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NHL 20 is the newest instalment in the EA sports hockey franchise. We were promised innovation and we got it. My name is Yan with MojoPlays and this is my review for NHL20.
NHL 20 Review

NHL 20 is the newest instalment in the EA sports hockey franchise. We were promised innovation and we got it. My name is Yan with MojoPlays and this is my review for NHL20.

Last year in NHL19 the major innovation was the enhanced skating system and that was very well received. This year with the addition of a brand new shooting system, scoring and passing is more realistic than ever. Passing in stride and realistic shooting animations. These changes organically make the game feel much faster, which is what fans have been clamoring for. Some elite players even shoot like they would shoot in real life and this is a welcomed addition to the franchise. One negative however is that the overall gameplay can seem a little clunky. It’s not clear if this was deliberate, because the superstar players just feel much better than everyone else. Whether this will be addressed in a patch or not, it makes the elite players truly feel as if they are a step ahead where in previous years you were able to stickhandle with john scott as fast as sidney crosby.

Franchise mode adding another feature fans have been asking for is the coaching carousel. Franchise mode is the mode that NHL fans play the most on a consistent basis. There’s just something incredible about seeing prospects on your favorite NHL team develop into superstars in front of your eyes. Adding a feature that puts that development in your control slightly is very satisfying. Some coaches are better for defenceman development and other for forwards. In-game, coaches have different ratings and different advantages for your team with his own tactics for each line. While it may not seem like the biggest addition in the world, it’s refreshing to see development teams actually listen to the community and implement a change that fans have been begging for.

It’s clear that world of chel is what the development team is focusing on the most as a growth initiative. World of Chel is essentially NHL’s version of NBA 2K’s The Neighborhood. Creating your own player, joining an Ea Sports Hockey League team with friends, or just playing ones in their downtime, there’s a lot to like here in World of Chel. They even added their own “battle royale” type system in the ones eliminator mode where if you one your 1 on 1 on 1 matchup you move on to the next round, the more you win, the better the prizes. You can also choose 20 custom shot animations for your player to make him seem more like how you want to be on the ice. All these customizable features are also in be a pro.

While we do love everything in NHL, Hockey ultimate team is the same as ever where you require microtransactions to remain competitive in the online scene, this is where NHL has fallen behind other ea sports games especially madden. In madden there are many ways to get coins to be able to buy players. Madden has also raised the bar by completely doing away with the contract cards that were essentially pack fillers. Why should I have to apply tedious contract cards to players that I own? Either way, this is definitely an area of improvement for NHL, but with the way they listen to the community, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them add some changes in the next iteration.

While NHL20 is not the most innovative NHL in history, it adds much needed changes and the game got very refreshed with a brand new presentation package. If you’re a fan of NHL and you play this game every year either by yourself or with friends, you will like this game. If you’re new to the franchise and have never played an NHL game before, it’s a great entry way into the franchise.