemed theatre district, having first opened back in 1907. It’s been long claimed that the austere theatre is haunted, perhaps by the spirit of its namesake David Belasco, and that it’s common to see ghost visions during dress rehearsals. The star of “The Big C”, Laura Linney, claims that during rehearsals for a production in 1998, she saw the figure of a woman in a blue dress watching the rehearsals from the balcony, and that it vanished when she briefly looked away. The theatre manager later said this isn’t the first time such a figure has been sighted.

#3: Keanu Reeves

By all accounts, the star of “The Matrix” and “John Wick” is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, despite what some of his onscreen personas would have you believe. Talking with Jimmy Kimmel, the action star excitedly recounted his own brief encounter with the paranormal from when he was a young child. According to the “Bill & Ted” star, an empty jacket floated into the room when he was in bed, giving a fright to his nanny. In typical fashion, though, the future star took it in stride. The apparition vanished as soon as it appeared, probably because it realized it was messing with a future action movie badass.

#2: Carrie Fisher

In February of 2005, Republican media advisor R. Gregory Stevens was found dead at the home of the late, great actress. The two had been longtime friends, and Stevens apparently passed away while sleeping in the former Princess Leia’s guest bedroom. But according to the actress, the spirit of her friend stuck around, causing lights to go on and off and triggering a profanity-spewing toy kept in her closet. The spirit allegedly drove her nuts, and from the sound of things we can’t say we blame her. Despite her many ups and downs, it can’t be argued that the princess lived a very spirited life.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are some honorable mentions.


Demi Lovato

Matthew McConaughey

#1: Oprah Winfrey

And speaking of charmed lives, this cultural icon is no slouch either thanks to her legendary career in television and film. In 2015, the actress and TV personality shared a particularly spooky encounter when Akosua Busia, her co-star from the 1985 film “The Color Purple,” was staying in her home in Chicago. After waking up in the middle of the night, she saw an apparition move across the room and vanish into the wall. The morning after, Busia claims that she had been trying to get the unwanted spirit out of her room and finally pushed it under the door... and right into her host’s bedroom!

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