Top 10 Times Steve Harvey Lost it on Family Feud
Trivia Top 10 Times Steve Harvey Lost it on Family Feud



Top 10 Times Steve Harvey Lost it on Family Feud

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
These are the Family Feud answers that made Steve Harvey lose it. For this list, we'll be looking at various answers that made Steve Harvey either clap back, crack up, walk off the stage, or stare into space in abject shock. Our countdown includes hummy, never cheat again, teeny package, and more!
Steve Harvey can only take so much. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Family Feud answers that made Steve Harvey lose it.

For this list, we’ll be looking at various answers that made Steve Harvey either clap back, crack up, walk off the stage, or stare into space in abject shock.

#10: “His… Hoe?”

It’s not just “Jeopardy!” that has a famous hoe answer. Turns out that “Family Feud” got in on the action as well! The survey question was “Name something a farmer’s wife might accuse him of caring more about than her.” Rob answered “farm equipment,” and when asked to get more specific, he hesitatingly answered, “His...hoe?” This causes Steve to raise his eyebrows and laugh in amusement before stating that he couldn’t have written a better joke. It’s just that...we don’t think Rob was telling a joke. But hey, even if you unintentionally make the host laugh, take the win where you can get it.

#9: Hummy

The greatest thing about “Family Feud” is that you truly never know what you’re going to hear. Sometimes the answers aren’t even words! During this face-off podium round, the men were told to give Steve a word that rhymes with “yummy.” Gary is quick to buzz in and answer with the wonderfully hilarious (and nonsensical) “hummy.” Is that, like, slang for a Hummer or something? Gary knows it’s a garbage answer, as he immediately grins and bursts out in laughter. This causes an already bemused Steve to break and laugh as well, and he ends up leaning on the podium for support. To no one’s surprise, “hummy” wasn’t on the board.

#8: Never Cheat Again

This face-off podium round saw the contestants saying what they will never do again. Scott had an answer ready in the chamber and was quick to buzz in with “cheat.” Steve repeats the answer before breaking out in a very delayed laugh, with the realization of what Scott had said finally hitting him. He proceeds to grab Scott and tell him that it was the dumbest answer he could have possibly given. This statement has some merit, as the camera cuts to Christine (who we assume is Scott’s wife), and she...doesn’t look very impressed. Yeah, she’s laughing, but it looks like one of those fake and polite smiles you put on to avoid embarrassment.

#7: Gently Playing with Chicken Eggs

Yes, this is as horribly awkward as it sounds. Comedian Eugene Cordero was asked to name something a farmer’s wife likes to watch him do because it turns her on. He answered with one of the most ridiculous answers in “Family Feud” history - “gently play with some chicken eggs.” It’s such a nonsense answer that the audience remains dead silent, and his family doesn’t give the typical “Good answer! Good answer!” response. He proceeds to act out what gently playing with chicken eggs looks like, and it is quite the sight. But it’s not like his team is any better. John, who is standing beside Eugene, told Steve that you can use a squirrel as toilet paper, causing Steve to walk off the stage in hysterics.

#6: Teeny Package

Who knew a simple question about a man’s “weenie” could cause so much trouble? The podium question asked what a man would do if he found out that his ex-wife was telling people about his small package. What follows is a slew of off-kilter and sometimes offensive answers, which include, “sue her,” “divorce,” “no kids’ visitation” and an exhortation to violence. with that one (well, and the no-visitation one) prompting Steve to hit back with some pointed mocking. By the end, Steve is leaning on the podium in clear exasperation, each answer getting a more bemused and perplexed expression. The relay finally ends with Syd, who scores the top answer with “let everyone know she’s lying.” You can practically hear Steve saying “finally!”

#5: “He’s White”

Family Feud is at its funniest when families are trying to get the lowest-ranked answer. It’s when the desperation sets in and the wild answers start flying, and we get utter gems like this. Bill was asked to name something that a man and the Pillsbury Dough Boy have in common. You can practically see Bill’s gears spinning before he laughs in exasperation and answers “he’s white.” This results in one of Steve’s most animated reactions, as he laughs and throws the cards away as he walks off the stage. Granted, he seems to respect the answer itself, telling the audience that he “loves real answers.” Real answer or not, it wasn’t on the board. What a surprise.

#4: Upine

It really doesn’t get much funnier or more ridiculous than this answer. The question itself is to name something that follows the word “pork.” Will gives arguably the greatest answer in “Family Feud” history with “upine.” Steve can only stare at the audience in complete disbelief before launching into a tirade that includes fake punching Will for his stupid answer and claiming that the video will be number one on YouTube. He also raises his hands in a victory pose and claims that it is the greatest answer he’s ever heard, and we have to agree. We don’t know if it’s utter nonsense or oddly intelligent, but either way, it’s very, very funny.

#3: “The House of All the Strangers and Children Is Grown”

And before you ask, no, we don’t know what “the house of all the strangers and children is grown” means. When Steve asks Rosa to give him something around the house that she empties, Rosa embarks on one of the longest, strangest, and most incoherent answers Steve has ever heard. We think she meant something along the lines of kicking your fully grown children out of the house, but we’re not really sure. And neither is Steve. He can only laugh, walk off stage, and bang on a piece of the set in amusement. He then walks back over to Rosa and jokes that she pulled random answers from her mind and threw them all together into one incomprehensible mess.

#2: Nekkid Grandma

Naked grandma is another “Family Feud” classic, and it results in an even more expressive reaction from Steve. And not necessarily in a good way. When asked to name something a burglar would not want to see while breaking in, Rob chimes in and screams “naked grandma!” Steve is only halfway through repeating the answer when he slams the card to the podium and grimaces in disappointment. He seems genuinely upset by the ridiculous answer, but things get even worse when “occupant” turns out to be the second answer on the board. It’s the stretch to end all stretches, and Steve rightly calls the judges out on their decision to award it.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.


“Outdoors in the Shed”

Running Gravy Across Your Lips

Carjacker Finds a Snake

“How About Tank Top?”

#1: Mommy Mama Nannie Nana

The question is simple - name another way that people say “mother.” However, the Patterson family just could not get with it. After getting two immediate strikes, the baton is passed to Sheila. And all hell breaks loose. She answers “nana” and “mommy,” both of which had already been said. She then proceeds to give different pronunciations of the same answers, and we watch as Steve slowly loses his mind. In the end, Sheila has multiple hilarious cracks at the answer, Steve basically goes insane and leads the audience in a mocking sing-a-long, and the Patterson family gets their third and final x. It’s complete pandemonium, and we love every single second of it.
I definitely agreed with this very hilarious list except for Number 1. It was not very hilarious at all.
I 100% agreed with this very worst & very hilarious list especially Number 1.
I agreed with this list especially Number 1. Number 1 is the most worst answer ever.