Top 10 Celebrities That Got Embarrassed at Award Shows



Top 10 Celebrities That Got Embarrassed at Award Shows

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No one can keep their cool at all times and when the cameras surround you, it can be especially difficult. For this list, we're seeing ten times celebrities were caught on camera looking embarrassed at award shows. Our countdown includes Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift and more!
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Top 10 Times Celebrities Got Embarrassed at Award Shows

Well that wasn’t part of the plan! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten times celebrities got embarrassed at award shows.

For this list, we’ll be looking at times celebrities were left visibly embarrassed, or did embarrassing things, at award shows. We will be including all the major award shows in this list except for the Oscars, as that deserves its own list entirely.

#10: Nicki Minaj

“31st MTV Video Music Awards” (2014)
We nearly got Janet Jackson 2.0 here. During the 2014 VMAs, Nicki Minaj was performing “Bang Bang” with Ariana Grande and Jessie J when she suffered a major wardrobe malfunction. She could be seen strutting into view holding her black dress together on her chest and stomach. She later revealed on “Ellen” that she was completely naked under the dress, as she had just changed from her “Anaconda” outfit. And when she realized that her dress had malfunctioned, she “thought [she] died.” She was clearly embarrassed and probably extremely nervous, but she pulled it off like a total pro. The show must go on! And the next year she famously called out Miley Cyrus on stage, cementing her legacy in VMA history.

#9: Jacqueline Bisset

“71st Golden Globe Awards” (2014)
When it comes to the strangest award show speeches, Jacqueline Bisset’s Golden Globes speech has to be up there. Bisset won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 71st Golden Globes in 2014, and her acceptance was doomed from the start. First, she was placed about five blocks away from the stage, prompting a painfully elongated and awkward walk to accept her award. And Bisset was so overwhelmed and emotional that she could barely string a sentence together. Her speech was meandering, there were long stretches of silence, she went on a tangent about forgiveness, and talked through the exit music. She later admitted that she was totally flabbergasted and couldn’t remember what she’d said.

#8: Lily Allen

“GQ Awards” (2008)
While co-presenting at the GQ Awards, Lily Allen and Elton John got into a rather awkward back and forth. After Lily said that they had come to “a very special point in the evening,” Elton asked her if she was going to have another drink, causing Lily to swear at him. Following some more bitter banter, Lily told him to “f off,” resulting in some awkward laughs from the audience. Lily later defended herself on MySpace, saying they’d just been joking, and that: “I’m 23. It was an awards ceremony. I drank the free champagne. How awful of me.” Cold British banter or not, it certainly made for some awkward viewing.

#7: Katy Perry

“Premios MTV Latinoamérica” (2008)
Maybe playing around in cake isn’t as fun as it looks. After performing at the MTV Latin America Awards, Katy Perry was making her way off stage when she began slipping in the prop cake. And this wasn’t just some normal, everyday slip – this was like something straight out of a cartoon, complete with wild limb flailing, desperate attempts to stay upright, and repeated falls. We can practically hear the goofy sound effects. She took it in stride by laughing and waving at the audience. But then she kept falling. And falling. She eventually accepted her fate and simply crawled off stage in defeat while the music played her off.

#6: Kristen Stewart

“18th MTV Movie Awards” (2009)
Kristen is one of the most endearingly awkward celebrities in Hollywood. And she knows it. While accepting the MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance, Kristen fumbled the Golden Popcorn statue and dropped it on the floor. She covered her mouth in embarrassment, and Robert Pattinson could be seen laughing from the audience. She proceeded to thank the audience for “dealing with her” and admitted that she was just as awkward as they thought she would be. We mean, yeah. But at least we got a few good laughs out of it!

#5: Christine Lahti

“55th Golden Globe Awards” (1998)
Coming out of the washroom to a crowd of waiting people will never not be awkward. But it’s even more awkward if you had just won a major award. At the 55th Golden Globe Awards in 1998, Christine Lahti won Best Actress in a Drama Series for her work in “Chicago Hope.” Unfortunately, she was indisposed in the ladies’ room at the time of announcement. Luckily, Robin Williams was there to save the day. He entertained the crowd with some jokes until a visibly flustered and embarrassed Lahti made her way to the stage, where she proceeded to dry her hands on a towel. You know what they say – when you gotta go, you gotta go.

#4: Madonna

“35th Brit Awards” (2015)
Adorably slipping in cake is one thing. Being violently yanked off stage is quite another. During a dramatic cape unfurling, the cape got caught around Madonna’s neck and violently yanked her off the platform. Physically, Madonna was fine. Her mental state is another story. She gets up with an expression that reads equal parts embarrassment and frustration, and her voice can briefly be heard shaking as she composes herself. She later told Jonathan Ross that she “created a horror show for everyone” and suffered minor whiplash from the fall. If anything, this ordeal just proves that Madonna is a queen and a consummate professional.

#3: Mel Gibson

“73rd Golden Globe Awards” (2016)
Here’s an idea – don’t fight back against Ricky Gervais. Just accept the barb and move on. Unfortunately, Mel Gibson learned that lesson the hard way. After getting roasted by Gervais yet again at the 2016 Golden Globes, Gibson took to the stage and jabbed back at Gervais. This was the death of him. Gervais came back out, approached the mic, and asked Gibson what “sugar tits” meant, alluding to Gibson’s alleged comment towards an arresting female police sergeant. Gibson was quick to shoo Gervais away, and he was left visibly flustered as the audience laughed and gasped in shock. And with that, Gibson was utterly KO’d. Alan Cummings’s expression says it all.

#2: Miguel

“20th Billboard Music Awards” (2013)
Never, EVER jump over a crowd. Not only is it a lawsuit waiting to happen, but you seriously risk injuring a patron. Unfortunately, both of these outcomes came to fruition at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. For some bizarre reason, Miguel decided to leap over a small pit of people, kicking one woman straight in the face and curb stomping another into the stage. He is clearly embarrassed, as he turns and hugs the woman he thought he kicked. It’s a nice gesture. Unfortunately, the two he actually kicked had already scurried off in pain. One woman, Khyati Shah, was suspected of suffering “a neurological head injury,” according to her lawyer. The other, Cindy Tsai, later sued Miguel for medical bills and lost wages.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Emma Stone
“74th Golden Globe Awards” (2017)

Ian Somerhalder & Ariana Grande
“16th Teen Choice Awards” (2014)

Jonah Hill & Margot Robbie
“71st Golden Globe Awards” (2014)

Naomi Watts
“21st Screen Actors Guild Awards” (2015)

John Travolta
“26th MTV Video Music Awards” (2019)

#1: Taylor Swift & Kanye West

“26th MTV Video Music Awards” (2009)
The 2009 VMA fiasco is historic. As you all know, Kanye stormed the stage, interrupted Taylor Swift, delegitimized her award, and claimed that Beyoncé should have won. The incident proved to be monumentally embarrassing for the acclaimed rapper. Not only was he booed off the stage, but many people within the entertainment industry chastised his actions and criticized his character. Even Barack Obama got in on the action, calling Kanye “a jackass.” Sure, he didn’t seem too embarrassed in the moment, and he’s not really one to stew in his past mistakes. But this was utterly humiliating, and it did irreparable damage to his reputation.