Top 10 Shocking Snapchat Videos

VOICE OVER: Adrian Sousa
Some things were just not meant to be Snapped. From Justin Bieber’s strange escapades, to surgeons using the app during an operation, you're sure to be shocked with these snapchat videos.

Top 10 Shocking Snapchat Videos

Many people like using Snapchat to share moments from their daily lives. But, they can get a little disturbing at times… Welcome to MsMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the top 10 most shocking snapchat videos!

For this list, we’ve compiled various videos who gave these snappers their 15 minutes of fame on social media - for better or for worse. We’ve included everything from victims of violent crimes to out of control teenagers and rap stars. Some of these videos can be rather tragic or disturbing, so viewer’s discretion is advised.

#10: Drowning A Turtle

The gopher tortoise is a terrestrial turtle found in certain southern American states, particularly in Florida. So logically, if you’re a young girl from New York who goes by Kimberly, and you find one of these on the side of the road, you’ll think its in distress… so to help it out, you’ll toss it into some water, right? And if you’re really thinking, you’ll be sure film everything on Snapchat so all your friends can see your good deeds! Well… not only did you just drown the reptile that doesn’t know how to swim, you’ve also documented the act of cruelty on social media.

#9: Justin Bieber’s Escapades

With fame comes the constant glare of the limelight, in various ways. Within the last several years, the Canadian born singer has been all over social media. Among the star’s many embarrassing no-nos, we recall the incident involving the Beebs at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, which occurred in June 2016 during the NBA finals. In a Snapchat video obtained by TMZ, we see the 24 year old singer getting - shall we say “involved” - with a few people.. The star manages to get out of the situation safe and sound, aside from perhaps a bruised ego.

#8: DJ Khaled’s Never-Ending Night

Let’s move on to Miami where DJ Khaled accepts a breakfast invitation from his rapper friend Rick Ross. So the DJ decides to make it to Ross’ house by watercraft. The problem is that the star delayed his departure until nightfall. Stuck in total darkness, Khaled realizes he’s completely lost. As he films his journey on Snapchat, he comments on his adventure by sugarcoating everything with his famous words of wisdom. Khaled finally reaches his destination having had a good scare and making some Snapchat pop culture history.

#7: A Trapped Teenager

A teenager gets out of the shower and is unable to open the door. By playing with the handle, he’s able to break it and cuts his foot on the broken glass, of course while filming everything on Snapchat. Four hours later, and even with the help of a bystander recruited from above his window, he’s unable to escape. The teenager finally calls 911 for help, who are able to get him out. The saddest part of this story is that he wasn’t able to film the part where the professionals rescued him from his bizarro prison. Missed opportunity!

#6: Surgeons on Snapchat

Do you like gory movies, medicine or perhaps both at once? Well, plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, also known as Dr. Miami, has got you covered. Alongside his intern, Dr. Lowney, this duo is part of the new wave of doctors who film their surgeries on Snapchat. Many would classify these professional doctors as dangerous given their choice of filming platform. But these guys see things in a whole different perspective. They see Snapchat as a super useful and modern way to share instructional videos with potential clients. In fact, they see it as the way of the future for reaching out to the masses!

#5: A Costly Snap

Like every major city, Sydney Australia has its share of luxurious hotels. A room from one of those hotels was unfortunately trashed by a gang a teenagers who filmed the whole thing on Snapchat. These vandals broke doors, furniture and lights of a room in the Meriton Zetland. Aside from taking pleasure in committing this crime, these hooligans, who paid $1,000 for their room, seem completely oblivious to the fact that they’re probably going to have to dish out way more in order to pay for their damages.

#4: Drinking and Driving

Let us paint you a tragic picture: on a Monday night in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Bianca Herwig is getting ready for a night out with two of her friends. She gets in the car with her besties and posts the evening’s best moments on Snapchat. We see the girls singing their hearts out and passing around bottles of alcohol while driving. After a night of clubbing, a fourth girl joins them. At the end of the night, the highly intoxicated driver drove into a telephone pole, killing three of the young girls and leaving the other in critical condition. This is a sad reminder of what happens when you drink and drive.

#3: A Stranger in the Bathroom

UFC fighter Urijah Faber was having a quiet evening when a stranger knocked on his door. Faber opened the door and a woman quickly ran into his home to lock herself in his bathroom. The young man then calls police, who quickly show up on scene. After several attempts of trying to unlock the door, the police and home owners get the surprise of their life when the agent finally opens it: the woman is lying down naked on the floor face down, and a foul smell invades the house. This ending must have made a few people on the crime scene feel a little ill.

#2: Murder Confession

In June 2016,18 year old Chicago resident Anthony Mendoza was accused of the murder of Christian Bandemer. According to prosecutors, Mendoza, Bandemer and Bandemer’s cousin were having fun loading a gun when the cousin stepped outside for a cigarette. It’s at that moment that he heard a gunshot. He ran inside but it was already too late: his cousin was shot in the chest. Mendoza ran off and tried to hide the crime weapon in the grass. He came back shortly after and was taken away by police. Once inside the police car, he posted his confession on Snapchat: “I just killed Chris, and now it’s my turn.”

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable - or dishonorable mentions:

Kylie Jenner drunk behind the wheel on Snapchat
Marco Pierre White Junior on coke
A Dangerous and Cruel Snack

#1: Gruesome Victim List at Pulse Nightclub

On June 12, 2016, while Amanda Alvear is having fun with her friends at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, she’s completely unaware that she’ll soon find herself on the gruesome list of 49 victims killed by Omar Mateen. She films the beginning of the night onSnapchat, until Mateen opens fire on the crowd. Amanda is initially able to escape the massacre but finds herself back in the killer’s range when she tries to save her friend. Tragically Alvear was another one of the victims. The Orlando massacre remains as one of the worst homophobic crimes in U.S. history.