Top 10 Detox Moments on RuPaul’s Drag Race



Top 10 Detox Moments on RuPaul's Drag Race

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The best Detox moments from RuPaul's Drag Race are nothing to apologize for.
Drag this iconic is nothing to apologize for. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Detox Moments from RuPaul's Drag Race.

For this list we're highlighting Detox's most memorable performances from Drag Race her-story. We're basing our choices on a mix of jaw-dropping fashion, unbelievable comedy and the unique spirit that defined her time on the show.

#10: Red Latex Runway
"All Stars Snatch Game"

An all-latex challenge on "All Stars" had most queens focusing on form-fitting looks and single-color outfits. But Detox's red and black combo was shocking and stylish enough that Ru audibly gasped at it. Between the killer thigh-gap, the shoulder pads and the revealing cut of the outfit, Detox was noticeably sharper than any of her competitors on the runway. The extended headpiece and black face-paint also added a mystical charm to her frock. It was hard not to love the aesthetic of it all as Detox celebrated her own look in the commentary as well. Considering this challenge had so many bawdy approaches to latex, she really found a chic way to outdo almost every other look that followed on the season.

#9: Opening Up About Her Ex
"Drama Queens"

One mini-challenge on season five saw queens crying on demand to goofy stories, but Detox was noticeably uncomfortable. So when it came to her turn, she revealed that all the sobbing brought back memories of her late partner. Though discussing such serious material went against the point of the challenge, it allowed Detox to connect with contestants and viewers on a personal level. The transparent and honest admission helped earn her a win too. And while discussing an intimate part of her past couldn't have been easy, it was ultimately a moment that showed she could have both sass and a heart.

#8: Metallic Runway
"HERstory of the World"

Rather than simply adding some chrome to a typical dress, Detox covered her whole body in silver for a futuristic runway. With touches of robot glam and inspiration from "The Fifth Element," her look was provocative and sci-fi beauty at the same time. Michelle and Ru's screaming reactions to Detox's reveal also proved that her presentation was as dazzling as her concept. The metallic sheen served her in the lip sync too, since she could easily show off her assets and touch her skin sensually. Along with her success on the episode, this fashion choice reminded viewers that Detox's runways were a force to be reckoned with.

#7: Elegant Dress Twist
"Can I Get an Amen?"

Detox constantly highlighted her bottom on "Drag Race," so it was obvious where she'd take a "Favorite body part" theme. This left her simple black dress to appear impressive at first, as it suavely defined her curves. It was all the skin on Detox's backside reveal however that got the judges rowdy, as she used her skin creatively and well..cheekily. Though her rear was to die for, the smirks she added were a showcase of how self-aware she was too. Plus with all the praise Detox's outfit got from the front, this frock allowed her to do something new and unabashedly herself at the same time.

#6: Her Roast Performance
"RuPaul Roast"

When it came time to roast RuPaul for a challenge, Detox's nerves had her initially stumbling through her notes. But she struck gold when she hysterically dissected just how unbelievable Leslie Jordan's straight characters have been. Detox also managed to reference "Showgirls," just to comically point out how dependent Michelle Visage is on Ru's fame. She even laughably redeemed her long pauses by claiming she had overwritten her material. RuPaul wasn't safe from the reads either, since Detox ended her whole set with a hilariously backhanded farewell. So regardless of how awkwardly she begun, every one of Detox's lines was fiery tea in the end.

#5: Plastic Surgery Rundown
"Can I Get an Amen?"

Though Detox has never tried to hide her cosmetic procedures, it was something else to hear her actually break down how much work she's had done. In her candid chat with Alaska, she pricelessly described silicone additions all over her chest and face. Given the exceptional list of surgeries she gave, it was funny that she dismissed it as minor work too. Alaska couldn't get the best insult on her either, since Detox absurdly exclaimed her allegiance to kitchen containers as well. Whatever you thought of her extensive plastic injections, it was undeniably memorable to hear how self-deprecating Detox was about it.

#4: I've Had It

One of Detox's shining qualities on "Drag Race" was that she had a cheeky brand and always found a way to say "I've had it!" The phrase became utterly satisfying as it not only played off of her frustrations hilariously, but also gave viewers some emotional shorthand for her confessionals. However "I've had it" got plenty of comedic turns as a way to feign anger, or be saucy and goofy at the same time with models. When she was eliminated, it served as a classy goodbye to the competition as well. No matter what the situation though, "I've had it" was a Detox trademark we truly couldn't get enough of.

#3: "Take Me Home" Lip Sync
"Snatch Game"

For her first lip sync, Detox was up against Lineysha Sparx to dance to the upbeat disco magic of Cher's "Take Me Home." And though Sparx certainly brought a seductive quality to the song, she had trouble matching the overt comedy of her opponent. Detox's euphoric energy was fun to watch, and her silly jaw wiggling to Cher's vocals sent the judges into hysterics. She even flashed her signature derriere during an instrumental break to up the personality and humor of the moment. Given the zany energy that Detox injected into so many of her lip syncs, it was clear she always knew her songs well enough to add some flair.

#2: "Read U Wrote U" Performance
"All Stars Supergroup"

Detox, Roxxxy Andrews and Alaska had a big enough friendship going back into "All Stars" season 2 that it was exciting to see them returning together. The larger routine was a wonderful highlight of the greatness of the self-dubbed Ro-laska-Tox, unlike the favoritism shown by Detox when she unfairly eliminated Alyssa Edwards. So during an ongoing girl group performance, Detox managed to stand out well with her aggressive and in-your-face rapping. Though her verse started relatively slowly, there was a lot more laughable energy from her booty-shaking spelling line. Plus she capped the whole thing off with a climactic body-drop on the X to blow everyone away for one of her strongest lip syncs in the series.

Before we get to our top pick here are a few honorable mentions:

Heroine Fragrance
"Scent of a Drag Queen"

Queen of the Weirdos Speech
"All Stars Supergroup"

Chicken Character
"Draggle Rock"

Overbite Read
"RuPaul Roast"

Glow in the Dark Lip Sync
"All Star Talent Show Extravaganza"

#1: Black and White Outfit

For the finale of her first season on "Drag Race," Detox whipped up an usual black and white outfit to hit the stage. Rather than just blending the colors on her clothes though, her skin and hair took on the bright shades too. The monochrome glam look was a stark contrast to many of the typical colors and sequins of her fellow queens. And it was also a surprisingly modest outfit for Detox, but it was a sharp-looking fit nonetheless. The concept was iconic enough to inspire a whole runway challenge in season eight as well. So while she was kept from the top three, Detox's unique frock showed judges why she deserved a crown instead.