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Top 10 Things We Want to See in the Upcoming Matrix Movies

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands

Looks like our robot overlords were just taking a break! “The Matrix” has been Reloaded, survived Revolutions (barely), and is finally set to be revived! The first new Matrix movie is in the capable hands of screenwriter Zak Penn, whose filmography includes “X-Men 2”, “Ready Player One”, and “The Avengers”. Here’s our wishlist for any sequels, prequels, or spin-offs set in the Wachowskis’ post-apocalyptic sci fi universe. What do YOU want to see in the new Matrix movies?


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Script written by Michael Wynands

Top 10 Things We Want To See In The Upcoming Matrix Movies

Ready or not, it’s time to jack in again. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things We Want To See In The Upcoming Matrix Movies.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the recently announced new movies set within the world of The Matrix, and talking about some of the key things we’d like to see included and explored as this universe expands.

#10: An R-Rating

Revisiting the original Matrix trilogy, it seems kind of crazy that all three instalments received an R-rating. Sure they’re violent and there’s some sexual content, but nothing overly shocking - they feel very PG-13 today. Be that as it may, we’d like to see any new Matrix films really earn that R-rating. The action, CGI and fight sequences were groundbreaking in 1999, but the world has since caught up. In order to stand out from the crowd, the new films should really embrace the darkness, deadly stakes and violence of this dystopian world. Unfortunately, despite the success of films like “Deadpool” and “Logan”, studios remain wary of releasing R-rated films for financial reasons, but we think that the risk would pay off for Warner Bros.

#9: Inception Within the ‘Matrix’

Though they are very different films, Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” does share some notable conceptual territory with The Matrix trilogy. Namely, it made us question the reality we inhabit. For the next generation of Matrix films, we’d like to see them borrow from “Inception” in kind, by exploring the possibility that fans have been theorizing about since the conclusion of the original trilogy - that of a Matrix within a Matrix. Similar to the layered dream worlds in “Inception”, might Zion and the devastated wasteland of Earth be just another virtual reality - a program within a program designed to pacify the most restless human minds who couldn’t be satisfied in the more polished world the machines created for them? It would certainly make for a worthy follow-up story.

#8: More About the Previous Versions of the ‘Matrix’ & ‘The One’

As we learn from the Architect, the Matrix from which Neo escapes is not the first of its kind. The earliest version of the Matrix was a paradise, but it crashed. The second version introduced cause and effect, and was “grotesque”, but it also failed. On his third attempt, the Architect seemingly got it right, but even so, the Matrix needs to be reloaded every hundred years or so. Central to this cycle is the One, a savior archetype of which Neo is actually the sixth incarnation. Though we already know that each of these past iterations of the Matrix were doomed, it would be fascinating to dive deeper into that history, maybe even meeting Neo’s predecessors.

#7: More of the ‘Matrix’

The Matrix looks like our reality, but that is NOT Chicago. Most humans plugged into the Matrix live in a “Mega City”, beyond which we see very little. But what is the full extent of the Matrix? What of the other cities referenced in the films? Did the Architect design an entire simulated Earth? Would you eventually hit an impassable mountain range or invisible barrier, like in a video game? We’d love to see a character using backdoors to give us a better picture of this virtual world. Of course, if the new film is a prequel, it would also be interesting to delve deeper into the implementation of the Matrix, following the experience of individuals as they were taken to be made into living batteries.

#6: Trinity's Origins

It goes without saying, but Carrie-Anne Moss’ character in “The Matrix” is much more than a love interest. She is a hero in her own right, and was actively taking the fight to their machine overlords long before Neo’s mind was freed. Within the Matrix, Trinity was a legendary hacker, and her exploits caught the attention of Morpheus, who helped to liberate her like he later did Neo. Though we love Trinity’s arc in the original trilogy, we feel like her backstory and pre-trilogy exploits warrant more attention and would make for a thrilling cinematic journey. Considering we don’t even know her real name, there’s plenty of room for a screenwriter to get creative, using existing interpersonal relationships with Morpheus and Ghost to give it an emotional core.

#5: Easily Digestible Philosophy

When the Wachowskis unleashed “The Matrix” upon the world in 1999, it was unlike anything cinemagoers had seen before. The action was thrilling and the premise fascinating, but perhaps most compelling was the way in which it worked philosophical concepts into its narrative fabric. Unfortunately, in the subsequent instalments, the franchise suffered under the weight of its own intellectual musings. The balance felt way off, the ambiguity was frustrating and the Architect’s language verged into the territory of parody. It would be sacrilege to make a Matrix film that cut out philosophical and theological questions, but it would be nice if the big questions were a bit more easy to grasp. Let’s aim for ideologies that are deep but elegant in their simplicity.

#4: A Better Look at Machine Civilization

We feel like we were barely scratching the surface of what the machine world had to offer in the original trilogy. Though The Animatrix did delve into the rise of the machines and the subsequent war, we never get a very clear picture of machine civilization after they’ve won. What sort of organizational structure do they have? Did they spread from the city of 01 to cover the globe? Is their society a strictly utilitarian one or, with the birth of A.I., did the machines also pursue quality of life? The programs certainly seem to have personalities and wants, so we can only assume that they’ve developed some sort of interpersonal dynamics. We’d love to take a closer look at the machine world.

#3: Following a Battery Who Wakes Up

In the 1999 film, Neo awakens from his pod disoriented, but is quickly rescued by Morpheus and the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar. What if, however, you woke up and there was no one there to get you? As we all know too well from our personal tech lives, and based on the failings of the Matrix as a program, machines are capable of error. Having a human wake up from the Matrix by mistake could make for a fascinating and terrifying chapter in the expanding universe of the Matrix. We could follow the character as they attempt to avoid detection, desperately trying to survive in the wasteland before meeting the resistance or yet unheard of group of survivors. It would certainly give us a better picture of the new world.

#2: A Charismatic Lead

Don’t get us wrong; we love Keanu Reeves and his uniquely understated approach to acting. It was a great fit for Neo, much like it is for John Wick. But… it’s not a stretch to think that Warner Bros. might feel the need to cast a similar style of lead for future instalments in an attempt to “recapture the magic” - and that would be a big mistake. We want to see the franchise boldly venturing forward into new territory, both narratively and in terms of character development. A charismatic and passionate star could make all the difference. In the event of a prequel, young Morpheus would make for a worthy protagonist, especially with someone like Michael B. Jordan in the role. A female hero could also be great.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

Cameos by Original Cast Members

Mind-Blowing Action & Cutting Edge Special Effects

Exploring More of the ‘Real World’

More Unique Programs & Exiles

The Return of Neo

#1: A Cohesive Trilogy

Telling a story across multiple films is no small feat. Often filmmakers come up with a strong first instalment and then go too big and convoluted when they finally get the green light for sequels - as was the case with “The Matrix”. The potential of this franchise is already proven; the real risk, quite frankly, comes from trying to play it too safe or to design the films by committee. Find a screenwriter and director who you trust, and let them develop a single, well-paced story spread across three films. Too many trilogies start strong, only to give way to a middle chapter that feels like pure filler and a final instalment that’s trying to make up for past mistakes. Most importantly though… we just want a satisfying ending!

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