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Top 10 Shows to Watch If You Like Black Mirror

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Andrea Buccino
Honestly, were you expecting that twist? Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Shows to Watch if You Like “Black Mirror”. For this list we take a look at some of the best sci-fi, dystopian and all-round weird shows to watch if you're a fan of the award-winning anthology series, Black Mirror. Special thanks to our user RichardFB for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Shows to Watch if You Like Black Mirror

Honestly, were you expecting that twist? Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Shows to Watch if You Like “Black Mirror”.

For this list we take a look at some of the best sci-fi, dystopian and all-round weird shows to watch if you're a fan of the award-winning anthology series, Black Mirror.

#10: “Dead Set” (2008)

Let’s begin with something created by “Black Mirror”'s own Charlie Brooker, in the days before Netflix catapulted him to international fame. This E4 miniseries takes place entirely in a fictional Big Brother house, and even includes cameos from real-life contestants of the show – as well as original host, Davina McCall, and original narrator, Marcus Bentley. The twist here? The reality TV unfolds during a zombie apocalypse. A brilliant concept executed with the author’s trademark black humour and style, it now serves as a precursor to Brooker's later anthology series – and fans of his work should definitely check it out!

#9: “Twin Peaks” (1990-2017)

David Lynch and Mark Frost's seminal TV series in many ways set the stage for the TV revolution later brought about by daring TV networks like HBO. The influence of this show’s approach to character and story, plus its original, quirky weirdness, can be felt throughout many of the great TV shows of the 2000s. In fact, the genre-blurring brilliance of “Twin Peaks” can be seen in “Black Mirror” itself. Having originally ended in 1991, and with nothing new for fans to watch since the “Fire Walk with Me” prequel in 1992 – we almost thought the ride was over. But then it returned in 2017, and reminded us all how great TV can be.

#8: “Electric Dreams” (2017-)

An anthology series based on the works of Philip K. Dick and executive produced by Bryan Cranston (who also appears in one episode), “Electric Dreams” is basically a custom-built gift for any and all sci-fi fans. A ten-episode series, every instalment is based on some of the most important stories in modern science fiction... And while it didn’t quite achieve the critical success of “Black Mirror”, the anthology influence is clear. Many of the dystopic tropes we’re now oh so familiar with originally come from the pages that inspire “Electric Dreams”. So, throw in a great cast and high production values, and it’s another show all “Black Mirror” fans should check out.

#7: “Inside No. 9” (2014-)

Expertly executed dark comedy is kind of a British speciality, and few are finer at it than Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. Another anthology series, “Inside No. 9” takes black humour to a whole new level. Each episode is connected only by its location, which always relates to the titular number 9. And while the format may look similar to that of other shows, its comic tone sets it apart – making it quite different to anything else that’s out there. The BBC series uses its comedy to deal with usually very dark themes, ala “Black Mirror”. And the clever twists should engage any Charlie Brooker fan.

#6: “The Prisoner” (1967-68)

“Ahead of its time” is an overused expression. But, back in the late ‘60s, “The Prisoner” set itself up as a pioneer for TV drama, with its influence still being felt in the twenty-first century… turning tele into a mature, complex medium able to tell difficult and compelling stories. Patrick McGoohan’s psychedelic masterpiece of dystopian sci-fi and government conspiracies, it follows the eponymous prisoner, Number 6, as he tries to escape “The Village”. The show left viewers at the time scratching their heads, but eager for more, paving the way for future series like “Black Mirror” – which encourage us all to question society. A cult classic, put “The Prisoner” on your list of ‘things to watch next’.

#5: “Maniac” (2018)

Not content with just being one of the most popular streaming services in the world, Netflix has a habit of producing films and series that constantly strive to push the envelope. “Maniac” was one such show, released in 2018 and starring Johah Hill and Emma Stone – two test subjects at a drug trial. It takes more than a few hints from some of “Black Mirror”'s finest moments, creating a world much like our own, but different enough to be new and fresh. With clever writing, an ingenious setting and a mind-bending story – it gets in the head of its audience, and stays there.

#4: “The Twilight Zone” (1959-64)

As arguably the most famous and well-remembered anthology series ever made, this show features countless classic tales of the weird and wonderful. It has previously been listed as one of the main inspirations behind “Black Mirror” and it’s easy to see why, as “The Twilight Zone” toed the line between horror, sci-fi, the paranormal and the inexplicable to create enthralling stories – one after the other. The original series counts a number of episodes that are today thought of as milestones in science fiction on the small screen, and even the ‘80s reincarnation of the show, which features a fair few famous actors and directors, is well worth a watch.

#3: “Utopia” (2013-14)

This dystopian fantasy achieved cult classic status almost immediately upon release. An all-British production by Channel 4, “Utopia” deals with difficult, topical themes like overpopulation through tight and suspenseful storytelling. Sound familiar? The show’s violence caused a number of complaints, though, opening it up to a certain amount of criticism and controversy – and reportedly contributing to its premature axing, after just a couple of six-episode series. Still, the beautiful cinematography and striking visuals earned widespread acclaim, and fans are still crossing their fingers that “Utopia” will one day return.

#2: “The Handmaid's Tale” (2017-)

Based on the brilliant and eerily prescient novel by Margaret Atwood, “The Handmaid's Tale” takes dystopian satire – the sort that “Black Mirror” revels in – to the extreme. Set in a world in which fertile women are rare (and are treated as second-class citizens), the story follows Offred, a handmaid who’s used by the rich and powerful to bear children. The first season follows the book closely until the very last page, while season two offers all new, but equally bleak story developments. The themes of feminism, bigotry and religious fanaticism will, for many, hit uncomfortably close to home.

#1: “Mr. Robot” (2015-)

Since debuting in 2015, “Mr. Robot” has found its way in the hearts and minds of a dedicated audience. And it has steadily racked up some serious critical acclaim, too. The series is a cyber age story of hackers and mental illness with a pessimistic tone that will easily remind many viewers of “Black Mirror”'s darker episodes. With the award-winning Rami Malek playing the protagonist, Elliot Alderson, the story thrusts the viewer into a high-tech world distinguishable from our own – but familiar, too. It’s a tactic that works for “Black Mirror”, and it definitely works here. If you haven’t seen it yet, then what are you waiting for?

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