Top 10 Moments from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2



Top 10 Moments from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2

VOICE OVER: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Hannah Collins
Goodbye, season 1 filter! For this list, we'll be choosing the best and most memorable moments from “Drag Race”'s second season. This won't include anything from from “Untucked” however, as those moments deserve a list to themselves. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Moments From Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

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Script written by Hannah Collins

Top 10 Moments From Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Good-bye, season 1 filter! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race.
For this list, we’ll be choosing the best and most memorable moments from “Drag Race”’s second season. This won’t include anything from from “Untucked” however, as those moments deserve a list to themselves. Also, if you haven’t watched this season of the show yet, beware of major spoilers from here on out!

#10: Pandora Boxx’s Early Exit

“Golden Gals”
Campy, glamorous and creative, Pandora Boxx was a true triple threat. She quickly became a favorite among viewers, but not so much with the judges. Though they gave her high praise week after week, Pandora never quite made it over the finish line to scoop a main challenge win. She became understandably frustrated, as did her fans, and gained a reputation as the most underappreciated queen of the season. To make things worse, she ended up leaving the show in the eighth episode after landing in the Bottom 2 for the first time. Considered the frontrunner for the crown, her early exit - at the hands of the deadly Jujubee - was, and still is, hugely controversial.

#9: The First Ever “Snatch Game”

“The Snatch Game”
It’s hard to imagine any season of “Drag Race” without the iconic “Snatch Game” challenge, but fans of the show’s first season actually had to make do without it. Season 2 was the first to introduce the drag twist on the classic “Match Game” and it became an instant favorite. Like any season, the episode offered a mixed bag of performances from Pandora Boxx’s rock solid Carol Channing to Morgan McMichaels’ rocky Pink. Tyra Sanchez said she was doing Beyoncé, but just ended up doing Tyra in a bad Beyoncé wig. Although Tatianna’s spookily accurate Britney Spears deservedly scooped the first “Snatch Game” win, Jessica Wild’s harebrained RuPaul impersonation was perhaps the most memorable.

#8: The “2 Of Hearts” Lip Sync

“The Snatch Game”
After Morgan’s Pink and Sonique’s Lady Gaga impressions flattened in the “Snatch Game,” both queens found themselves competing for survival in the Lip Sync For Your Life. The song was “2 of Hearts” - an ‘80s camp classic from singer Stacey Q, and the two performances couldn’t have been more different. While Sonique chose to showcase the flexibility and strength of her body, Morgan kept the focus solely on her mouth, and she didn’t miss a single word. This was noted by an impressed RuPaul, who complimented Morgan for having the “tightest” lip sync on the show yet, and Sonique for “working every inch of that stage.” In the end, Morgan lived to drag another day.

#7: RuPaul Slaps the Final Three

“Music Video Finale”
Every final challenge on a season of “Drag Race” tests the remaining contestants like never before. For the Top 3 of Season 2, this meant the honor of getting beaten around by mother Ru, over and over again - all in the name of comedy. (Talk about putting the “slap” in slapstick…) The challenge required Raven, Jujubee and Tyra to dance and act in RuPaul’s music video for “Jealous of my Boogie.”When it came to Tyra’s turn to get fake slapped by Ru, director Mathu Anderson told her to look “hurt,” which Tyra totally misheard and asked him, “how hood?” But, Ru actually enjoyed this mix-up and suggested they use it.

#6: Sonique Reveals She’s Transgender

Sonique didn’t have the easiest ride during her time in the competition. Though she came alive in her Lip Sync For Your Life performance against Morgan, for the most part, she was much more reserved than her fellow Season 2 queens, and seemed to be holding a lot back. We had to wait until the “Reunion” episode to find out the truth. Sonique emotionally confessed that she identified as a trans woman, and was “unhappy” as a drag queen. At 2017’s DragCon, she added that she’d been forced to pause her transition process to qualify for “Drag Race.” Her bad mood was an unwanted side effect of coming off of her hormone treatment.

#5: The “Black Velvet” Lip Sync

“Rocker Chicks”
When it came to lip sync battles in Season 2, Jujubee took no prisoners. After she and Sahara Davenport failed to rock the judges’ worlds in the “Rocker Chick” challenge (as we’ll see), they got a second chance lip syncing against each other to power ballad, “Black Velvet.” Sahara relied on her background in ballet to pirouette her way around the main stage while Jujubee gave us pure sensuality. Unfortunately for Sahara her classical dance training didn’t match the tone of the song as much as Jujubee’s seductive performance did. Juju continued to lip sync on this season and returned for more in the first season of “All Stars,” cementing her reputation as a lip sync assassin.

#4: Everyone Turns on Tyra Sanchez

“Here Comes the Bride”
How do we put this delicately? Tyra Sanchez was kind of… bratty on her season of “Drag Race.” Sure, her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent were on fire the whole time, and her hope to use the title and prize money to make a better life for herself and her son was noble. But she certainly didn’t view the show as RuPaul’s “best friends race.” In the “Here Comes the Bride” episode, her loud singing pushed the other girls over the edge in the Werkroom, and, when prompted by Ru, they let her have it on the main stage: Despite accusations of being two-faced and strategically annoying, Tyra still bagged another win that week.

#3: The Library is Open

"Once Upon a Queen"
The reading challenge is pretty much a staple in RuPaul’s Drag Race and it’s one the funniest segments on the show. The now iconic reading challenge was born in Season 2 therefore the queens didn’t come fully prepared, as clearly exemplified by Jessica Wild’s hilarious attempt This of course gave Raven plenty of material to talk trash about her rival: When it was Raven’s turn to read, she of course read Tati to filth. Tyra surprised us all when she sailed through the challenge. Of course the title of reading assassin ultimately went to Jujubee. She not only threw shade but cast shadows.

#2: Raven vs. Tatianna

Raven made no secret of any of her true feelings towards her competitors. Early on, she was particularly unforgiving towards Nicole Paige Brooks, who she never saw as a real threat. After Nicole’s elimination, Raven directed most of her remaining venom towards Tatianna, or as she would call it: her “honest opinions.” Though she and Tatianna openly didn’t see eye to eye throughout the season, tensions rose dramatically during the reunion episode when Ru played a tape of all of Raven’s “honesty” about Tatianna that she’d told producers in her interviews. This erupted into a heated fight in which Tatianna told Raven that though she was “beautiful,” her “insides” were “dark and nasty.”
The “Gone with the Window” Challenge
“Gone with the Window”

Sahara Davenport’s Ballet Skills

The Cherry Pie Gift Certificate Challenge

#1: Tyra Sanchez’s Winner Meltdown

“Music Video Finale”
After a tightly contested race, it all came down to Raven and Tyra Sanchez - the last queens standing by the end of “Drag Race”’s second season. Though Tyra had a far better record than Raven - 3 main challenge wins and never having to lip sync for her life - her fellow contestants found her personality left a lot to be desired. But judging from Tyra’s extreme response to being crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar, no one could accuse her of not wanting it enough. Her emotional and physical collapse had even Raven spooked, and caused Ru to call for medical assistance.(Oops we mean water and a paper bag to breathe in) Tyra eventually managed to compose herself enough to do her victory lap.