Top 10 Funniest Boondocks Moments



Top 10 Funniest Boondocks Moments

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Robbie Bart
The funniest Boondocks moments made us laugh until it hurt.
With the 2020 reboot of “The Boondocks,” that means that the Freemans’ outrageous adventures are set to return to the small screen! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Funniest Boondocks Moments

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most laugh-inducing and/or darkly humorous moments and scenes from seasons 1-4 of Cartoon Network’s adult animated sitcom

#10: Riley's Teacher
“The S-Word”

It’s no surprise that the first entry on this list features this pair. In Season’s two’s “The S-Word”, the Freemans sue Riley’s third grade teacher Mr. Petto for using this slur against Riley. Mr. Petto explains that his foul-mouthed student’s language is so heavily littered with the slur that it he has stopped noticing it entirely, as it has crept into his inner voice. He depicts Riley’s use of the word as being so ubiquitous that when he heard Riley ask about borrowing a fry, Mr. Petto’s inside voice had the reflex to respond in kind instead of being offended by the contemptuous term! This episode is actually loosely based on real events.

#9: Granddad Opens a Restaurant
"The Itis"

If you know what it’s like to taste food as addictive as caffeine, then this episode is for you! When Granddad cooks soul food for Sunday dinner, Ed Wuncler is so impressed that he offers to open a restaurant to serve it. Granddad’s food produces an effect called “the itis”, which is a sleepy state that results from its extremely high fat content. Wuncler’s plan (as suggested by Riley) to cater to this effect by providing beds for sleeping customers of “The Itis” restaurant proves to be too successful, as the neighbourhood quickly devolves into a crime infested area, with individuals becoming obsessed with Granddad’s fatty food. It is ultimately revealed that this was Wuncler’s plan all along so that he could buy the remaining property in the neighborhood.

#8: Diss Track for Grandad
"The Story of Thugnificent"

When the fictional rap superstar Thugnificent moves into Woodcrest across the street from the Freemans, a beef is instantly born. Thugnificent makes an immediate impact in the neighbourhood by throwing a party, and Granddad files a complaint for noise and cars parked on his lawn. In response to this transgression, Thugnificent releases an expletive filled diss song and music video against Granddad, and it does not disappoint. The rapper goes after Granddad’s old age and snitching ways and hires a pathetic old actor to imitate him. The hilarious track then inspires kids all throughout town to assault old people, as a local teen explains “...because Thugnificent does it and that makes it cool."

#7: Riley Writes a Letter to Santa
"A Huey Freeman Christmas"

When Riley doesn’t get what he wants from Santa, there’s a price to pay! In this episode, Riley takes revenge on St. Nick for failing to give him a set of rims that was on his wish list during a previous Christmas. Riley takes it up with the old man in a mall appearance by throwing a chair at him and beating him with a golf club. He then proceeds to threaten Santa in writing, giving us a hilarious insight into Riley’s creative process and making sure to get the point across a few choice words. As we find out later in the episode, the letter doesn’t seem to get the job done to Riley’s satisfaction, so another mall Santa must unfortunately meet the young boy’s wrath.

#6: American Compassion
"The Fried Chicken Flu"

When an incurable flu rips across the country, the Freemans turn to President Obama’s televised emergency speech for guidance. After reassuring the country that he and his family are safe, he delivers some unsatisfying news for Granddad: the country’s best weapon against the flu is “compassion for our fellow man”. Granddad’s panicked anger reveals his absolute distrust and hatred for others as he loudly yells in front of his grandchildren. This makes it abundantly clear that when the apocalypse hits, Granddad isn’t the one you want to be with!

#5: Uncle Ruckus Performs an Exorcism
“Stinkmeaner Strikes Back”

If you thought “Reverend Father” Uncle Ruckus would be any less racist than just plain old Uncle Ruckus, then you are in for a surprise! Tom DuBois gets possessed by the ghost of the old man Stinkmeaner, who has returned to seek revenge on Granddad for killing him in a previous episode. Once Stinkmeaner attacks, the Freemans need to use everything they’ve got to subdue him and tie him to a bed. Unable to rid the spirit themselves, they enlist Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus to perform an exorcism, and it goes exactly as you’d expect. Ruckus makes the family beat the possessed man with various racially charged items, like job applications, as they scream profanities throughout.

#4: What Granddad Does to Stinkmeaner
"Granddad's Fight"

Before Stinkmeaner went to Hell, he caused Hell on earth! In Season One’s “Granddad’s Fight”, we are introduced to the concept of the n-word moment, defined by Huey as “a moment in which ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise logical negro male”. This is exactly what happens between Grandad and Stinkmeaner, who spend the episode preparing for a rematch of a parking lot scuffle in which Stinkmeaner beat up Granddad with his martial arts skills. As it turns out, Huey wildly overestimated Stinkmeaner’s ability, and in reality when he beat Granddad he just got lucky. Unfortunately, Huey discovers this too late, and blind man soon meets his demise…

#3: Slickback
"Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner"

When Granddad starts dating a younger woman, you could say that he’s a bit unwilling to accept the truth about her profession. Throughout the episode, his new girlfriend Cristal drops a hilariously great deal of signs to suggest she is a working girl: her ability to run fast in heels, her constant checking to see if he’s a cop, and her multiple shopping trips. Robert’s denial persists, and eventually culminates in a scene in which he meets, a man in a purple suit who insists on being referred to as “a pimp named Slickback”. Even after this meeting, Granddad incredulously asks if she really is “a…a...” causing both kids and Cristal to interrupt him by screaming the very obvious answer at him. Talk about rose-colored glasses!

#2: Being Interviewed by Werner Herzog
"It's a Black President, Huey Freeman"

When filmmaker Werner Herzog tracks down Huey to interview him about Obama’s inevitable victory in the 2008 elections, hilarity ensues. While people like Granddad are supporting the president without having any understanding of what he actually stands for and the rest of the world is raving about Obama’s presidential run and dancing to Thugnificent ridiculous track with, Huey is less than impressed. A self-described retired domestic terrorist, Huey responds unenthusiastically when asked if he’s “merely excited, [or extremely excited,] that everything is going to change forever”. Herzog goes on to describe violently ending his own life in response to his subjects’ bleak outlook and cites an old saying from his native Bavaria about depressing kids like Huey.

#1: Huey Lays it Down
"The Garden Party"

At the top of our list, we have one of the most incisive criticisms of American culture found in the series, and it comes from the very first episode. In a dream, Huey informs a group of rich white people that Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan is the devil, and the government is responsible for 9/11. Pandemonium ensues as the crowd devolves into violent chaos. Later, at Ed Wuncler’s Garden Party that Huey and Riley are forced to attend, Huey tries to re-enact his dream, but he encounters one unanticipated problem: none of the rich white people care. Huey is unable to deal with the encouragement and compliments from the various wealthy party goers, who - instead of being offended and rioting - are all impressed that the young boy is so thoughtful and articulate.