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Top 10 Funniest Loose Women Moments

VO: Karen Young WRITTEN BY: Marc Turner
These women sure are good for a laugh. Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 funniest moments on “Loose Women”. For this list we’re looking at the most hilarious and outrageous moments to take place on ITV’s popular daytime panel show. Special thanks to our user - Aspie Kid - for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Funniest Loose Women Moments

These women sure are good for a laugh. Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 funniest moments on “Loose Women”.

For this list we’re looking at the most hilarious and outrageous moments to take place on ITV’s popular daytime panel show.

#10: John Barrowman Drops By

Barrowman is a regular on this show, once memorably demonstrating how hard it is to walk in high heels. But, for this list, we’ve gone for a classic clip from 2005, and a moment that regularly crops up as one of the popular interviews from the show. Having relentlessly flirted with John in a previous episode, Coleen Nolan makes a surprise entrance during his second appearance. And whilst Barrowman does his best to plug his role on the “Doctor Who” spin-off “Torchwood”, the attention of the panellists quickly becomes too much.

#9: Jimmy Carr

If Jimmy Carr was nervous about joining the “Loose Women” on set, imagine how he felt after being introduced with this clip.The show has hosted many comedy greats, but Carr’s appearance stands out for the typical banter he shares with the panellists. On the show to promote his latest DVD, he discusses holiday plans and losing weight, while never passing up the chance for a good-humoured dig at his hosts. There’s even time for the odd innuendo as Carr discusses the effect of bad weather on his touring schedule.

#8: The Baywatch Spoof

In 2017, Denise Welch celebrated Pamela Anderson being on the show by taking part in this parody of the “Baywatch” opening credits. A year later, the “Loose Women” team take things a step further in a video jokingly titled “Mumwatch”. During a summer retreat in Ibiza, the panellists recreate the notorious “Baywatch” slow-motion beach run. They then showcase their dubious life-guarding skills by making a few sandcastles and failing to help a drowning swimmer because the water is too cold. Don’t give up the day jobs, ladies.

#7: Sex Tips

The talk on “Loose Women” often turns to risqué matters, and in this clip the panel are discussing where they go to for sex tips. With the subject matter bordering on inappropriate for an early-afternoon audience, the panellists go to hilarious lengths to talk in a not-so-veiled code. Though Coleen for one seems surprised by her companions’ reticence. And as the conversation strays into ever more dangerous territory, the producers are forced to intervene to rein things back. Time to move to a post-watershed slot, perhaps?

#6: Johnny Vegas

Another guest star comedian, and this time it’s the turn of Lancashire’s own, Johnny Vegas. Vegas actually helps to present parts of the show, first appearing as a security guard protecting the prize money for a competition. Later, whilst discussing the filming of sitcom “Benidorm”, the comic reveals how he was forced to get around after breaking his foot. And he demonstrates his typically self-deprecating humour as the talks about what would happen if he wore skimpy swimwear on a beach. Thanks for the mental image, Johnny.

#5: Film Titles

This popular moment from the show followed a game on “Celebrity Big Brother” in which housemates had to describe their sex lives using film titles. If you thought the BB efforts were good, though, just wait until you hear Kaye Adams’ idea for “Loose Women”. The other panellists aren’t holding back either, with Linda Robson suggesting “Groundhog Day” before viewers get their chance to chip in, too. But the lewdest title is yet to come, as “Dancing on Ice” judge Jason Gardiner has his say. Too much information, everyone.

#4: Twitter Insults

In 2016, after a newspaper columnist described Kim Kardashian as a “grubby trollop”, the talk on “Loose Women” turned to online insults. Before long, the panellists are sharing with each other the rudest messages they have received on Twitter, though clearly they’re able to laugh at them. In fact, they turn the attempted putdowns into pure comedy. In the case of Janet Street-Porter, the suggestion from the rest of the panel is that it might be difficult to choose just one. But the harshest and most colourful insult is undoubtedly one directed at Sherrie Hewson. Ouch.

#3: Ayda’s Fake Orgasms

Another risqué topic for this pick, as X-Factor judge Ayda Field reveals she sometimes fakes orgasms while thinking about distractions such as everyone’s favourite jungle-based reality show, “I’m A Celebrity”. Not knowing that husband Robbie is in the studio watching on, she’s left red-faced when he comes out to comically confront her. Fortunately, Robbie sees the funny side, and even has a quip ready when he is asked if he ever fakes it himself. And with Ayda still blushing, it’s left to host Andrea McLean to have the final word.

#2: Janet Street-Porter Gets Hitched

Janet Street-Porter has been married and divorced four times, so you might’ve thought she wouldn’t want to tie the knot again – on national tele, no less. But in a move sure to disappoint all the potential suitors out there, she bizarrely chose in 2017 to marry … herself. And, if that wasn’t strange enough, the ceremony is conducted by former footballer Frank Lampard because … Well, actually we’re not sure why, but Janet doesn’t seem too concerned as she gazes at her future spouse in the mirror. It’s love at first sight.

#1: Peter André’s Contractions

With wife Emily MacDonagh pregnant with their second child, André decided in 2016 to share the experience of giving birth with her. And it makes for “Loose Women” gold. Having first worn a baby bump for 24 hours, he’s then connected to a machine that uses electrical currents to imitate labour contractions. And the effects are seemingly much more realistic than he was expecting, with Peter comparing the pain to being hit by a sledgehammer. But, before you feel any sympathy for him, take a long moment to laugh very hard. Everyone in the studio certainly is.

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