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Top 10 Supervillains Crazier Than The Joker

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
There is nothing funny about these crazy villains. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Supervillains Crazier Than The Joker. For this list, we’re looking at the craziest comic book villains that – in comparison – make the Joker seem sane.

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There is nothing funny about these crazy villains. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Supervillains Crazier Than The Joker.

For this list, we’re looking at the craziest comic book villains that – in comparison – make the Joker seem sane.

#10: Harley Quinn

Considering Joker's sidekick started out as a victim, labeling Dr. Harleen Quinzel as crazy might seem a little harsh. A former psychiatrist who worked at Arkham Asylum, Harley fell in love with the Joker, aided in the prisoner's escape, and donned a jester costume to lead a life of crime. Introduced in "Batman: The Animated Series," Harley is far less jubilant in the comics, often matching or surpassing Pudding's sadistic and unpredictable nature. Flip-flopping between wanting to kill or save the Joker, Harley Quinn is broken beyond repair but seems to revel in the madness!

#9: Humpty Dumpty

One of the more tragic DC characters, this Batman villain is not purposefully destructive or aggressive. A huge man with an egg-shaped head and the worst luck in the universe, Humpty Dumpty's actions are caused by an uncontrollable compulsion to repair things considered to be broken. In order to better understand the world, Humpty Dumpty dismantles objects before stitching the pieces back together. Originally, the villain focused on inanimate objects, but this compulsion eventually extended to humans and earned Humpty Dumpty a stay in Arkham Asylum.

#8: Madcap

Once upon a time, a church group was on route to a picnic. Unfortunately, the community's bus smashed into a chemical-filled tanker, killing everyone except one young man. Gaining the ability to drive people insane and a near-instant healing factor, Madcap believes life is dictated by absurdity and seeks to plunge the city streets into chaos. At one point, Ghost Rider forces Madcap to feel all the pain endured by the villain's victims, but this proves to be a positive experience. Even if just to annoy Batman, Joker's antics are normally purposeful. However, Madcap merely wants to bask in the madness!

#7: Evil Ernie

Prior to being transformed into an undead serial killer by Lady Death, Ernest Fairchild possessed the ability to predict the future, a skill that terrified the boy's abusive parents. Following a murder spree and the kid's unexpected death, Ernest is revived as Evil Ernie and sets out to trigger a nuclear war capable of destroying every living thing on Earth. Putting aside the dude's ludicrously high body count and grim backstory, the weirdest thing about Evil Ernie has to be Smiley, a wise-cracking face button who serves as the villain's sidekick and might be Ernest's re-incarnated pet rat.

#6: Bullseye

The living embodiment of the phrase "sore loser," following repeated failed attempts to defeat the superhero, Daredevil's nemesis suffered a breakdown. Obsessed with being perceived as the best, Bullseye's reputation took a nasty hit after the villain lost a televised fight against the Man Without Fear. Bullseye is haunted by Daredevil, a condition that was not helped by a brain tumor that prompted the antagonist to mistake everyone for the blind hero. Even after the tumor was removed, the villain's fixation with the vigilante failed to subside, leading to Bullseye impersonating and, ultimately, believing himself to be Daredevil.

#5: Trickster

Among the Flash's oldest foes, Giovanni Giuseppe was the first to adopt the Trickster name. Re-branding as James Jesse, the acrobat created futuristic and dangerous gadgets to aid in the villain's criminal exploits. Depending on the comic, James is either a straight-up con man or a rehabilitated anti-hero striving to turn a new leaf. The character's most insane and famous variant might actually be Mark Hamill's depiction in 1990 and 2014's "The Flash" TV-shows. Obsessed with Barry Allen and Detective Lockhart, Hamill's James is a delusional mass murder with an imaginary friend for a side-kick.

#4: Victor Zsasz

If Joker is the yin to Batman's yang, then Victor Zsasz represents who the Dark Knight could have become. The rich head of an international company, Zsasz spirals into a depression following the accidental death of the 25-year-old's parents. After gambling everything away and losing all hope, Zsasz discerns life to be meaningless and begins a murderous rampage through the streets of Gotham in order to rescue people from their hollow realities. Creating a scar for every murder, Zsasz is consumed entirely by this unquenchable drive to kill, to the point there is barely anything else. Even if unconscious, Zsasz's body instinctively tries to add another victim to the list.

#3: Professor Pyg

Introduced after the turn of the century, this deranged psychopath is a relatively young addition to Batman's rogue gallery. Seeking to craft the perfect human, Professor Pyg kidnaps random people to use as experimental guinea pigs. Once the ideal subject is collected, Pyg lobotomizes and removes the victim's sexual organs, creating a genderless living doll. As the sick icing on this disgusting cake, the Professor surgically fuses a mask to the person's face and uses the victims as henchmen called Dollotrons. Just this once, Batman should reconsider his "no killing" rule.

#2: Green Goblin

Norman Osborn's craziness fluctuates depending on the storyline, but Spider-Man's archenemy occasionally dials up the insanity to eleven! Unlike the Joker, Osborn presents a stronger case for being certifiably insane, with the Green Goblin initially seeming like a Mr. Hyde to Norman's egotistical Dr. Jekyll. After being prescribed medication, Norman manages to temporarily leave behind the Goblin's persona, but that hardly diminishes the villain's self-serving ways. Nobody sound of mind would come up with a plan to trick Spider-Man into believing he is a clone or to replace Aunt May with an actress.

#1: Carnage

Killing without rhyme or reason, Cletus Kasady is a sadistic murderer devoid of nuance. Whether pushing family members down a flight of stairs or setting an orphanage on fire, Kasady was simply born evil, and the villain was already a renowned serial killer before Carnage came into the picture. Fusing with a leftover fragment of Venom's symbiote, Carnage cares only about spreading death and destruction. While the Joker is not above killing, the villain is rarely motivated solely by a desire to watch someone bleed. Carnage does not need an excuse to kill.

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