Top 10 Hilarious Game of Thrones Memes



Top 10 Hilarious Game of Thrones Memes

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You can't go on social medium without stumbling across one of the many hilarious Game of Thrones memes. When you have a pop culture phenomenon of this magnitude, it's bound to inspire its fair share of satires. Some of the best parodies can be found on the internet in the form of memes. WatchMojo ranks the most hilarious Game of Thrones memes. Who's your favorite Game of Thrones meme? Let us know in the comments!
Pop culture phenomenon, meet internet culture. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Game of Thrones Memes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most amusing and clever memes related to “Game of Thrones”.

#10: “Come at Me Bro/Crow/Snow”

The best part about this meme is that is works on so many levels. First off, you have the Night King straight up taunting Jon Snow by literally bringing people back from the dead right before his eyes. Second, you have that same character being associated with a phrase spawned by beef-headed frat dudes looking to start a fight, which is hilarious because the Night King is actually terrifying. And third, you have the harsh reality behind the meme; the fact that no matter how many White Walkers the people of Westeros manage kill, the Night King will always have more. Come to think of it, this meme is pretty sobering…

#9: Pedigree Bolton Chow

When Joffrey died, Ramsay Bolton was still more of a pest than a villain. He’d spent most of his time torturing Theon and eating sausages. However, he made the jump to full on baddie when he married Sansa in season five. Their “union” was traumatic, with Ramsay regularly subjecting her to both physical and psychological abuse. Of course Sansa got her revenge in season six when she put the whole “how hungry is a loyal dog” adage to the test. And that brings us to this hilarious meme, which features Ramsey’s face on the side of a dog food can with Sansa and a dire wolf smiling in the background. Is brilliant too strong of a word?

#8: “CGI Is Expensive”

Re-watching “Game of Thrones” is an interesting experience, as the first couple of seasons make it painfully clear just how far the show as come; both creatively and financially. For instance, whereas nowadays Dany’s dragons are practically regulars, there was a time when seeing them was as rare as seeing one of your favorite characters not die a bloody death. And that’s exactly why this meme works. Instead of Dany’s actual response to Qarth’s Spice King, we get this comical exchange in which she refused to show off her dragons because, as she puts it, “CGI is expensive, you know!” Ah, how times have changed.

#7: Jaime Loves His Sister

If you don’t snicker the moment you see this meme, then you obviously don’t watch “Game of Thrones”. Jamie Lannister’s incestuous love for his sister Cersei has been the driving force behind some of the show’s most infamous moments. That’s why this mushy greeting card about how “A girlfriend is a sister you choose” is so hilarious. Jamie literally chose his sister to be his girlfriend. We don’t know how to be more blunt than that. Of course, adding his smirking face to the bottom of the meme is the icing on the cake, as he appears to be in total agreement with the card’s message.

#6: “Fight for Me, Drogon”

To the untrained eye this grammatically incorrect meme appears to be nothing more than a silly mistake. But those of a certain generation will be quick to point out that this is lolspeak at its finest. The meme depicts Daenerys attempting to will Drogon into fighting for her, only for him to repeat her words in a childish, misspelled and grammatically incorrect way. Which oddly enough is the perfect way to describe lolspeak. It certainly helps that Drogon’s face is freakin’ hilarious in this still; and when juxtaposed with Dany’s own face makes for one truly clever meme.

#5: Joffrey the Sandwich

If there’s anything we love more than a solid meme, it’s a solid meme that involves a pun; so whoever came up with this one is a genius, plain and simple. As any true fan will tell you, Joffrey is as inbred as they come, what with him being the son of everyone’s favorite brother-sister couple Cersei and Jaime Lannister. So when this meme proclaims from Joffrey’s point of view “if I was anymore inbred I’d be a sandwich,” it’s a brilliant way of simultaneously reminding us that he’s the illegitimate spawn of two siblings; and if he were any more so he’d need some mustard. Love Joffrey memes? Here’s another one for free…(dick in a box)

#4: Danny & Her Avocado

Two things are true in life: Daenerys loves her dragon-children more than anything and finding the perfect avocado at the supermarket is cause for celebration. Both of these facts are brilliantly brought to light in this hilarious meme that depicts Dany fawning over one of her dragon eggs as if it is a perfect avocado. The egg in question strongly resembles an avocado and the way that Daenerys is looking at it is pretty much the way we all look at fruit when out shopping. So it’s got one of the key things that can make a meme work: relatability.

#3: High Sparrow / Low Sparrow

Wasn’t Jonathan Pryce freakin’ awesome as the High Sparrow? While most “Game of Thrones” villains are downright evi,l he was one we could actually get behind. Of course he was a little dirty, especially when juxtaposed with an image of him dressed to the gills as Governor Swann from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. And that’s why this meme works. The two polar opposite images are perfect for capturing how it feels when you get paid compared to a few weeks later. A simple yet clever premise that has been duplicated numerous times, this meme is nevertheless still pretty funny.

#2: Jorah [aka The Thing]

Poor Jorah. All he wanted was to serve Daenerys. Instead he gets banished, during which time he manages to kidnap Tyrion and get infected with greyscale while sailing through Valyria. When the two men find a patch of beach to recuperate on, they both ask one other if the other has been infected. Of course, Jorah lies and says no. However, this meme decided that it would have been funnier if by the time Tyrion asked Jorah he’d turned into The Thing from “Fantastic Four”. It’s a brilliant pop culture mash up that is both well thought out and totally hilarious. Well-done, Internet!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Go Hunting, Ruin Everything for Everyone

Tinder vs. Reality

Life of Gendry

Crows Before Hoes

Rickon? Dickon!

#1: Jon the Dragon

This laugh-out-loud meme was spawned from a behind the scenes moment captured by none other than Daenerys Targaryen herself. Actor Kit Harington was having a bit of fun during a scene on the cliffs of Dragonstone, flapping his cape like a dragon. Little did he know, this impersonation would break the Internet! After Emilia Clarke posted a snippet of this on social media, Harington was hilariously edited into different backgrounds, ranging from peacocking on the Iron Throne to flying like Drogon. We salute you, Jon Snow!