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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Daniel Radcliffe

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Kimberley Payne
He’s quite a bit more than just a Boy Wizard, you know! Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daniel Radcliffe. For this list, we’re looking at interesting facts and snippets of trivia about the much-loved British actor, Daniel Radcliffe. Special thanks to our user Santiago Anguizola for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Daniel Radcliffe

He’s quite a bit more than just a Boy Wizard, you know! Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daniel Radcliffe.

For this list, we’re looking at interesting facts and snippets of trivia about the much-loved British actor, Daniel Radcliffe.

#10: He Disliked the Books

For the countless die-hard Potterheads, you’re likely to be shocked and probably a little disappointed to hear that Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t a fan of the Potter books when he first read them. As the story goes, he started Philosopher’s Stone as a child and, after stopping because he wasn’t enjoying it, didn’t finish reading it until he had already been given the role in the films. According to other sources, he gave up after the second book, before landing the part. Either way, we can take some comfort in knowing that after giving them another go, he became an avid fan just like the rest of us.

#9: His Pre-Potter Career

Before being spotted at the theatre and being asked to audition, Radcliffe had already done his fair share of acting – so Harry wasn’t his first role. In 1999, Daniel starred in a BBC adaptation of “David Copperfield”, where he worked alongside the future Professor McGonagall, Maggie Smith. Following that, he appeared in “The Tailor of Panama,” which starred Pierce Brosnan and Brendan Gleeson, with Gleeson also eventually going on to join the Harry Potter cast – as Mad Eye Moody. So, even before he rocked up to Hogwarts, Radcliffe had gained valuable experience working with legendary British actors.

#8: It’s Just Not Cricket

Away from the set, Radcliffe’s a big sports fan. And, while he doesn’t follow English football as much anymore – following American football more closely instead – his first love was apparently cricket. The actor has always been open about his passion for the sport, regularly telling stories about queuing for autographs, and practicing after school. In fact, he had even held an early ambition to play cricket for England, one day. That never materialised but, on his 18th birthday, he was invited to Lord’s to watch a game and meet the England team. Lucky for some!

#7: Swiss Army Man Doll

In 2016, Radcliffe won over a whole new fanbase by starring in “Swiss Army Man”, where he perfectly played a corpse. The film itself might’ve been labelled as bizarre, but critics perhaps unexpectedly cooed over how moving the story really was. But, arguably the strangest aspect of the film unfolded on the promo tour. As part of the shoot, filmmakers commissioned a life-size replica of the Radcliffe corpse to be made. So, Daniel decided to take his macabre identical doll around the world with him – to all sorts of interviews and parties. Named Manny, after the character in the film, that cold, dead stare creeped a lot of people out.

#6: He Poisoned Himself

In 2014, Radcliffe starred in fantasy horror film, “Horns”, which was filmed in Canada. However, the crisp Canadian climate meant that, to stop the pipes on set from freezing, the tap water was doused with antifreeze. Needless to say, it wasn’t suitable for drinking. But Daniel didn’t get the memo. Instead, he got himself a nice refreshing glass after a hard day's filming… Effectively poisoned himself, and was bedridden for three days. Back in the good ol’ days of “Harry Potter”, he’d have been straight to Madame Pomfrey. Alas, real life maladies aren’t quite as magical.

#5: He Designed a Bed

He may be an internationally famous actor, with most of his Hollywood career still ahead of him – but Radcliffe’s a man of charity, too. And he regularly gets stuck in with the fundraising. Perhaps one of the most interesting things he has done to raise money for charity is the time he designed a children’s bed for Habitat. The Cu-Bed – notice the pun – was made up of small cubes which could be moved around to create any shape the sleeper wanted. All royalties made from the (actually pretty clever) design went to Demelza House Children’s Hospice in Kent.

#4: He Has Dyspraxia

An especially surprising Radcliffe fact is that he suffers from dyspraxia, since he doesn’t often show many signs of the condition in his work, or in behind-the-scenes interviews. Daniel has a very mild version of the disorder, which affects coordination and movement, but has revealed that he can sometimes even struggle with tying his shoelaces. Given that the guy is universally known as one of the world’s favourite ever heroes, it’s clear that he hasn’t allowed his dyspraxia to slow him down – and he’s often cited as an inspiration for anyone in a similar position.

#3: He’s in The National Portrait Gallery

At the age of just 14, but with a couple of Potter films already under his belt, Radcliffe sat for a portrait drawn by the artist Stuart Pearson Wright. Two years later, when the actor was still just 16, that same portrait was hung in its new home, London’s National Portrait Gallery. At the time, Daniel was the youngest ever non-Royal to have his individual portrait put on display at the prestigious venue. Suffice to say, the piece proved pretty popular with tourists.

#2: He’s a Published Poet

Daniel Radcliffe definitely has a way with words. Ask anyone who’s seen his ‘alphabet rap’ with Jimmy Fallon, and they’ll surely agree. But, he’s a successful wielder of the written word too! While still filming the “Harry Potter” movies, Radcliffe began writing poetry under the pseudonym; Jacob Gershon. And he managed to get a few pieces published, in Rubbish Magazine. It’s not exactly the most flattering name for a mag, but there was a mad rush to read it once Radcliffe’s contribution was revealed.

#1: His Parents Said No to Harry Potter

When Daniel Radcliffe was first being considered for the role of Harry Potter, his parents weren’t going to let him audition for it. The original deal reportedly meant a contract for six films, all filmed in LA which, for a then-ten-year-old, is a pretty big commitment… Once plans for shooting switched to the UK, however, and Radcliffe was presented with a shorter contract, his parents swiftly changed their minds. And, the rest is history. The ultimately successful audition changed Radcliffe’s life, and etched the actor’s name into muggle minds forever.

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