Top 10 Saddest K-Dramas



Top 10 Saddest K-Dramas

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Even if you don't speak the language, you can see why these are the saddest K-dramas.
These are the shows that will tear apart your soul, but somehow still leave you wanting more. Welcome to Msmojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Saddest K-Dramas.

For this list, we’re taking a look at some of the most heartbreaking television series ever to come out of South Korea.

#10: “The Princess’ Man” (2011)

Think Romeo and Juliet…set in medieval, 15th-century Korea. After Lee Se-Ryung, the daughter of the king’s brother, is promised in marriage to budding scholar Kim Seung-Yoo, the two youths begin to fall head over heels. But just as their love blossoms, Se-Ryung’s father initiates a plan to take power by killing off the king’s supporters - including Seung-Yoo’s father. In a story rife with heartache and betrayal, Se-ryung and Seung-yoo must fight against seemingly insurmountable odds to keep their love alive amidst a brutal feud between their families. Keep the Kleenex close at hand for this one.

#9: “Kill Me, Heal Me” (2015)

Any TV series that begins on the premise of the main character having suffered child abuse is guaranteed to trigger some emotion. Due to the trauma of his past, mild-mannered businessman Cha Do Hyun has dissociative identity disorder resulting in seven distinct personalities. When beautiful young psychiatric resident, Oh Ji Rin, decides to help the troubled man overcome his past, she instead finds herself falling for him. The show expertly balances comedy with tragedy, but watching Do Hyun struggle with loneliness as Ji Rin has to decide whether she can deal with his extreme mental health issues makes for some decidedly heart wrenching moments.

#8: “Goblin”(2016-17)

Beloved by critics and audiences alike, this is one of the highest rated Korean cable TV dramas of all time. The show stars Gong Yoo as Kim Shin, a 939-year-old goblin who seeks to end his life the only way he can: by finding his destined human wife. Things seem to be going his way when he meets Ji Eun-tak, a sweet and outgoing high school girl who begins to fall in love with the lonely immortal. Yoo’s pain, despite his longevity and wealth, coupled with Eun-tak’s tragic upbringing make for a consistently emotional viewing experience; the moments of sacrifice and heart-wrenching goodbyes in particular, are sure to get the waterworks going.

#7: “Secret Love” (2013)

Imagine having your lover die in a freak car accident. Heartbreaking, right? Or how about taking the blame for a death that was not your fault and going to prison. Sound brutal? It is, and there’s even more where that came from! Cruel fate is the lifeblood of this Korean drama about intertwining tragedies. Starring Hwang Jung-eum and Ji Sung, “Secret Love” follows two people who find themselves at rock bottom together and begin to fall for one another against all odds. With twists and turns that you won’t see coming, it’s a show that’ll have you reflecting on the age old question: Can true love really conquer all?

#6: “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” (2012)

Combining fantasy with history to spin this unique tale of forbidden love, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is the sort of critically-acclaimed TV drama that you can’t help but binge watch once you get started. Set in a palace in ancient Korea, it is the story of the secret romance that flourishes between a king and a female shaman who share a complicated history that not even they fully understand. It’s a convoluted and addictive plot, and as it unfurls, the King finds himself struggling for his position, his love, and his life in a story of passion, intrigue, and betrayal.

#5: “Winter Sonata” (2002)

Credited by many as having single-handedly inspired a surge of fascination with Korean culture around the world that has lasted to this day, “Winter Sonata” is considered a must-watch for fans of the genre. When shy yet talented Kang Joon-Sang moves to a small town, a picture-perfect love blossoms between him and his sweet, innocent classmate Jeong Yoo-Jin. However, a car accident destroys the relationship as Joon-Sang’s memories are erased, and ten years go by before Yoo-Jin sees him again - by which time they’re both in relationships. This is the show that’ll keep you wondering: Will they or won’t they? And you can bet you’ll shed many a tear before getting an answer.

#4: “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” (2016)

Although not beloved by korean critics, this lavish series nonetheless became an international hit. It tells the story of a 21st-century woman travelling back in time over a thousand years to an ancient Korean kingdom, where she finds herself thrust into the royal drama and ongoing competition that exists between scheming princes. And because our heroine is trapped in the body of a member of a noble family, she’s directly implicated in the action. Love is just around the corner for our young heroine, but it comes with a lot of drama and heartache all around. Give it a shot and you’ll soon understand why converts around the world are crying over this big budget k-drama.

#3: “I’m Sorry, I Love You” (2004)

It is hard to watch the series of misfortunes that plague Cha Moo-Hyuk, especially since his bad luck began at such a young age. Abandoned by his birth parents and abused by his foster parents, Moo-Hyuk grows up with the wrong crowd and becomes a street criminal. Then, a freak accident leaves him with less than a year to live. Filled with a burning desire to find the parents who abandoned him, Moo-Hyuk embarks on a painful journey that will lead to even more heartbreaking revelations. A series that spawned remakes around the world, “I’m Sorry, I Love You” is an emotionally-devastating but well-crafted tale that is worth a watch for anyone looking for a good cry.

#2: “Stairway to Heaven” (2003)

As Han Jung-Suh and Cha Song-joo grow up together, what began as innocent friendship quickly becomes something much more. But in typical Korean drama fashion, feelings of jealousy and hatred inevitably erupt around them, causing an accident that results in amnesia. Though determined to help Jung-Suh regain her memory, Song-joo will soon realize that there is more than a simple lapse of memory that threatens to keep them apart, and it will take a special kind of love to endure the waves of tragedy that are destined to come crashing their way.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“You Are My Destiny” (2014)

“That Winter, the Wind Blows” (2013)

“Missing You” (2012-13)

“Pinocchio” (2014-15)

“A Thousand Day’s Promise” (2011)

#1: “49 Days” (2011)

It doesn’t get much sadder than this. And considering the show’s we’ve discussed... that’s saying a lot! Though blessed with loving parents, caring friends, a comfortable lifestyle, and a wonderful fiancé, Shin Ji-hyun risks losing it all following an unexpected car accident. She’s left in a coma that will prove to be her death unless she can accomplish a simple task: collect three teardrops from people not related to her. What seems like a straightforward request takes Ji-hyun down a rabbit hole that will lead to unexpected connections and consequences. The consequences of the series for the audience, however, are far less surprising. Yes, we are implying many, many tears.
Please give us a season 2 in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo(modern version). Otherwise the tragic ending of the moon lovers will break the hearts of fabs forever.( it will be the most tragic love story I%u2019ve ever watched in my life)%uD83D%uDE22%uD83D%uDE2D%uD83D%uDE14
For me it will be "Sea god" Emperor of the Sea
I would say autumn in my heart and save the last dance for me are also well written,dramatic and sad.