Top 10 Unforgettable Damon & Elena Moments
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Top 10 Unforgettable Damon & Elena Moments

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He will always choose her. For this list, we’ll be looking into the most romantic, steamy, and/or memorable moments featuring this supernatural couple. Some of the entries reveal plot events, so a spoiler alert is in order. Our list includes being reunited, their first proper kiss, their goodbye, the deathbed kiss, Elena chooses Damon, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Damon and Elena Moments from The Vampire Diaries.

Top 10 Damon and Elena Moments from The Vampire Diaries

He will always choose her. Welcome to MsMojo and today we‘ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Damon and Elena Moments from “The Vampire Diaries.”

For this list, we’ll be looking into the most romantic, steamy, and/or memorable moments featuring this supernatural couple. Some of the entries reveal plot events, so a spoiler alert is in order.

#10: Being Reunited
“I Was Feeling Epic”

It was a long ride for these two over the seasons. Sire bond, Augustine experiments, Katherine stealing Elena’s body, Damon dying, Elena erasing memories of loving him and finally Elena being put into a coma by Kai – they really have been through it all. It would only be fitting for them to have a happy ending, and in the series finale, they get exactly that once Bonnie manages to break the spell that was keeping Elena asleep. The pair’s reunion is bittersweet, however, as the group mourns Stefan, who sacrificed himself to save them. From the brief flash-forward, we see their life together in Mystic Falls, and the pair look more in love than ever.

#9: Damon Tells Elena He Loves Her

What do you do when the girl you love is in a relationship with your brother? You reveal your feelings and then ensures she doesn’t remember the confession. After Elena is saved from Elijah, Damon shows up in her room to return the vervain necklace she lost. Before he does, however, he tells Elena that he loves her, acknowledging how happy she is with Stefan and how he doesn’t deserve her compared to him. Before Elena can respond, Damon compels her to forget their exchange and leaves before she realizes he’s been there. This pure act of selflessness from Damon brings tears to all of our eyes.

#8: Their First Proper Kiss
“The New Deal”

The show loved to tease us with these two locking lips. At first, it was Katherine posing as Elena during their kiss, which means it doesn’t really count. By the middle of the third season, Stefan and Elena’s relationship is severed because of his war with Klaus. This causes Elena to turn to Damon for emotional support, resulting in the two forming a strong bond. When Damon finally works up the courage to kiss Elena on her porch, he catches her – and us – by surprise. Combined with an amazing song choice and a subtle portrayal of the tension that’s been building between them up until that point, the pair’s first real kiss is a truly memorable one.

#7: The Rain Kiss
“Do You Remember the First Time?”

Rain kisses are iconic by default and this one is no exception. When Damon comes back from the dead to find out Elena erased all memories of their relationship, it’s safe to say he’s not happy. He desperately tries to get her to remember what made her fall in love with him, only to realize she only sees him as a stranger. Devastated, Damon goes to the graveyard, where he reminisces of a night from their summer together. In a flashback, the pair try to watch a meteor shower, but get caught in a rainstorm. This doesn’t stop them from passionately making out in the rain and reassuring each other that they’ll be together forever, hitting us right in the feels with the irony.

#6: Their Goodbye
“I’ll Be Thinking of You All the While”

The universe really wanted these two to work for it. Everything seemed to be going perfectly – Elena took the cure and got her memories of Damon back while he decided to become human alongside Elena and have the life she always wanted. Unfortunately, things were too good to be true as in the last episode of season six, Kai Parker put Elena under a ‘sleeping beauty’ spell and ties her life to Bonnie’s, meaning she won’t wake up until Bonnie dies. The couple share a romantic dance on the road where they first met and Damon promises he’ll be waiting for her as long as it takes. While it’s only Damon putting a vision in Elena’s head, our tears are one hundred percent real.

#5: The Deathbed Kiss
“As I Lay Dying”

Damon is on a brink of death a lot in this show. This time, he gets bitten by Tyler Lockwood on a full moon. At that point, there is no known cure, making it very bad news for Elena. She even breaks out of the sheriff’s office so she could get to him and take care of him in his last moments. As the pair lie together in Damon’s bed, he opens his heart to her, saying all the pain he went through was worth it because he got to meet her. She reassures him she likes him the way he is and gives him a peck on the lips as a goodbye, only for Katherine to walk in with the cure and some bad news.

#4: Miss Mystic Falls Dance
“Miss Mystic Falls”

There are no dancers like these two in this series. When Elena enters the Miss Mystic Falls pageant in season one, she obviously asks Stefan to be her escort. What she doesn’t know, however, is that he’s been struggling with his bloodlust, which results in him taking off with one of the other contestants with the intention to feed on her. This leaves Elena without a partner in the middle of the pageant - that is, until Damon steps in at the very last second. The pair participate in a dance that practically radiates chemistry between them, topped with some intense eye contact. Later on in the series, Elena reveals this was the moment she first felt attracted to Damon and honestly, we can see why.

#3: Elena Chooses Damon

All fans of the pair cheered when they finally got together in season four, but they got their hearts crushed the next episode when it was confirmed Elena is sired to Damon. For the rest of the season we’re left wondering if Elena’s feelings are real, despite her insisting she genuinely loves Damon, which he struggles to believe. After Elena is forced to shut off her humanity when Jeremy’s killed by Katherine, she takes it back, stating her ‘feelings’ were because of sire bond, breaking all of our hearts. Once she works through her grief, however, she gives Damon an emotional speech, saying that no matter what bad stuff they’ve been through, she doesn’t regret loving him. This results in a passionate kiss, meaning they’re officially together.

#2: Elena Met Damon First
“The Departed”

Choosing between the two Salvatores at the end of season three was difficult for Elena. Despite their hardships, Elena decides to give Stefan another chance, which leads to a tearful phone call to Damon where she questions the chance of things working out differently had they met first. In the middle of fighting a dark version of Alaric, Damon remembers the moment where, to our surprise, it turns out he did meet Elena before Stefan, which helps him find the strength to fight back. In the flashback, Damon approaches Elena, mistaking her for Katherine, and the pair shamelessly flirt with each other, establishing an instant connection. He ends up compelling Elena to forget their conversation, but as we know, it was only the beginning of their story.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Elena Gets Her Memories Back
“I’d Leave My Happy Home for You”

Their First Time
“My Brother’s Keeper”

Damon Brings Back Stefan’s Necklace
“The Birthday”

Damon Promises He Won’t Leave Her Again
“The Reckoning”

Elena Telling Damon She Loves Him
“After School Special”

#1: Makeout at the Motel
“Heart of Darkness”

There’s tension... and then there’s Damon and Elena. When they go to Denver to get Jeremy to contact Rose for information about Damon’s vampire bloodline, their mission leads to a night in a motel room. From Elena staring at Damon while he’s walking around bare-chested to their subtle hand holding while lying in bed – sparks are flying everywhere. Elena tries to distance herself by going outside for fresh air, but when Damon comes after her, she can no longer control herself and jumps at him with a kiss full of hungry passion. This results in a steamy makeout session against the wall. Who needs fireworks when you have these two? If only Jeremy didn’t have such a bad timing.