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Top 10 Gino Moments on This Morning

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Robert Barnott Palin
He’s feisty, he’s Italian, but most importantly, he’s entertaining! Welcome to WatchMojoUK, and today, we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Gino Moments on “This Morning”. For this list, we’ll be looking at chef D’Acampo’s brashest, loudest and most hilarious encounters with the hosts of the popular daytime ITV show. Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Gino Moments on This Morning

He’s feisty, he’s Italian, but most importantly, he’s entertaining! Welcome to WatchMojoUK, and today, we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Gino Moments on “This Morning”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at chef D’Acampo’s brashest, loudest and most hilarious encounters with the hosts of the popular daytime ITV show.

#10: Spaghetti Bolognese Rage

Nothing riles up our man more than the way us Brits butcher all things Italian. And, he pulls no punches here when it comes to setting the record straight about Spag Bol. Claiming that it’s just spaghetti with a meat sauce if served without the proper Italian treatment, he tries to turn the tables by offering to ruin a steak and kidney pie. It’s also the all-round language and pronunciation that really irritates him, so you better be careful if you want to order tagliatelle or bruschetta whenever he’s around.

#9: Gino’s New ‘Car’

Back in 2017, our favourite foodie randomly showed his daytime tele audience just how showbiz he really is during this bizarre video link. In typical fashion, he’s running late to the studio, so he introduces his section of the show live from the back of his motor. The flashy Mr. D’Acampo, however, doesn’t do anything by halves, as was made clear when he gave us a glimpse of the back of a luxury limousine. Complete with lights, a TV, and what’s most likely champagne, it was all much to the amusement of Holly and Phil.

#8: Taking Over the Show

We start here with Holly and Phil chatting about a dog, in a section completely unrelated to Gino. But, the chef soon becomes the centre of attention after flying into a characteristic rage about the layout of his kitchen space. Shouting mostly about his desperate need for a coat hanger, he completely changes the subject of the original link and, when the cameras dofocus on him, he even starts to introduce his part of the show – a long, long time before he was supposed to! The kitchen is clearly his domain, although he and Phil have come to blows on the matter before.

#7: Watering the Plants with Wine

On “This Morning”, it’s never too early for wine – just maybe not in the plant pots? The Mediterranean maverick baffled us all once again with this boozy housekeeping tip. The camera cuts to him in anticipation of a sneak preview of his perfect steak, but instead he’s watering the studio shrubs with white wine, as you do. It’s a tip apparently given to him by his Grandfather, although we’re still not 100% sure whether or not it actually works, so we’d not recommend trying it at home. Even according to Gino, feeding your plants alcohol is only good in small doses.

#6: “Sheet!” Conversation

Using Gino’s pronunciation faux pas as a steady source of entertainment is sometimes, perhaps, a little unfair… But the “This Morning” hosts go ahead and do it anyway. This pre-watershed incident may very well have caused the more conservative viewer to splutter over their mid-morning cups of tea, but fear not, because he’s not actually swearing, it’s just his way of speaking. It’s not only sheets of baking parchment that have caused us to double take, though. It happened again when preparing lasagne, and it just never gets old.

#5: Gordon Ramsay’s Willy

Next up, waytoo much information. When given the opportunity to plug his 2018 show “Gino, Gordon and Fred’s Road Trip”, Gino goes into quite a lot of detail about the trio’s questionable antics. According to D’Acampo, chef Ramsay would wake him up in the morning by tapping a certain part of his anatomy against Gino’s foot – a pretty strange wake-up call by all accounts! But, the “This Morning” chef also took the opportunity to describe Gordon’s downstairs in rather complimentary terms. What happens in the campervan, stays in the campervan. Or, not.

#4: Sausage in the Hole

After remastering the traditional British teatime staple, Gino also tries to rename it, but whether or not his suggested name is better than the original is clearly up for debate. As he gives an Italian twist to Yorkshire pudding and sausages, mostly by “adding fennel”, Holly and Phil try (and fail) to keep it together. Cue another Gino-induced laughing fit amid plenty of subtle innuendo! This was actually the second time that his “sausage in the hole” made an appearance, and the first one was just as cringey.

#3: Gino Calls in Sick

Let’s rewind to when the “This Morning” kitchen suddenly seemed a much quieter place – because Gino pulled a sickie. Holly and Phil had to valiantly step in to do the chef’s cooking section, with a medic on standby just in case something went horribly wrong. But, just when the pair thought that they were on top of things, an angry Gino calls in to shout at them over the phone, despite his illness. Like a feisty Italian omnipresence, even from afar he makes sure that his prosecco and crab linguine is done right.

#2: “If My Grandmother Had Wheels…”

We’re still not completely sure if this one is a mistranslated Italian proverb, or just some of chef D’Acampo’s own fantastic nonsense. Whatever it is, it was perfectly executed, and it left the presenters in stitches. In an off-the-cuff response to Holly’s claim that if his dish had ham in it, then it would be closer to a British carbonara, Gino comes out with this. The result was almost carnage, with Holly on the floor and Phil coming close to choking on his pasta.

#1: The Naked Chef

As we all know, Gino is definitely not a shy person. However, it still came as a shock to some when he cooked bistecca di pancetta in the all-together, all to celebrate “This Morning” winning for Best Daytime Show at the 2011 “National Television Awards”. Giving us all an eye-full of his own ciabatta buns, he even went one step further by removing his apron and showing the audience his Italian-flag-patterned breadstick holder(?). Although, anyone who saw him on “Gino, Gordon and Fred”, knows it’s nothing we haven’t all seen before!

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