Top 10 Upcoming Video Games That You Need To Know About



Top 10 Upcoming Video Games That You Need To Know About

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Johnny Reynolds
There's a lot of greatness coming in 2020, even more than you might realize. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Great Games Coming in 2020 That You Didn't Know About.

For this list, we're looking at upcoming games that we're most excited to play but may also be flying under your radar.
Script Written By Johnny Reynolds

Top 10 Great Games Coming in 2020 That You Don’t Know About

There’s a lot of greatness coming in 2020, even more than you might realize. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Great Games Coming in 2020 That You Didn’t Know About.

For this list, we’re looking at upcoming games that we’re most excited to play but may also be flying under your radar.

#10: “Destroy All Humans!” (2020)

Because if Spyro and Crash can pull it off, why not Crypto? 2005’s “Destroy All Humans!” was a bombastic, wondrous lesson in destruction. In the original players led Crypto to the assurance of his race’s survival by invading and decimating us Earthlings. Sadly the franchise went cold in 2008, however, everyone’s favourite Furon invader will be back to blowing up his surroundings very soon. Developer Black Forest Games are only keeping original voice lines and music. So in addition to the new coat of paint, gameplay will be more modernized. But as long as they still let players wreak havoc on humans in 1950s-era sandboxes, humorously complimented by rag-doll physics, we’re sure it will excite new and old fans alike.

#9: “Oddworld: Soulstorm” (2020)

1997’s “Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee” was a bizarre yet charismatic platformer that spawned a number of equally unique sequels and spin-offs. Sadly we haven’t seen a new title in the series since the remake of the original in 2014. But thankfully the wait will be over soon with this re-imagining of the 1998 title “Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus.” Players will take Abe on another adventure against the villainous Glukkons, who seek to enslave and use his species. Only this time, he’ll have a host of new mechanics and abilities to use against them. Welcome back, old friend.

#8: “Tell Me Why” (2020)

For players who prefer a stronger focus on narrative, we can’t recommend Dontnod Entertainment’s “Life is Strange” series enough. And once you play that, it’s time to get excited for their next project. “Tell Me Why” follows two twins who return to their childhood home and relive difficult memories of their parents. Players will get different versions of events, choosing what they want to believe, which will then affect how the game progresses. But what makes this release so important is Tyler, who transitioned to male in the time he’s been away from home. Dontnod worked with GLAAD in order to represent the trans experience as best as they could. Topical and undeniably emotional, players will be able to help these twins heal in Summer of 2020.

#7: “Sports Story” (2020)

2017’s “Golf Story” is one of the most surprising and charming indies in the Switch’s library. The fusion of golf gameplay with an RPG world works way better than it sounds. So when Nintendo announced a sequel in December of 2019, we were ecstatic. Not just because the game was getting a follow-up, but because of the possibilities it will introduce. “Sports Story,” as its name should suggest, will let you play soccer, tennis, and baseball in addition to golf. You’ll also be able to combine different sports into a new game. All this while retaining the elements that made the original such a stellar RPG adventure. Sign us up.

#6: “Little Nightmares II” (2020)

Do you like atmospheric horror games? How about puzzle platformers? Well then do we have a game for you. “Little Nightmares” follows a young girl named Six as she tries to escape the clutches of horrific creatures in a prison called the Maw. 3 years and 3 DLC packs later, and the sequel will explore the larger world. It picks up after Six’s escape where she’ll meet the new playable character, Mono. Together, they’ll seek out the Broadcaster at the shadowy Black Tower. The first was overflowing with suspense and imagery that would make even the most hardcore horror fan’s skin crawl. And if the brief trailer is anything to go on, the sequel will more than live up to those expectations.

#5: “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” (2020)

Battle Royales have become the most popular style of gaming exceptionally quickly. While many have tried to copy the success of Battle Royale Shooters, others have added the spin to different genres. “Fall Guys” looks to be of the latter variety. You’ll control 1 of 100 adorable little guys as you race against others through increasingly difficult platforming obstacles. Slides, swinging hammers, giant balls careening towards you, and your dastardly opponents will all try to stop you from achieving victory. If it’s anything like any other Battle Royale, it should provide an addictively hectic experience. And the comical nature of the game, along with its colorful art style, certainly doesn’t hurt.

#4: “Psychonauts 2” (2020)

Double Fine’s eccentric platformer has become a cult classic since it was released in 2005. And you’d be forgiven for not keeping track of its upcoming sequel since it was announced almost five years ago. While there was a VR game released in 2017 that bridges the story gap, an actual sequel is something that passionate fans could only dream of over the past decade and a half. The original dealt with using various psychic powers to explore worlds inside different characters’ heads. And each of those characters was just as pleasantly kooky as the last. Funding and quality improvement has caused the sequel to be delayed. But with so many returning team members that made the first unique, we’d say it’s worth the wait.

#3: “Roller Champions” (2020)

Fans of “Rocket League” will want to pay attention to this one as it looks to bring that gameplay to roller derby. Coming from Ubisoft Montreal, “Roller Champions” will be a 3v3 competitive multiplayer title. Your team will try to score five points via ball in hoop in a seven-minute time period. That’s a lot easier said than done since you can’t score until you’ve completed at least one lap. And you can bet the other team will try any dirty trick to make you drop the ball. “Rocket League” was a stunning success and is one of the few games to allow cross-platform play. Only time will tell if “Roller Champions” will be as successful, but at least this PC title will be free-to-play.

#2: “Spiritfarer” (2020)

Indie developers have proven time and time again that heartfelt tales and engaging gameplay don’t just come from AAA budgets. In “Spiritfarer,” players will control the young girl Stella, a ferrymaster for dead spirits. Fans of resource management and life simulation should be delighted to explore the mystical sea. You’ll farm, craft, mine, and whatever else to build your boat into a final home for your new friends. It looks to be custom made for those who enjoy “Animal Crossing” and “Stardew Valley.” But the relationships between Stella and her spirit companions, especially in moments of saying goodbye, will certainly pull at the heartstrings. Add on a delightful, hand drawn art style and the option of co-op, and you’ve got a genuine must-play.

#1: “The Red Lantern” (2020)

Procedural generation has done wonders for action-heavy rougelikes such as “Dead Cells.” But developer Timberline Studio’s upcoming release will apply it to a more narrative-driven title. Respected voice actress Ashly Burch plays an unnamed woman as she trains for the Alaskan Iditarod. The relatable and timely story focuses on the search for greatness and a way to make up for past mistakes. But the draw comes from how you as the player will survive in the wilderness. Your sled dogs may be met with a vicious bear attack. Or you may have to resist frostbite as you hunt for your next meal. Anything could happen while you’re alone in the Alaskan Tundra. And we’re thrilled to see how Timberline recreates that.