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Calling Out The Jerks At The Cinema: MojoRants

VO: Eric Cohen
Calling Out The Jerks At The Cinema: MojoRants Here at MojoTalks we are as obsessed with movies as you are, we go to see movies in the theatre all the time, and well, we have some gripes! There's nothing more enjoyable than sitting with your drink and your popcorn and settling into the experience of seeing a film come to life on the big screen - but some people don't seem to know how to see a movie without ruining everyone else's experience. Here's Mike Petel, Petelling it like it is! If you like this content, check out these related Mojo Rants: Solo: A Star Wars Story - Should it Have Been a TV Show? (MojoRants) Yanny or Laurel?? MojoRants Royally Exhausted! - MojoRants (Royal Wedding)

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