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Are Vice Media and Buzzfeed Screwed? - Mojo Talks

Subscribe to MojoTalks for more great coverage of breaking stories: Buzzfeed and Vice are two examples of hugely successful new media companies that have raised significant capital but are under the microscope because we all know that investors can be skittish when the projections aren't as good as hoped. The question is, with all the volatility they face, are Buzzfeed and Vice facing tough times ahead? WatchMojo's in-house experts take a look and break it all down. MojoTalks is a brand new channel from WatchMojo that covers all of the topics and categories that you love in a Talk format! Our in-house experts will interview, debate and breakdown all the latest news and releases in Movies, TV, Video Games and Pop Culture. Stick around, we'll talk you through it!

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