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Top 10 Funniest Jordan Peele Moments

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating

He is a man of many talents, but today we’re focusing on this actor/writer/director’s comic side. From Jordan Peele’s roles on Big Mouth and Rick and Morty, to his hilarious Key and Peele sketches, these are the most hilarious Jordan Peele moments. Join WatchMojo as we count down 10 funny Jordan Peele moments. What’s your favorite Jordan Peele moment? Let us know in the comments!

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Script written by Laura Keating

Top 10 Funniest Jordan Peele Moments

He’s a man of many talents, but most fans got to know him first through comedy. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Jordan Peele Moments.

For this list we’ll be looking at the most hilarious and iconic comedy moments from this full-spectrum entertainer.

#10: Testicle Monster

“Rick and Morty” (2013-)
In an episode where Rick, Morty, and Summer manage to fracture reality by freezing time for too long, they’re visited by a fourth dimensional being. When it’s revealed that the monster (who looks suspiciously like a certain piece of anatomy) wants to take them to Time Prison, they beat him up in multiple realities. In a post-credit sequence, the original monster (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key) picks up his buddy (voiced by Jordan Peele) to help him deliver comeuppance. The hilarious dynamic here is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the two comedians. The interaction, already entertaining, is made all the funnier thanks to their . . . well . . . anatomical resemblance.

#9: "Inside Looking Out" Sketches

“MadTV” (1995-)
In recent years, Peele has made a considerable splash in the world of horror cinema. His Oscar-winning film “Get Out” delved deep into issues of racism, color blindness, and racial appropriation. But these main themes had been earlier made into brilliant comedy in the “Inside Looking Out” sketches of MadTV. It’s easy to believe Peele’s character, Dontel LaMontrose, is in the sunken place as he sings the praises of his partner, Beth LaMontrose (played by Nicole Parker), who’s very obviously racist. It should be (and is!) a cringeworthy set-up, but his character’s obliviousness to her words and actions sells the satirical premise.

#8: Playing Percy Julian

“Drunk History” (2013-)
Relying entirely on physical acting, Peele follows the prompts of an intoxicated Derek Waters for this episode of “Drunk History”. He plays famed research chemist Percy Julian, beginning with his attempts to get accepted into university, and continuing with his studies in Vienna and rise as an important and influential scientist. His performance and expression are so on-point that you forget that he isn’t delivering the hilariously slurred words himself, as he perfectly melds the rambling narration with the character and story. It’s a real testament to what a fantastic performer he is.

#7: To Shoot or Not to Shoot

“Keanu” (2016)
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele continued to be friend goals when they starred in “Keanu.” Co-written by Peele, the action comedy follows two best friends who infiltrate a gang to get back a beloved kitten. Despite their . . . best efforts? . . . the two are eventually caught out, saved only by Keanu chewing through their ropes. The tables seem to be turned – until the bad guys call their bluff. In most action movies, the good guys are gritty and resolved. Here, Peele and Key’s realistic panic over whether to shoot or not, all while trying to rescue a kitten, makes the scene hilarious.

#6: Sad 50 Cent

“MadTV” (1995-)
Peele’s take on 50 Cent is . . . not what we expected. It’s even better! When 50 Cent’s manager tells him that his album is only number two on the charts, his temper rises. But he takes a hard 180 the moment he hangs up, and we see Fiddy’s softer side as he launches into a ballad of heartbreak. Even with everything he’s got, he still doesn’t feel good enough - making him a Sad 50 Cent. As the song gets bigger and bigger, so do the laughs. The juxtaposition of 50 Cent’s tough reputation and such a weepy song gets us every time.

#5: Eating Hot Wings

“Hot Ones”(2015-)
On the web series “Hot Ones,” host Sean Evans invites guests to eat increasingly spicy hot wings while answering interview questions. With both Key and Peele on set, their mouth-murdering meal starts off lighthearted enough. By wing three however, things start to escalate! As with many challenge-based shows, the viewer is wincing along with the contestants, but when the contestants are comedians it’s that much more entertaining. From their facial expressions, outbursts, attempts at rationalization, and running commentary, the pain and adrenaline are very real. We even get to see their valet characters reacting to “Keanu”!

#4: Obama & the Anger Translator

“Key & Peele” (2012-15)
Not every comedian can do impressions. Luckily for us, Jordan Peele is excellent at more than one, but his best known has to be that of Barack Obama. With Luther, his “anger translator”, raging in the background, Peele absolutely nails not just President Barack Obama’s calm voice and manner of speaking, but his small mannerisms and expressions too. He’s so good at it, he would apparently channel Obama while directing “Get Out,” as well as an impeccable impersonation of Tracy Morgan, to get results from his actors.

#3: Playing the Ghost of Duke Ellington

“Big Mouth” (2017 -)
Is it his insane laugh? His spontaneous little jazz-riffs? Or his words of wisdom? Maybe all three. As the ghost of real-life band leader and jazz legend Duke Ellington, Jordan Peele brings the laughs every time he appears on “Big Mouth”. Always suave, somewhat unhinged, and very deceased, Ellington haunts Nick Birch’s attic, and passes on advice that ranges from profound to . . . well, just bizarre. Either way, Peele’s larger-than-life performance is always entertaining, and has us wishing we had our own ghost throwing raucous parties in the middle of the night.

#2: Enjoying a Continental Breakfast

“Key & Peele” (2012-15)
Before directing horror films, Jordan Peele often drew on tropes and classic moments from the genre in his sketch show “Key & Peele”. In one such sketch, he played a hotel guest (booked into room 237, no less) partaking in that finest of dining experiences: the continental breakfast. The grandiose manner with which Peele’s character enjoys his yogurt cup and blueberry muffin is already perfection, but in a play on the iconic line from “The Shining,” we learn that he’s always been a guest, and can have all the continental breakfast he wants. Peele’s hilarious performance brings home what could otherwise have just been offbeat and strangely sinister.

Before we unveil our number one picks, here are a few honorable mentions:

Fanny's Song
“Bob's Burgers” (2011-)

Slap Ass!
“Key & Peele” (2012-15)

As Dr. Brian
“Children's Hospital” (2010-15)

“The Late Late Show with James Corden” (2015-)

Cut to ... in the Pond
“Wanderlust” (2012)

#1: Clear History

“Key & Peele” (2012-15)
Hmm . . . what a mystery! In this sketch, a woman discovers that her browsing history is cleared every time she leaves the house. Her boyfriend tries to explain . . . But of course, we all know what’s really going on - even before he literally springs a leak. Peele’s desperately calm voice as he tries to sell explanation after explanation is all too relatable to anyone who’s ever tried to hide something (porn or otherwise). The cool panic as his face runs with sweat became instant meme fodder and is one of his most iconic and hilarious moments to date.

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