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Top 10 Dancing on Ice Fails

VO: Richard Bush WRITTEN BY: Marc Turner
These performers were definitely skating on thin ice. Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 “Dancing on Ice” fails. For this list, we’re looking at the most calamitous and embarrassing moments from ITV’s popular figure skating show. Special thanks to our user ashjbow for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Dancing on Ice Fails

These performers were definitely skating on thin ice. Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 “Dancing on Ice” fails.

For this list, we’re looking at the most calamitous and embarrassing moments from ITV’s popular figure skating show.

#10: Sinitta Rips Andrei’s Trousers

There have been a fair few wardrobe malfunctions on “Dancing on Ice”, with Pamela Anderson once blaming the costume department for this near-disastrous slip. But, we’ve singled out the celebrity-talent-show regular, Sinitta, and her sabotage of her dance partner’s costume, back in 2010. While performing a “frog lift” in the skate-off, she certainly leaves her mark on the competition – and her partner – by ripping a hole in Andrei Lipanov’s trousers. It was a slip (or rip)that ultimately cost her a place in the next round.

#9: Vanilla Ice Bangs His Head

With a name like Vanilla ICE, you’d have thought the former rapper would be a natural on this show. And in fairness, he acquitted himself quite well in the competition, surviving until week six before he was finally knocked out. But his stint in the series also featured this painful tumble during training. And, the rapper certainly wasn’t downplaying his injury. His head wound needed stitches, and he suffered a concussion… but on the plus side, at least there was plenty of ice on hand to treat the swelling(!)

#8: Todd Carty’s Unscripted Exit

Former “EastEnders” star Carty was once called the John Sergeant of “Dancing on Ice”, after he continued to survive on the show despite receiving consistently poor scores from the judges. But he also gave us what Phillip Schofield says is his favourite ever moment from the competition, when the actor skidded down a tunnel and left his partner to finish their routine alone. Come back, Todd, you hadn’t even been voted off yet! He may not quite be the next Christopher Dean, but there’s no denying how much he entertained the audience.

#7: Jennifer Ellison Kicks Herself

In the 2012 series, Jennifer Ellison picked up various injuries, including cracking a rib and gouging open her own leg with her own skate. Most memorably, though, she was left red-faced and red-haired when she accidentally cut her scalp while carrying out a ‘scorpion kick’. It might not immediately look serious, but the former “Brookside” actress later claimed the impact was like being hit with a brick. Amusingly, Ellison had previously said in an interview that she sometimes wanted to “kick” herself when she watched back her performances. So, be careful what you wish for!

#6: The Tuck Jump

Many sportspeople have featured on “Dancing on Ice”, with varying degrees of success, and tennis star Greg Rusedski took his turn in 2008. He finished in a creditable fifth place, earning modest praise from the judges alongside partner Kristina Lenko. Unfortunately, though, Rusedski will be best remembered for a routine so terrible, it even got the Harry Hill treatment. And in week 8, he was booted off the show following a performance featuring a table and broom that left Jason Gardiner comparing him to a furniture removal man. Maybe stick to tennis, Greg?

#5: The Gemma Collins Row

It can seem as though wherever Gemma Collins goes, controversy follows. Behind the scenes of the 2019 show, for example, were rumours of her quitting, and accusations of “diva” behaviour, with even Holly and Phil questioning the former TOWIE star’s work ethic. After a lacklustre performance on the live show in week three, Collins responded to criticism from Jason Gardiner with some insults of her own. With neither side backing down, this particular quarrel escalated further than most – with Jason even threatening legal action. It was anything but ‘boring’.

#4: Sébastien Foucan’s Breakdown

The 2012 series brought a change to the competition’s format, with the bottom three celebrities having to perform a solo “skills” routine. Enter free runner Sébastien Foucan who starts off well, but when the time comes to perform a spin, he forgets his steps and ends up skating aimlessly around the rink until the music stops. Still, at least he gets his pose at the end right. Afterwards, Foucan breaks down in tears, and is equally upset when he’s voted off the show. He really should have seen that verdict coming!

#3: Jorgie Porter’s Flailing Skate

We’ve seen plenty of examples of celebrities hurting themselves, but sometimes they hurt their partners, too. Like in 2012, when “Hollyoaks” actress Jorgie Porter bungled a dangerous manoeuvre and cut Matt Evers’s faceduring a dress rehearsal. In case you were in any doubt as to the seriousness of the injury, the show provided pictures from the hospital of Evers being stitched up. He still managed to perform in the live show the following weekend, though – albeit looking a little bit worse for wears.

#2: David Seaman’s Drops

David may have had a safe pair of hands as a goalkeeper – well, most of the time – but his handling skills on the ice left a lot to be desired. First, he took the so-called “head banger” move too literally when he dropped his dance partner on her chin during a dress rehearsal. Then, on a subsequent live show, he dropped his replacement partner as well – and took a tumble himself, to make things even worse. Next time this goalie dances, perhaps he should wear his goalkeeping gloves just to be safe.

#1: Oona King’s Trip

Politicians and glitzy showbiz simply do not mix, as former Labour MP Oona King proved during a disastrous stint on series eight. Her performances were regularly criticised by the judges, with Jason Gardiner – who else? – being especially scathing. But King was undoubtedly her own worst enemy, once tripping her partner before their routine had even started, and leaving Mark Hanretty with a dislocated shoulder. After being booted off the show, King said she had loved learning how to skate. But, we’re guessing Hanretty didn’t enjoy the experience quite so much!

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