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Top 10 Most Messed Up Quests in RPGs

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
These quests are so messed up it's a wonder that this video is allowed to exist! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 most f*cked up quests in RPGs. Expect some of the top titles in RPG's such as Fallout, Skyrim, Mass Effect, and The Witcher.

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Top 10 Most F*cked Up Quests in RPGs

Did they really put that in the game? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 most f*cked up quests in RPGs.

For this list, we’re only looking at quests from role-playing games which make you question the game, its world, and your own morals. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

#10: Strictly Business

“Fallout 3” (2008)

Slavers are a huge problem in the Capital Wasteland, and if you’re doing an evil karma run you can become part of that problem. Entry into the slavers’ main base, Paradise Falls, is barred unless you either cough up a hefty number of caps or take on this unpleasant quest. The Lone Wanderer is sent out, equipped with Mesmetron and bomb collars, to recruit a few unwilling slaves for a ticket into the complex. Being forced to capture these NPCs is something many players will feel uncomfortable doing, and would much rather take the harder, good karma approach of just killing all the slavers rather than doing their bidding.

#9: Love Hurts

“Fable 2” (2008)

The game takes on a “Frankenstein” vibe with this questline, in which the player is asked to collect body parts for Victor the creepy gravekeeper who lives in Bowerstone Cemetery. The gravekeeper’s ultimate aim is resurrect the cold-hearted mayor, Lady Grey, a villain from the previous game. Upon bringing her into the folds of the undead, the player can undertake an even more dastardly action; the gravekeeper reanimates her with a love spell which makes her fall for the first person she sees, giving you the ability to not only bring her back to life, but also steal her from the gravekeeper and marry her yourself. If that’s what you’re into.

#8: Side with the Killer

“Persona 4 Golden” (2008)

After investing dozens of hours into “Persona 4”, it’s a bit of a slap in the face for lots of players that you can choose to betray all of your friends and instead side with Adachi, protecting his identity as Inaba’s real serial killer. If you’re close enough to Adachi, you’re given the option of visiting him on your last day in town and revealing that you know the truth – and then you can choose to take his side. He offers you vital evidence and convinces you to destroy it. If you do, you’re now under his thumb and if you don’t do what he says he’ll arrest you for tampering with evidence.

#7: Bound Until Death

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” (2011)

The Dark Brotherhood is a plentiful source of evil quests to occupy yourself with, and one of the most stand-out of these is when the Dragonborn is sent to assassinate Vittoria Vici during her own wedding. The only purpose of this mission is to spread fear throughout Skyrim, and you receive bonus gold if you take her out during her wedding speech. There’s a myriad of ways offered for you to do this; you can simply shoot her or stab her, or be a bit more inventive by pushing a loose gargoyle down onto her head or drugging the groom and getting him to kill her.

#6: Shoot This Guy in the Face

“Borderlands 2” (2012)

It’s not unusual to be playing an RPG and stumble across somebody who desperately needs your help – in fact, that’s the way most quests begin. But Face McShooty will make you think twice about being a good Samaritan and lending a struggling stranger a hand. Mainly because Face McShooty is begging you to shoot him right in the face and kill him. However, considering killing Pandora’s many psychos is what you’ve been doing the whole game, you may not be too conflicted about putting him out of his misery.

#5: A Bounty for the Hunter

“Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines” (2004)

While tracking down missing bounty hunter Carson for Arthur Kilpatrick, the player stumbles across one of the most grisly discoveries this already-macabre game has to offer. It turns out that Carson is being harassed by Stan Gimble, who wants models to help him build prosthetics. Predictably, you agree to help him, but discover that these prosthetics are far from artificial; they’re the stolen limbs of people who fell for Gimble’s tricks, repurposed and sold on for profit. You find a basement full of makeshift operating equipment, severed body parts, and a whole lot of blood. Grim.

#4: Pickman Gallery

“Fallout 4” (2015)

One of “Fallout 4’s” creepiest locations, the disturbing Pickman Gallery is full of horrifying paintings done in the blood of various raiders, all of whom met a nasty end at the hands of psychotic artist Pickman. A maze of tunnels underneath will eventually lead you to the man himself, who rewards you with a rare weapon if you help him out in combat. The quest’s screwed-up nature can be attributed to one short story by H.P. Lovecraft, “Pickman’s Model,” about a mad painter whose subjects are nightmarish, cosmic monsters. Pickman himself is tormented by these creatures, and eventually disappears completely.

#3: Overlord

“Mass Effect 2” (2010)

The man vs. machine theme of the “Mass Effect” series had one of its most defining moments in the “Overlord” DLC for the second instalment. In it, Shepard discovers that the rogue Overlord virtual intelligence they’ve been battling is not a VI at all, but rather David Archer, the autistic brother of Cerberus’ chief scientist. A math genius, David is wired into the machines after it’s discovered he has the unique ability to communicate with the geth – however, this is all against his will. When Shepard finds David, he is a suffering prisoner of his brother’s merciless ambition, desperate to escape.

#2: All That Remains

“Dragon Age II” (2011)

A serial killer stalks the streets of Kirkwall, leaving a bouquet of white lilies as his calling card at the homes of his next victims. When Hawke’s mother Leandra receives lilies and goes missing, the game continues its descent into heartbreak and chaos for the Champion. Leandra has been kidnapped and killed, an parts of her body are used in one insane bloodmage’s attempts to recreate his dead bride. In the ensuing battle Hawke is forced to kill the mage, which in turn means Leandra dies for a second time in her child’s arms. The worst part of all is that there’s absolutely no way to avoid this fate – she will die no matter what.

#1: Family Matters

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” (2015)

No stranger to dark storylines, “The Witcher” series has many different moments which will leave players questioning what they’ve just played. But not even Geralt being tricked into thinking he’s just thrown Udalryk’s infant offspring into a furnace is quite as grotesque as the Bloody Baron’s questline. Through a long investigation, Geralt eventually discovers that the Baron’s wife and daughter fled after he attacked them in a drunken rage – resulting in the accidental murder of the unborn child his wife was carrying. The child returns as a grotesque “botchling”, which must be laid to rest. It’s a tragedy that will give anyone nightmares.

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