Top 10 Celebrities That Ruined Their Careers with One Interview



Top 10 Celebrities That Ruined Their Careers with One Interview

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They didn't really just say that, did they? Oh no they didn't! For this list, we'll be looking at ten celebrities who ruined their careers in a single interview. Our countdown includes Billy Bush, Paula Abdul, Prince Andrew, Megan Fox and more!
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Top 10 Celebs Who Ruined Their Careers with One Interview

They didn’t really just say that, did they? Welcome to WatchMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebs Who Ruined Their Careers with One Interview.

For this list, we’re looking at interviews that severely hindered, or ended, celebrities careers - whether it was because of what they said, what they didn’t say, or the fact that they were just acting a little weird.

#10: Billy Bush

Do yourself a favor - if you’re wearing a mic, just assume everyone is already listening. In this infamous “Access Hollywood” footage, presenter Billy Bush and Donald Trump are cruising into a TV studio to do some filming, unaware that their microphones are on. While on the bus, they riff about Trump’s sexual escapades, which include groping women, and discuss how power can give you free reign to do whatever you want. We even hear them talking about how attractive they think “Days of Our Lives” actress Arianne Zucker is - before meeting her when they get off the bus. Bush was suspended from his job on the “Today” show following a ratings drop and subsequently resigned. He has since had to repeatedly defend himself in interviews.

#9: 5 Seconds of Summer

If you’re a band, being interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine is a big, big deal. So much so that it can be easy to get carried away with trying to sound overtly rock and roll. And that’s exactly what happened with the band 5 Seconds of Summer. In a 2015 interview, the band did everything from compare themselves to The Beatles, to dismissing or insulting the “American Music Awards”, Justin Bieber and their female fanbase - aka most of their fanbase. They were criticized for their comments and for generally sounding like narcissistic prima donnas. It probably didn’t help that they appeared naked on the front cover, either.

#8: Paula Abdul

You know when you’re drunk but you don’t think you sound drunk? Or maybe you don’t! Well, there’s a good chance that Paula Abdul knows what that feels like, at least in hindsight. In this 2007 interview, she’s promoting the latest series of “American Idol”. While she would later dismiss the idea as “lies”, many viewers wondered if she’d had a few drinks, or partaken in another type of stimuli. Delayed responses, bouts of laughter, this one has it all. The interview went viral, becoming an inescapable part of Abdul’s career. Two years later, she left “American Idol” as a judge due to a dispute over wages, and dropped out of the public eye for a while.

#7: The Chainsmokers

Next up we have another misguided attempt at sounding hardcore in a magazine interview, this time courtesy of the musical duo The Chainsmokers, who let it all hang out with Billboard. When asked about their manic musical romps, they were all too eager to brag about their wild frat boy image and penchant for sleeping with as many girls as possible - even though they both had girlfriends. The two were heavily criticised and briefly became the talk of the musical world for all the wrong reasons. But we shouldn’t hate on them too much, right? Like they said, “We’re just frat bro dudes, you know what I mean? Loving ladies and stuff.” That’s an actual quote, word for word.

#6: Prince Andrew

Deemed a “car crash” by many, this interview ultimately resulted in Prince Andrew stepping down from public duties for The Royal Family. When BBC’s Emily Maitlis questioned him about his close ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince’s answer raised many an eyebrow. For starters, Prince Andrew straight up denied ever meeting his accuser Virginia Roberts - despite photographic evidence to the contrary. There were other shocking answers littered throughout, like saying he didn’t regret his friendship with Epstein as it presented him with “useful” opportunities. The interviewer is clearly unimpressed with his answers… much like pretty much everyone else who watched it.

#5: Liam Neeson

This interview had social media bursting at the seams with comments for and against the Irish actor. While promoting one of his movies, Neeson opened up in an interview about the time one of his close friends was raped by a black man. He said that after finding out, he walked the streets looking for trouble, hoping to kill a black man, before realizing that what he was doing was wrong, and feeling ashamed of himself. Many branded him a racist, while others defended his honesty - including celebrities such as Trevor Noah and Whoopi Goldberg. It may not have destroyed his career, but it certainly put a fork in the road of his likeability.

#4: Katherine Heigl

Heigl has long had a reputation for being difficult to work with. But a 2008 interview with Vanity Fair proved particularly damning when she criticised the movie “Knocked Up”, which she’d just starred in. She branded the movie “a little sexist” and critiqued the way in which it portrays women; which frustrated people, considering that SHE’D decided to be in the movie! A year later, she starred in the movie “The Ugly Truth”, which was widely panned as misogynist. As a result of the entire episode, already hesitant directors were given yet another reason to be cautious about working with her.

#3: Megan Fox

As a general rule, it’s probably not a good idea to compare the director you’re working with to Hitler. But that’s what “Transformers” star Megan Fox did in an interview with British magazine Wonderland. Talking about Michael Bay’s conduct on set, Fox compared the director to the Nazi leader, which was soon all over the media. It ultimately resulted in her being fired from the “Transformers” franchise. But not by Bay. According to Bay, it was the franchise's executive producer, a certain Steven Speilberg, who insisted she be fired. She’s since worked with Bay again on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films, which the latter produced, but Fox’s notable roles have otherwise been few and far between since giving this interview.

#2: Charlie Sheen

This guy has said and done some seriously shocking and controversial things in his career. But the reason he’s on today’s list may surprise you. The interview in question is his 2015 appearance on the “Today” show, where he announced that he was HIV positive. While some praised his bravery, many criticized the fact that it had taken him four years to go public with it, stating that it could have endangered his sexual partners. People also took aim at Sheen’s surprisingly calm demeanor as he told of his diagnosis and battle with people blackmailing him. For some, the interview humanised Sheen more than ever before. For others, it further solidified his reputation as being reckless - particularly with the lives of others.

#1: R. Kelly

Although it’s a different story today, back in the 2000s, R. Kelly still had his defenders when it came to allegations of sexual misconduct. In 2002, he was indicted on counts of child pornography, but was eventually acquited in 2008. That same year, however, an interview about the allegations ensured that Kelly’s muddied reputation would not be forgotten. When asked about whether he liked teenage girls, Kelly replied with this: [“When you say teenagers, how old are we talking”]. Viewers, and clearly the interviewer Touré, were shocked at Kelly’s reaction, and it went on to further support the claims that he was in fact guilty. The infamous response became a critical moment in the press’ depiction of him in the years to follow.