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Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Music Videos

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
The best Jennifer Lopez music videos prove that this singer/actress/dancer is a certified triple threat. We’re looking at the multi-talented superstar's greatest music videos, which is by no means an easy feat. Also, be sure to check out JLo's latest music video, "Medicine" feat. French Montana at the link below and keep watching to see where it ended up! MsMojo ranks the best Jennifer Lopez music videos. Which video music is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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A singer, actor, and dancer; occasionally, all at the same time. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Music Videos.

For this list, we’re looking at the multi-talented superstar's greatest music videos, which is by no means an easy feat. Also, be sure to check out JLo's latest music video, "Medicine" feat. French Montana at the link below and keep watching to see where it ended up!

#10: “Get Right” (2005)

Prior to taking the music world by storm, J. Lo focused on acting and even earned a Golden Globe nomination for 1997’s “Selena.” Clearly, singing is far from the celebrity’s only talent, and Jennifer Lopez’s acting ability shines through in the music video for “Get Right.” Directed by Francis Lawrence, who would go on to direct “The Hunger Games” sequels, “Get Right” allows Lopez to slip back and forth through a multitude of unique roles all interconnected through the same night club. Be it dancing, singing, or acting; “Get Right” distills the many facets of Jennifer Lopez into a slick five minute music video.

#9: “On the Floor” (2011)

Released in 2011, this slick and stylish video reversed time to the turn of the century when the New York-born performer ruled the pop scene. Boasting incredibly high production value and, once again, casting Jennifer Lopez as a few different characters, "On the Floor"'s music video embodies the freedom of becoming lost in the moment while on the dance floor. As always, Lopez tries on various wardrobes and looks stunning in each and every one of them. "On the Floor" is the quintessential party anthem, so it is only fitting the music video reflects the aesthetic, feel, and energy of an all-night raver.

#8: “Jenny from the Block” (2002)

Despite starring in big Hollywood films and producing chart-topping singles, J. Lo strives to remain the same person born and raised in The Bronx. An ode to the singer's past self and present super-stardom, "Jenny from the Block" highlights Lopez's upbringing, even if the video's massive yacht and a cameo by ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck did little to support the lyrics' message. Although the song toes the line between iconic and infamous, "Jenny from the Block" presents the singer at the height of her media fame better than nearly every other of her videos.

#7: “If You Had My Love” (1999)

This is it; Jennifer Lopez' debut single! By 1999, J. Lo had already starred in "Out of Sight" and "Anaconda" with George Clooney and a big snake respectively, so "If You Had My Love" was hardly the first time fans got to see the celebrity in action. That being said, the song and music video propelled the performer to a whole new stratosphere of fame. Centering around people accessing a site to watch Lopez work her magic - which happens to include an impressive solo dance - "If You Had My Love" presents the singer as a superstar right from the start.

#6: “Ain’t Your Mama” (2016)

As the 2016 catchy pop song boasts quite socially and politically charged lyrics, the music video opts for a slightly different tone than the celebrity's traditional party anthems. Highlighting the progress made in the fight for women’s rights, "Ain't Your Mama" sees Lopez stepping into the shoes of various archetypal roles from across the decades, ranging from a 1950s housewife to a news anchor and a business professional. Along the way, snippets from significant speeches are inserted to inject a bit more substance to the already stylish video. Come for the catchy chorus, stay for the empowering music video.

#5: “Love Don't Cost a Thing” (2001)

Winning a "People's Choice Award for Outstanding Music Video," "Love Don't Cost A Thing" is comfortably among Jennifer Lopez's most career-defining productions. Released a bit before the New Yorker's heavily publicized split with Sean Combs, the video revolves around Lopez leaving behind a neglectful boyfriend. With a few hits under her belt, J. Lo fine-tuned the recipe for crafting alluring music videos that echo the celebrity's brand of confident sexuality. A catchy hook, a thumping beat, and an iconic video boasting impeccable production value and a memorable dance sequence; "Love Don't Cost a Thing" is quintessential Lopez.

#4: “Medicine” (2019)

Two decades after taking the music scene by storm with “If You Had My Love," Jenny from the Block still knows how to put together an eye-catching cinematic extravaganza! Song-wise, "Medicine" is reminiscent of the singer's earlier sound, but the music video sees Lopez exploring fresh, almost surreal territory. After all these years, a highly polished aesthetic is par for the course; yet, "Medicine's" carnival visual themes are a sight to behold even in comparison with Lopez's impressive videography. J. Lo has always been more of a performer than a singer, and "Medicine" highlights the celebrity's showmanship spectacularly.

#3: “El Anillo” (2018)

Following some softer tracks and delicate ballads, the Latin superstar dropped an absolutely ferocious tune with a fittingly memorable accompanying video. Cast in a role the celebrity was born to play, "El Anillo" depicts Lopez as a medieval queen who tasks suitors with competing for the right to sit by the monarch's side. Basically, take your average sword and sorcery TV series, drench the throne room in gold, and the end result should be "El Anillo." Be it the sets, the flawless costumes, or provocative choreography; every frame of "El Anillo's" video oozes self-assurance and power.

#2: “Dinero” (2018)

In the world of braggadocios pop anthems, massive mansions and private jets are nothing out of the ordinary. Despite repeating many of the same beats as other modern music videos, "Dinero" rises above its contemporaries through sheer class and conviction. Shot in black-and-white, "Dinero" serves as a testament to Jennifer Lopez's undeniable magnetism, as the pop star dominates each and every scene despite being surrounded by so much valuable real estate. While Cardi B. and DJ Khaled also deserve credit for the video's success, "Dinero" is J. Lo's show from beginning to end.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“I Luh Ya Papi” (2014)

“I’m Glad” (2003)

“I'm Real (Murder Remix)” (2001)


“First Love” (2014)

#1: “Waiting for Tonight” (1999)

Released two months prior to the turn of the century, "Waiting for Tonight" embodies the distinct pre-Y2K mood better than most other videos of the time. Lopez had already scored a few hits, but this October 1999 single firmly installed the multi-talented celebrity as the music scene's dancing queen. The track is fantastic on its own; that being said, the music video is just as – if not more – iconic than the actual song. Few pop culture scenes are as well-known as a sparkling Jennifer Lopez energetically dancing in a jungle filled with green lasers.

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