Which Disney Villain Are You Based on Your Sign?



Which Disney Villain Are You Based on Your Sign?

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Which Disney villain are you based on your sign? For this list, we're exploring the Disney Villain equivalent to each Zodiac sign. Our countdown includes Captain Hook, Mother Gothel, Scar, and more!
Time to learn about your villainous side! Welcome to MsMojo, and today, we’re taking a look at Which Disney Villain Are You Based On Your Sign?

For this list, we’re exploring the Disney Villain equivalent to each Zodiac sign.

#12: Captain Hook
Pisces (circa February 19 — March 20)

Living the life of a Pisces can get very rough. Much like how Captain Hook depends on his crew, Pisces surround themselves with a variety of friends, but show signs that they might be a little too dependent on them. So, when going through life’s rough patches, they may have a hard time getting through things on their own. In other words, you may be dealing with more than just a single crocodile or a flying kid with a knife. It’s good to have friends, but know when to give space.

#11: Ursula
Aquarius (circa January 20 — February 19)

Oh, the shy and dreary Aquarius! As much as you would love to socialize, there are some days where you’d rather hide from the world and indulge in your own interests - much like how Ursula spends time in her cave. There are often times where you may come off as too eccentric, but you’re eager to help others, especially if there’s something in it for you. If you don’t have days where you feel like a sea witch, perhaps you feel more like Yzma and dream of living a life of luxury.

#10: Lady Tremaine
Capricorn (circa December 21 — January 19)

We know just how cruel Lady Tremaine can get, but Capricorns, fear not - no one is calling you heartless. However, there are times where you can be a bit stubborn. You also may find yourself hesitant when it comes to stepping outside of your comfort zone and prefer to stick with traditions. Although, one of your greatest strengths is care - you keep those you love close to you and would do anything you can to help them. Just remember to let them blossom on their own when they need to.

#9: Cruella De Vil
Sagittarius (circa November 21 — December 21)

When Sagittarius enters the room, there’s an energy that works in favor of and against them. On one hand, they can show a hearty amount of optimism. On the other, they can act impulsively and be driven by raw emotion. In other words, you’re prone to extremes much like Cruella De Vil. There may even be a few instances where you are so driven that you’ll take matters into your own hands - for better or for worse. Also, you’re willing to sacrifice A LOT for fashion… maybe a little too much.

#8: Evil Queen
Scorpio (circa October 22 — November 21)

Despite her malicious intentions, being like the Evil Queen isn’t entirely bad. For starters, you hold yourself to a high standard and strive to be the best you can possibly be. Unfortunately, this perfectionist mindset can spark a bit of jealousy towards others. When someone excels at your interests, you might wish to sabotage them (perhaps with a bad apple?). And when someone does you wrong, you make sure they feel it and act as cold-blooded as you possibly can. In other words, you don’t let anyone mess with you!

#7: Mother Gothel
Libra (circa September 22 — October 22)

When compared to the other signs in the Zodiac, Libras are the more level-headed of the bunch. Charisma is one of their stronger traits, and they tend to show a very caring personality. However, that care can become a little too much, almost to the same levels as Mother Gothel and how she cares for Rapunzel. This is where that caring personality can sometimes be fueled by more selfish acts. And somewhere deep down lies a love for amazing hair! Try not to get lost in your occasional, superficial thoughts, though.

#6: Maleficent
Virgo (circa August 22 — September 22)

How can anyone possibly be like one of Disney’s most frightening villains? Simply put, independence. Like Maleficent’s views on the world, Virgos feel strongly about their own beliefs and will fearlessly speak their mind. Analytical and observant, Virgos may boast an excellent memory, or even one good enough to remember something from sixteen years ago. However, should they find out they weren’t invited to, say, a birthday party, be prepared if they over-exaggerate and bestow a curse on your kids. Or maybe they’re Judge Frollo and will hunt you down with an angry mob. Who;s to say?

#5: Gaston
Leo (circa July 22 — August 22)

Come on, how are Leos NOT like Gaston? Leos are known to be the most confident of the Zodiacs. Of course, that confidence can quickly turn into an ego as big as your pecs - so big that you’ll have an entire bar sing a song entirely about how amazing you are. Some may not appreciate your sometimes self-absorbed nature, but you’re a real leader. And when it comes time to kill a vicious manbeast, you have the capability of quickly building an army even if you don’t have all of the info on the situation.

#4: Scar
Cancer (circa June 20 — July 22)

Oh, what a life the Cancers live! Such an emotional rollercoaster where one may be feeling down about their situation one minute and grow jealous of how well others have it the next. Indeed, there are times where it seems like your emotions control you rather than the other way around. Yet when it comes to making friends, you prove that you can be an incredibly loyal pal. Those who wrong you may find they made a grave mistake as your creativity may lead to wild revenge schemes... like causing a stampede.

#3: Hans
Gemini (circa May 20 — June 20)

Geminis have been known to be a living example of the duality of man, hence why Hans fits you best. Although you can be a smart, fun, and social individual, others may have a hard time reading you, which can make them seem a bit off. Their uncertainty may be justified as you do hold a somewhat darker side - one that’s superficial, fragile, and unpredictable. Unless you really want to be a sleaze like Hans though, know how to control yourself and enhance that nicer half of you.

#2: Jafar
Taurus (circa April 19 — May 20)

The Taurus has a reputation for being incredibly stubborn, even more so than the traditionalist Capricorns. When your mind is set on something, it is set, and there are very few things that can change your course. However, Tauruses can be valuable for their ambition and tenacity, which is why they are more like the evil sorcerer, Jafar. Just like the Sultan’s grand vizier, Tauruses will do anything they can to achieve their goal, even if it ends up backfiring in the end. If you’re a Taurus though, you might want to try staying away from sandy caves and mystical artifacts.

#1: Hades
Aries (circa March 20 — April 19)

Aries can be pleasant to be around. One can expect a pretty chill hangout, but that’s only when things are going their way. When things go awry, that’s when people want to stay as far away from you as possible. Like our Lord of the Underworld, you can be impatient, short-tempered, and easily stressed when things don’t go according to plan. You’ll find a way to cool down...eventually, but the anger may make it hard to be around you. But hey, if you learn to control it, maybe one day you’ll be able to conquer Mount Olympus!