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Top 10 WTF Unlockable Costumes in Video Games

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Kurt Hvorup
As satisfying as it can be to unlock alternate costumes, outfits, or skins in a game, sometimes what’s earned can be... unusual to say the least, so today, let's count down our picks for the top 10 WTF Unlockable Costumes! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 WTF Unlockable Outfits

As satisfying as it can be to unlock costumes in a game, sometimes what’s earned can be unusual to say the least. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 WTF Unlockable Outfits.

Like the title suggests, we’re spotlight those costumes and alternate outfits in gaming that we found most baffling and questionable in nature. From context that isn’t immediately apparent to a theme that feels distinct at odds with the surrounding game, there’s plenty of reasons why said outfits raise eyebrows.

#10: Panda Suit
“Onimusha: Warlords” (2001)

Cute, cuddly and mildly disturbing isn’t precisely what we’d expect to see in our action-horror samurai game. Nevertheless, the unlockable Panda Suit in the first “Onimusha” title can’t help but fit that description. Unlocked by playing through the game once with at least ten Flourite pieces collected, the suit becomes available in a New Game Extra playthrough. For the most part, it’s a fairly straight-forward if anachronistic animal mascot costume with a removable head piece... and an unceasing grin on its face. That extra element of creepiness just further reinforces how out-of-place the whole ensemble feels.

#9: Blood-Soaked Quiet
“Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” (2015)

From the word go, the mostly silent sniper known as Quiet faced much scrutiny based on her attire seeming shameless in how it was designed to emphasize sex appeal above all. This wasn’t helped by her various alternate outfits being both bizarre and unintentionally troublesome for narrative reasons. Among said weird choices of apparel is Quiet’s Naked (Blood) costume, which entails her body and standard outfit being drenched in blood. Intended in-universe to be intimidating to adversaries, it begs the question of who was brutally killed to justify the look. Additionally, it flies in the face of Quiet’s need to breathe water through her skin, since being splattered with blood would be pretty inconvenient.

#8: Mega Man
“Dead Rising” series (2006-)

Even in the face of a zombie outbreak, there’s apparently still time for dress up. In “Dead Rising”, photojournalist-turned-survivor Frank West can swap his plain suit for any number of eccentric and unorthodox articles of clothing. However, nothing can quite match the strange feeling of unlocking, and having Frank don, the game’s secret Mega Man costume in the first Dead Rising Game. This oversized, impressively-realized recreation of the Blue Bomber’s suit is only attainable via the completion of several notably difficult achievements, as well as locating the helmet in a gift shop. Nick Ramos can also don a Mega Man X’s outfit in Dead Rising 3, complete with a mega buster with charged shots.

#7: Anna the Squid
“Tekken Tag Tournament 2” (2012)

Because of course we needed another reason to keep safe search on. Recurring “Tekken” combatant Anna Williams, like many of her virtual peers, has seen her fair share of post-release or alternative costumes over the years. And while a fair few have placed focus on her figure and sex appeal, it’s the sexy cephalopod outfit that might most cross into especially weird territory with the concept. From the bulbous cap to the absence of fabric covering its torso, Anna’s Octopus – or maybe Squid? - costume tries to pay homage to deep-sea creatures while also functioning as fanservice. To each their own, we suppose.

#6: Cardboard Knight
“Killing Floor 2” (2016)

Metal ain’t cheap, it seems. As with many multiplayer-oriented games, “Killing Floor 2” makes a point of offering players room to customize their avatar with its in-game Gear. Some carefully ride the line between gimmickry and utility... and then there’s things like the Cardboard Knight. This outfit is definitely aptly-named, given that it’s consists of various used cardboard boxes stuck together into a vaguely armour-shaped configuration. Little in the game quite compares to the bizarre spectacle of seeing someone lurching about in this stained, barely cohesive oddity. That said, it’s hard to imagine cardboard being especially helpful in warding off attacks by the game’s Specimen creatures.

#5: A Sailor Named Chris
“Resident Evil: Revelations” (2012)

The “Resident Evil” games have generally been quite good about tying interesting, varied costumes to the completion of in-game modes or challenges. On occasion, however, players get served with the odd reward that raises questions more than it satisfies or entertains. That’s how we feel regarding Chris Redfield’s unlockable Sailor costume, featuring a white top that seems too small for Chris’ muscular torso and shorts that leave little to the imagination. We’d say this is one of the strangest thing to happen to Chris, but then again this is the guy who punched a boulder while in the middle of a volcano.

#4: Wiggler Helmet
“Monster Hunter: World” (2018)

Players who managed to collect 10 of the serpentine Wiggler creatures for the related Event Quest were gifted with the appropriately-themed Wiggler Helmet. Said headgear, as would soon become clear, was less a traditional helmet and more an oversized snake face to wear over one’s entire head. Lightly bobbing and wiggling as the player moves, the Wiggler Helmet can’t help but draw attention to how much of an off-kilter novelty it is. The Helmet carries over into cutscenes, too, ensuring that any gravitas or momentary drama is countered by the sight of a wobbling snake head in the foreground.

#3: Cheerleader Riptor
“Killer Instinct” (2013)

Brought into the fold in Season 2 of the “Killer Instinct” reboot, the cybernetically-modified terror that is Riptor seems far removed from the trappings of the average high school setting. Yet thanks to the inclusion of Retro Accessories for characters, Riptor can now sport a full cheerleader outfit in battle. To say it’s a jarring mix of elements would put it lightly; Riptor’s terrifying stature feels quite silly when she’s sporting a cheerleader’s top and skirt. Still given how Raptors are a popular sports mascot, perhaps this does fit more than we think. (As a prep cheer with claps) “O … K. Rip. Shred. Maul his face. – His guts are now all over the place.”

#2: Cod of War
“God of War II” (2007)

It’s Kratos … in a Fish Suit. Do I need to say anything else?
Ok fine.
Those who managed to slaughter and maim their way through the entirety of “God of War II” were rewarded in unexpected fashion with a bright blue fish costume to put on Kratos. Amusingly titled Cod of War, this outfit provides a kind of hilarious contrast to Kratos’ harsh commentary and gruff demeanor, even if it means undercutting the game’s otherwise serious tone. Surprisingly, it’s also got utility in moment-to-moment play; it doubles the worth of any Orbs that the player picks up. Oh, and Kratos’ blades are replaced by fishhooks, in case you thought the developers hadn’t committed enough to the bit.

#1: Alien Zack
“Dead or Alive 5” (2012)

Not long after the launch of “Dead or Alive 5”, Team Ninja decided to release the First Time Pack as free DLC. Among the various bonus outfits it provided for several characters, there was one particularly eye-catching inclusion: Zack’s recurring silver alien bodysuit from games past. There’s so much in the way of strange details here – the single antenna, the heart emblem on the chest, bright goggles that make Zack’s eyes appear magenta. Even Zack’s victory poses get amplified in their unusual energy by the addition of this costume. We’ll say this: we’re likely to never forget this one.

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