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Top 10 She’s All That Moments That Were All That

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating
The epitome of late ‘90s teen flicks, this movie brought together some of the decade’s most iconic stars. For this list, we’ll be looking at this teen rom-com’s most adorable, funny, or memorable moments. Our list includes The Prom Queen Rap, The House Party, The Prom, The Bet, The Most '90s Breakup Scene Ever and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 She’s All That Moments.

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Top 10 She’s All That Moments

The epitome of late ‘90s teen flicks, this movie brought together some of the decade’s most iconic stars. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten “She’s All That” moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at this teen rom-com’s most adorable, funny, or memorable moments.

#10: The Most '90s Breakup Scene Ever

Returning to school, Zack Siler – the most popular guy in school – is sure the last few weeks of classes before graduation are going to be a breeze. He’s got his bros, his grades are aces, and he’s got a smoking hot girlfriend … or at least he did. No sooner do they see each other again does Taylor Vaughan inform him that she met someone else over Spring Break, and not just any someone else: Brock Hudson, a ‘star’ from “The Real World” - and, like, who can compete with that? In a surreal flashback, we (and Zack) are treated to a pool party so ‘90s it hurts in the best possible way.

#9: The Prom Queen Rap

Hello, my fellow kids! In this gloriously strange scene, a bunch of students gather in the school courtyard and proceed to watch a debate on who will be prom queen disseminated to the public by means of a free-style, beat-box rap. It is important to note, that both rappers/hip-hop artists Lil’ Kim AND Usher appear in this film … but not in this scene. Between this moment and the fact that Usher chimes in every 15 minutes on the school PA to inform the school of what’s going down, the audience is very well-informed about how the movie’s plot is progressing.

#8: The Beach

Determined to get to know Laney so he can win his bet, Zack invites Laney to go to the beach. It takes some coaxing, but she eventually agrees. There, while getting to know each other during a stroll on the sand, his cool kid friends show up. Some turn out to be nice, but when one girl mocks her athletic prowess, Laney decides to join in a little round of beach sports. What results is one of the most delightfully awkward games of beach volleyball ever put to film. After the beach, they plan for a night of partying – because what could round off a perfect teen day better?

#7: The Heart-to-Heart

While Laney is painting in the basement, Zack shows up (again) uninvited. Finally, they have a heart to heart. She explains how her mother died of cancer when she was a kid. As a result, she has a hard time letting people into her life and since she took on a lot of responsibilities around the house, she’s never had time for typical teen things. Zack says he totally understands, because his dad wants him to go to one Ivy League University, but Zack wants to go to a different one (so their problems are tooooootally comparable). Despite the obliviousness of the scene, it is also oddly cute like most things in this movie.

#6: The House Party

After her makeover, Zack and Laney go to a party together. There, Taylor's new boyfriend Brock makes an ass of himself by dancing like a fool. Misty (a random girl we never learn anything about but who literally told Laney to kill herself, so she is really the evilest person in the film!) gets passed-out drunk and Laney gets revenge by painting on her face. But the big to-do happens when Taylor, being an over-the-top bully, gets jealous, dumps her drink all over Laney, and tells her no one likes her. Zacks chases after Laney as she flees the party.

#5: The Pube Pizza

Simon (Laney's little brother) is at the high school cafeteria offering fresh ground pepper (as you do) to the seniors – including Sarah Michelle Gellar, at the height of Buffy fame, who doesn't have a single line in her cameo! Random bullies show up and antagonize Simon. They put pubes on a piece of pizza and try to make Simon eat it. In the nick of time, Zack shows up and heroically saves the day by making them eat it instead. This scene is still hard to watch because it’s so darn gross.

#4: The Bet

After getting publicly dumped, Zack bets his friend Dean (aka Paul Walker – seriously, this movie has a stellar cast) that he can make any girl prom queen in six weeks, kicking off the plot that is basically My Fair Lady meets Carrie (but without Audrey Hepburn or deadly telekinesis). They proceed to select a girl, loudly judging the ladies around them, and land on Laney who, despite being Rachel Leigh freaking Cook, is apparently TOO hopeless – she’s got glasses, bro! Hilarity ensues. The terms of the bet are revealed to be naked graduation shenanigans – which like a champ, the loser complies with. Public indecency charges be damned, a bet’s a bet!

#3: The Art Show / The Hacky Sack Scene

Bet in place, Zack invites himself to Laney's art show after crashing in on her at work. There, she is part of a very bizarre modern dance sequence wherein a performer emerges and waxes poetic while two small figures in purple spandex run around the stage. Laney appears and covers them with a white sheet and then they sway and chant a soothing mantra. Apparently, this is an open-mic sort of theatre, because after the performance she invites Zack up to do an impromptu bit of performance art himself. He’s a good sport and proceeds to hacky sack for way too long while new age music plays. Trust us, you will cringe/love it.

#2: The Prom

Laney ends up going to prom with Dean. Taylor gets dumped by Brock, but Zack takes his sister (because screw Taylor), and Taylor goes alone. At the prom, prompted by Usher, everyone breaks into a choreographed dance-off. It is amazing and really WTF. Just as things are about to go full “High School Musical”, Zack and Taylor are crowned prom king and queen. Zack lost the bet, but he’s more concerned about Laney leaving with Dean and tries to stop them as Taylor chews out the school for making her compete against Laney. Laney goes home and finds Zack waiting for her there. They have their first dance and yes, it’s pretty cute.

#1: The Makeover

After the beach, Zack asks Laney to go to a party with him. He even brings the junior varsity soccer team to clean her house/do her chores for her, his little sister to do her make-up, and a red dress for her to wear (um, skirting creepy territory there, Zack?). As the film gets its mileage out of ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None the Richer, Laney slowly descends the stairs to reveal that she's cut her hair and taken off her glasses – and that suddenly she’s the most beautiful girl in school! It's ridiculous, adorable ‘90s cheese, and we love it.

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