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Does YouTube Really Care About YouTubers and Influencers?

VO: Ashkan Karbasfrooshan & Rebecca Brayton
Who and what built YouTube? Pirated videos? Gamers? Youtubers? The answer isn't as obvious as it seems. The better question is: Does YouTube Really Care About YouTubers and Influencers? Or was the union a marriage of convenience that is now starting to sour, as Google's video platform becomes more of a business and effectively replacing television? The video is a commentary to Julia Alexander's Digiday article suggesting YouTube's golden era was over. To her credit, it's a well-researched piece but based on a false premise. Agree, disagree? While our current day-to-day rep is a vault, over the years I've had many direct convos with & indirect feedback from Google/YouTube staff past & present. Some of the comments may sounds harsh, but not inaccurate. I welcome your feedback, mainly, don't kill the messenger!

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